"Are they asleep?" Alus asked as Arc as he slowly closed the door of the room.

"Yes. I'm sure they won't mind me sleeping in your room," Arc smiled as he slowly closed the door. They tiptoed to the other room and closed the door.

"Thanks. I still get scared at night even though I run an entire kingdom though," Alus looked down.

"It's okay. I still get scared at night even when the whole group is with me, especially Luneth," Arc blushed a bit. Alus looked down and blushed as well.

"You talk in your sleep"

"How did you find out?" Arc cocked his head.

"I used to sneak into your bed when you guys fell asleep, and you've said a couple things in your sleep.

"Like what"

"Well, most of it was just mumble, but I did hear one" Alus was blushing even more.

"'I love you Alus'"

"I said that in my sleep?"


"What if I said it was true?" Both boys were blushing radish red.

"I don't know," Alus smiled meekly

"I guess we might find out then," Arc blushed even more, then kissed Alus. Both boys were closing their eye's tightly, so they did not see the other warriors of light in the doorway until Refia dropped the candlestick she was holding. They stopped it immediately and looked towards the three other warriors, blushing even redder than anyone could possibly blush.

"No way! You guys like eachother?" Refia gasped.

"You owe me 200 gil," Ignus smiled as he looked over to Luneth, and he just rolled his eyes.

Yeah, it's a lot like my first one, but I still find it cute 3