Affairs with the Maids

Chapter 1- Assigned


"Quick, Miyuki, in here!" Her friend urged, dragging Miyuki by the wrist, into an abandoned warehouse.

They quickly searching for a hiding spot, and when they located one, vanished into it. They tried to slow their breathing, hoping to Kami, they weren't found by the two pairs of people, who slaughtered their village.

"Kihari, grab your tail!" Miyuki squeaked.

"Then grab yours!" Kihari whispered back.

They covered one an-others mouths, was they heard foot steps. They tried to keep quiet- but the fear of being killed like their fellow villagers, put then on edge and made them far more skittish than the two best friends usually were.

"Crap- where's those two go?" A male voice hissed lowly.

"Shut up, Hidan. If you don't like games, then get the hell out." Another male said what sounded a bit irritated.

"Maybe I fucking will!" The first male snarled, the sound of his foot steps, growing further and further away.

Apparently, the killers lost interest in finding the two girls, and they listened to their distant foot steps fade into nothingness. They gave almost silent sighs.

"What if they're still here, Ki-Chan?" Miyuki asked quietly.

"I don't really sense their chakra- but not like it would care- what do they want with a pair of high school girls like us, anyways?" Her friend whispered back airily, making Miyuki nervous.

"They're twice our size, Ki-Chan!" Miyukiwhispered back frantically. "And without Oran or Hoshi-Kun, we really can't defend ourselves if they try to hurt us!"

"They're gone, don't worry about it." Kihari said back reassuringly, crawling out of their hiding place, helping her friend out as well. They stood, each had a hand over their heart, and each tried to slow their breathing. "Phew- glad that's over and done with-"

There was a scream, and Kihari whipped around, growling, seeing some one holding Miyuki above the ground by the neck, Miyuki struggling as she tried to breathe.

"Let my Oneii-chan Go, damn it!" Kihari snarled, attacking the Male's arm, instantly sinking her fangs into it, making Miyuki's attacker drop her on the ground, as they shook their arm violently, trying to get Kihari to let go.

"Miyuki, withdraw!" Kihari yelled in her friend's direction. Miyuki ran away, as Kihari swung herself up onto the Male's arm, and kicked them in the face with the spiked heel of her assassin boots, before jumping off and running after Miyuki.

Kihari put her hands together in a seal, before there was a pop and cloud of heavy smoke. The two males, coughed and hacked, thanks to Kihari's dust smoke.

"We lost 'em!" Kihari smiled, before there was a click, and the two fell down a hidden trap door. They fell onto something, but rolled on to their sides, before quickly getting up, and looking around.

They ran around what seemed to be a lower entrance level, but they exited the warehouse, into a strange meadow.

"What the-?"

"Hi girls- how was your walk?"

Kihari whipped around, her eyes glowing green, to a tall, white-haired, purple-eyed, male. Kihari glared at him, moving Miyuki behind her, only to have someone grab her. Kihari hissed angrily, before the white-haired boy came up and grabbed her from behind.

"Wow, you're fiesty- I like that-" The male said smoothly in her ear, growling.

"Hidan! Wait until Leader assigns her to you, before you just up and rape her." The man behind Miyuki growled. "Hidan" let out a groan and withdrew, before shoving the girl to the ground on her stomach- the other boy, was much kinder with Miyuki. Kihari panicked, and whipped her head around to look at her friend. The two began communicating in barks and whines, but soon stopped, when questioned what their names were, or if they spoke Japanese.

Kihari defiantly, bit Hidan's wrist, making the man holding Miyuki, growl.

"Make her stop." He ordered. Miyuki swallowed, repeating the order to Kihari, who glanced at her, before releasing Hidan's wrist with ease, and laying her head back on the ground.

Their hands were tied, and the two were thrown over their respective captor's shoulder, before being carried away.

& Akatsuki Base &

"Ugh- none of those girls were even remotely 'cute'- aside from the ones we caught." Hidan said, strolling into his partner's room, and dropping his catch, on the large bed.

"Hn." Zetsu replied simply, taking care, to make sure his catch wasn't hurt in anyway, when he placed her next to the other girl.

"Kakuzu, watch these two. Careful though- they're the seductive type-" Hidan teased, before leaving, followed closely by Zetsu. Zetsu stopped in the door way, and looked back at his catch for a moment, hoping the Leader would deem his "score" high enough, to let him keep her. He left fter Hidan, shutting the door behind him.

"Ugh- why am Ialways left with them?" Kakuzu complained quietly, getting back to his work, often distracted, by the two girls talking amongst themselves quietly, when they weren't leaning against one another, napping.

(1 hour later)

The bedroom door opened, and a disappointed Hidan entered, a scowl on his face.

"Fucking damn! Why can't I get one?" He questioned Zetsu, who shrugged.

"You fail at life-"

"Shut up and just get your fucking doll!" Hidan snarled angrily, looking at his partner in envy. "You get one too, bastard-"

Kakuzu looked up for a moment, before looking back at his paper work

"I didn't request a girl-" He said coldly.

"I wouldn't be complaining! The brown-haired one is hawt!" Hidan hissed in jealousy.

"Shut up, cry baby."Kakuzu said, pausing to look up. Zetsu picked up the blue-haired girl with the raccoon ears and her large, but cute, raccoon tail. Leaving an unwilling and reluctant Kakuzu, with the brown-haired girl with her little pair of red-brown fox ears and little fox tail, sitting on his bed. She hissed and spat, at Zetsu, Hidan holding her back, from attacking him.

Kakuzu sighed. "Get out Hidan."

Hidan did so, but not without muttering and hissing curses under his breath, as he shut the door and Kakuzu untied his new fox-girl.

Recently, Pein, had though, since Orochimaru had married some animal-thing- (She, actually, is half-fox, half-dragon), that everyone in the Akatsuki, should have a little animal girlfriend of their own- less stress.

Well- looks like they'd have to deal.