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Chapter 10: Regret

Every hit made me remember what all I've done to him. The lies, the pain, and the suffering I caused him… All those things began to make sense to me. I understand only now what I've made him go through. I have yet to tell him the whole truth, but I never cared. I've hurt him, both mentally and physically, and I didn't give it a second thought. Marluxia suffered alone for so long. I didn't notice him really until it got bad. Now I'm the one in his position. I'm the one in pain, and suffering, yet he is too.

He stopped suddenly and I looked up at him. He was panting and small tears began to fall to the concrete floor below us. I began to feel the pain he caused and fell to the floor as well. Marluxia seemed lost. He looked so distant, even though he was right in front of me. "Mar…luxi…a…" It's all I had time to say, as I reached for him. The pain was too great, even for me. I fell into darkness once more.


I awoke to the noise of screams and pleading. There was blood and bodies everywhere. Who did this? "Please, Please, don't kill me. Spare me!" I heard in front of me. I looked down to see a female figure begging to me. I lifted my hand, only to see my Chakrims there. The female began to beg harder. "Don't kill me! I don't want to die!" She yelled.

"Who did this?" I asked the woman. She scooted back, but didn't answer. "Who did this?" I yelled at her. She backed away some more.

"You did this! You killed all of my friends and relatives! How could you not remember your own crime when you're still committing it?" She yelled as tears fell from her face.

So, I did this? What's going on? This place looked familiar in a way. It had a look of eternal sunset. This is Twilight town? "Leave. Now!" I yelled at the woman. She ran. After she left, I began to examine the bodies. Most of them were random people that lived here, but there was a place shrouded in eternal darkness instead of blood. There lay him. The one I wanted to protect, Marluxia. I couldn't have done this… not me.


It's black again. That black room. I'm in it again. There's Roxas standing right next to the bed and Xemnas sitting in a chair further from us. "I'm glad to see you awake." Roxas said, happily. He didn't seem like he was under control. Then why is Xemnas here?

"Have a nice nap, Axel? A nice dream I hope." He said, chuckling to himself. He did that? "In case you're wondering, Im not the one that did that to you. Your friend, Zexion helped me." He said. I could tell that Xemnas had issues, but to bring Zexion into it? Why cross that line? I got out of the black, silk bed and headed for the door. Xemnas appeared in front of me. How did he do that? "You aren't leaving yet. Why don't we talk about your dream?" He said, evilly smirking. Roxas didn't understand what was going on from what I could see.

"What gave you the idea that I would tell you anything!" I yelled at him. He was getting really annoying the way he talks. Is he superior over everyone or something? I pushed him aside and walked out the door and found my way out of the randomly placed hallway maze.

I ran into Zexion when I reached a place called Twilight View. He passed me going the same direction I came from. "I'm sorry." I heard him faintly say. I turned around to see what he meant, but he was already gone. I continued my way out of this place, trying to forget that dream…

I found the exit rather quickly. The only problem, there's no bridge to cross onto the streets. I sighed to myself and began my way back into the hallway maze. Roxas stood in front of me. When exactly did he get here? "Roxas…" I said, almost as if I didn't want him here.

"Do you regret leaving?" He asked. Well of course I regret it a bit. Then there's the fact that I know almost nothing about the thing I was in. I only know what Zexion and Marluxia have given back to me.

"How can I regret, when I know nothing of the place I left?" I asked him. I've never talked like this before. Why now?

He laughed a bit. "I understand. I still only know little of the organization." He confessed. "Do you want to leave, now that we have our old lives back?" Roxas asked.

"I'm still not sure if I even want to leave. Its all a bit confusing to me." I explained to him.

I saw a male figure walking to us. His boots were making it hard to think. When I could see him, I made my decision.

I ran back to the entrance and jumped off, barely making it to the streets. After a short recovery, I ran. I ran faster than before. I didn't know I would end up, but at least I can't cause him any more pain…


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