so... this is a little different than the last two chapters. i wrote this for a big crazy anonymous kink meme on LJ (the bitesize_bones comm). that place is good times, seriously. check it out.

it's been a while since i updated this, but i do have a plan for the next chapter. no promises on when it'll be done, but it IS in the works.

In this winter chill, the night bears a heavy quiet. The hotel door clicks open, then shut. The rustle of sheets and a few mattress springs, and then nothing.

You both work silently. Hands slip beneath pyjamas, push aside barriers to skin. You skim across her soft surface, following her curves, dipping between her breasts, running the space beneath them, swirling around and then pinching her nipples.

She makes to gasp, but you quickly press your lips to hers. You mustn't say a word. You mustn't make a sound. Angela is in the next bed and neither of you are quite certain how soundly she's sleeping.

Her hands press against your firm chest, they graze your hard-earned definition. They find your skin alert. They brush lower.

And now you must stifle yourself. None of the others know about your new bond and you've both agreed that it be kept... quiet. All the same you can't keep your hands off of each other, even when you can't find excuses for having your own hotel rooms. It would have been suspicious to fight the point too hard, you decided. A subtle game, a gentle touch, so as to keep it hidden.

Now your tongue draws gently along her jawline until it reaches that spot that's so responsive. You rest your mouth there. Mute breaths are only audible here, a beat away from the curve of her ear. Her lobe works its way between your lips and you suckle, smiling as you see her squirm.

You can feel the familiar goosebumps across her belly. There's an ebb and flow to them that moves with the pace of your tongue. Your hand shifts lower to match hers.

To keep from shocking her into a sharp breath, you touch her sex slowly. She'd say you were doing it to tease her, which might not be entirely wrong. If you'd meant to be the one in control, however, you've failed from the beginning, because the moment you slip a finger into her tight, slick folds you are lost. It's all you can do to keep that guttural moan hushed. She nips at your jaw in retribution.

Be quiet.

She's stroking you with a touch that you'd never felt before her. In the brief span of your budding relationship, you've become quite addicted, and you to try to match your rhythm to hers, try to make her feel as out of control as you. Her free hand is fisting tightly in your hair; you can feel her grip pulse in time with your caress of her inner walls. Minutes pass and your shared movements become more intense, almost frantic. It's a fight to let your breath pass your vocal cords without bowing or plucking, but you both manage, burying your faces in each other's necks.

Must be quiet. Mustn't be found out. And must hold out just a little bit longer.

But you can't hold out. You've just sprinted past the point of no return and you're desperate to have her along for the ride. You're lucky; your thumb circles her clit, your tongue laves inside the shell of her ear and she's right there with you. The beautiful woman has finally thrown herself into your kiss when you both experience that wave of pleasure rushing over you. In your mind, you're crying out, you're chanting her name. In this dark room, you're silent, but your lips can't help but form the words while you tremble.

You both lay still for a few moments, holding each other close, before you sense her starting to drift off. When you ghost the words in her ear, "Goodnight, Bones," the lazy smile she flashes sends your heart right back into overdrive.

The mattress springs creak, the sheets rustle, then the door clicks open and shut. Cool air kisses your skin as you return discreetly to your room to rest for the day to come.