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Hello everyone! Now time for yet another kingdom heart fan fiction! Yays! There are a few things I would like to say before I start the story.

I do not own Kingdom hearts! Square Enix does.

This is AkuMaru (AxelxMarluxia)

This might be creepy at the beginning, but it does get better.

Hope you enjoy!!


Intro- the same

Have you ever woken up really early on a very special day and be unable to sleep afterwards? I have. It's four in the morning right now, and I can't sleep. I can't wait until I'm with him again. It's so lonely without him. Oh, Marluxia, why can't we always be together? Every second without you is painful. Why can't I always be with you? Maybe sleep isn't important…

Six A.M. and it's sunny. Just the weather he likes. He loves spring. I make my breakfast, Eggs, toast, and some sausage. I make it everyday. It's his favorite meal. I wear a ring on a necklace to show that he is mine. He has one too. Maybe I can recall those wonderful days when we first met…

Chapter one- Tests and Trials

I met him in middle school, our third year. He sat next to me. He was always quiet and didn't speak unless spoken to by our teacher. No one else could get him to talk, no one else but me. He always got straight 'A's and never failed a single test or paper. He was smart, way smarter than me. I always failed my tests and papers and I don't even want to start talking about my grades. Fact was that I didn't care about school. School is like a prison to me. I'm trapped inside, never to escape. I take it that he likes school. He's always in some textbook.

"Marluxia," Our teacher, Ms. Strife started. "Come up here and solve this problem." She said. He got up and grabbed the black dry erase marker. He scribbled some stuff on the board and answered the problem. Ms. Strife looked over it. "Not a single mistake as usual, good job Marluxia." She told him as he went back to his seat.

"Axel." Ms. Strife said. I hated it when she called my name. Always did, never knew why. "Come solve this." She said, after writing the problem on the board. I got up and walked to the board. It seemed like everyone else was staring at me. When I got up to the board, I grabbed the marker and stared at the problem. 2x+3-54. I had to figure x. I began working. When I finished, I got x7. The teacher examined the problem. "Axel, do it again." So I did. This time I got x4. "Try again." She told me. I tried maybe three hundred times and still didn't get the right answer. "Marluxia, will you tell the class the answer?"

He nodded and proceeded. "The answer is x3." He announced. His speech was so clear and his voice was so hypnotizing. I wanted to hear it over and over again. Boy did I feel stupid. I was making it harder than it was. We moved on.

The easiest subject was English. I learned it quickly. This might be the only class that I had an 'A' in. This was the only class Marluxia had problems in. I guess that learning new languages wasn't his string point.

The lunch bell ring and We all moved out of the class rooms into the crowded halls to make our way to the cafeteria.

Today's Monday, so we have pizza. Yay pizza… I went though the long line and found myself an empty table in the far left corner of the room. I walked over there and sat down. Marluxia to my surprise came over to sit with me. I began eating my pizza when out of nowhere; I heard that calm, clear, hypnotizing voice again.

"Axel, could you really not answer that problem in math?" I loved that voice.

"No. Math isn't my strong point…" I replied. "Well, could you really not tell the class what kokoro meant?" I was being a bit competitive.

"Well, I know it. I jut wanted to see if other people knew it. That's all." He said, rather quickly.

"Oh really? Then tell me, what does Kokoro mean?" I replied, taunting him.

"Kokoro means… body?"

No. Kokoro is heart dummy!" I told him, kidding around.

"Well, English isn't my strong point." He replied, looking away from me.

This is the longest conversation I heard Marluxia be in. He usual answers the teacher's question and shuts up. Why would he open up to me, and not anyone else? "Hey, why don't you ever talk to anyone else?" Stupid question…

"No reason. I don't like talking is all."

"Well, you're talking now." I told him.

"Well… That's because-" He was cut off by the lunch manager yelling at us to go outside.

"Well, gotta go!" He said, almost happily. He got his tray and left. I followed closely behind.

When we got outside, the wind blew. Marluxia's long, light brown hair blew around so elegantly. Mine on the other hand got messed up. Curse you hair gel! Marluxia got behind me and began messing with my puffball called hair. Within a few minutes, my hair was back to its original state.

"Uh… Thanks." I said shyly, rubbing my neck.

"No problem." He replied. We went to a corner that no one was around.

"Now… what was your because?" I asked him. I was curious to know.

"Hi-mi-tsu!" He said and ran off.

What was secret about it? I only wanted to know why he only opened up to me.


"Yo Marluxia!" I yelled at him, running up to him. "Do you think that I can go over to your house for some studying? We have a math test in two days. I need it."

"Sure. Our quiz in English is Friday. You can help me." He answered.

We walked to his house quietly. When we got there, I was amazed…


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