Affairs with the Maids

Chapter 8


A/N: Now in this chapter, I've included Ryu. If you know ryu, then you're probably excited to be hearing she's preggo with a new BABY in this series- if you don't, then you'll probably come to think, 'Jesus, why would she marry Orochimaru?'

Well, uneducated people, it was Orochimaru who crashed her wedding and, basically, forced her to marry him. She doesn't regret it in the slightest, and adores her husband.

Orochimaru, will be portrayed as a protective and easily jealous male, FYI.

Thank you,

Alex-Chan (Flamist Rika)

-Zetsu's Room-

Miyuki awoke to the muffled sound of yelling. Zetsu still asleep. She shook him lighly. "Zetsu-Sama, wake up-" Zetsu stirred, getting up.

"What is it?" He asked sleepily, Miyuki clinging to him.

"I'm scared-" She said, squeaking and hiding her face in his cloak where there was a boom- like someone had kicked the wall- hard. He sat up growling. "Why today?" She got off his chest and sat on the bed as he stood up. "Stay here." Miyuki, curious got up and followed Zetsu, hiding behind him, as he opened the door.

"Oh my- I'm so clumbsy-" Zetsu sighed.

"Ryu, what are you doing here?" Zetsu asked, making the girl look up, and smile nervously.

"I-I made brownies- for everyone- but its raining- oh, I'm so terribly sorry, Zetsu-San..." She appologized. Zetsu walked over to the fallen female, offering her a hand, helping her up, two tins of brownies on the floor. "C-Could you get those? Thank you so much-" She noticed the small girl. "Oh- who's the cutie?"

"My girlfriend, Miyuki. You have to watch yourself, Ryu- the baby-"Zetsu said, making her nod. "Pein has been waiting to see you- I'll pass out the brownies."

"Oh, thank you, Zetsu-San! You're so sweet!" The woman smiled, a hand on her stomach, another on her back. "What was that, Pein wanted me? Ok- I'll report in." The woman made her way to Pein's room.

"Who's that, Zetsu-Sama?" Miyuki asked Zetsu quietly.

"That's Kamikoro Ryu- She's the wife of Orochimaru, and a good friend of Leader's." Zetsu said. "She makes the Akatsuki sweets when she can, and brings it over on rainy days- to 'cheer us up'." Zetsu said, as the two watched Pein chat with her, before she walked into his room and the door was shut. "Pein has a major crush on her, but since she's married to Orochimaru, he's too much a gentleman to steal her away from him."

"Miyu-Chan!" Miyuki looked behind her to see Kihari, and was tackled to the ground in a hug. Kakuzu and Hidan stood in the hall.

"What's with the cake tins, Zetsu?" Kakuzu asked.

"They're brownie tins, and they're Ryu's." Zetsu snapped, before opening them up, the scent of freshly made brownies curling up from the pasteries, filling them with the tingling and warming sensation of smell. They all shivered, except Kihari and Miyuki, who only recoiled. "Ryu-San makes the greatest brownies-"

"Why thank you, Zetsu!" They turned to see Ryu, a hand on her stomach, another on her back as she stood there. She smiled charmingly, Pein next to her. Kihari and Miyuki went up to Ryu curiously, sniffinf her. "My, who are these cuties?"

"They work as our maids volunteerily-"

"Oh good, because if they weren't, you know you'd all be laying in pools of your own blood!" She smiled, looking at them. "I'd bent over to pinch your cheeks, but I don't think the baby will like that."

"The fox one is my girlfriend, Kihari. The other one is Zetsu's girl, Miyuki." Kakuzu explained.

"Ki-Chan and Miyu-Chan. You're both so cute. I hope this one's a boy, but I hope he'll be cute too." Ryu said, smiling dreamily, rubbing her stomach in affection and kind. "I don't care if its a boy or a girl- I just hope I can live long enough to see it have its own happy ending."

"So, when are you ditching Orochimaru and getting with Pein, Ryu?" Ryu jerked, before looking down.

"That's enough, Hidan." Pein snapped, looking at Ryu. "I'm so sorry, Ryu-San. Want me to take you back to the Sound?" She shook her head in a 'no'.

"I'm fine. You boys take care of Ki-Hime and Miyu-hime, ok? You take care of them, and they'll take care of you!" Ryu smiled, turning, and making her way out. "I'll invite you boys to the baby shower- bring something nice!" Pein stood there momentarily.

"Go get her, dude!" The guys encouraged, before Pein ran after there, everyone following, as Ryu walked into the rain.

They all stayed in the door way, as Pein stopped, standing in the rain. A male with a black umbrella, stood in the rain- the man's long black hair clung to his kimono top. His bangs clung to his face, but he brushed them away to see. He held out the umbrella, covering Ryu from the rain, smirking gently. "You're- getting soaked." They said warmly. The girls cooed at his sweetness, and Ryu only smiled at him, stepping closer, the man making sure she was protected by the umbrella, as she came closer. He kissed her, looking at Pein, sneering. "I'd like it- if you didn't try to take advantage of my wife's kindness, Pein. You're crossing into dangerous territory." They warned venomously, but smoothly, before turning and walking away.

"Zetsu-Sama, who was that man?" Miyuki asked quietly.

"Orochimaru-" Miyuki saw Orochimaru taking Ryu's hand and kissing her knuckles gently. Orochimaru smiled at her. "Don't be fooled- he's bad news." Miyuki frowned at Zetsu's words, glancing at her friend. Kihari was on edge- hair tail was fluffed up, and her ears were flat against her head, an uneasy growl rumbling in her chest. Miyuki hugged her, and Kihari relaxed considerablly. Miyuki glanced at Pein, who looked angery and sad at the same time. He sighed, straightening the collar of his cloak, and walking back in.

"P-Pein-San!" Pein looked at Miyuki. "D-Do you want me to help you with Ryu-San?" Pein smirked, ruffling her hair, before walking off.


Kihari and Miyuki were doing laundry, when Kihari was tapped on the shoulder. "Excuse me- could you ladies tell me where Ki-Chan and Mi-Chan are?" The two girls stood up, to see Orochimaru, who smiled at them. "Well aren't you two just adorable!" He cooed, standing up, showing off a pair of pink bags. "Ryu-Chan made these for you- she says she hopes you like them and her brownies, and apologizes for not being able to give them to you herself- its quite painful for her to walk over here and two trips is murder." Orochimaru said. "This one if for Ki-chan, and the other one is for Mi-Chan." Orochimaru smirked, giving them their appropriate bags, before vanishing. The two looked at one another, looking in their bags.

"WOW! This is so pretty!" Miyuki cooed, pulling out a dark blue maid outfit. Kihari had a matching one- the two hurried up with the laundry and changed into the outfits- they were a perfect fit. "And Ryu-San make these?"

"I suppose-" Zetsu and Kakuzu walked in. "How do these outfits look on us, boys? Ryu-San made them for us."

"Strip." Zetsu said. "I don't want to EVER see you wearing such a thing in front of me again." He said, turning and leaving. Miyuki stood there, Kihari looked at her.

"...Miyu-Chan...?" Kihari asked quietly, before Miyuki lowered her head and muttered something, making Kihari flinch. "Don't Miyu-Chan!" She yelled, but Miyuki had turned and bolted out of sight. "Miyuki, NO!" Kihari yelled, running after her friend, leaving Kakuzu to stand there dumfoundedly.

- Sound Village-

"Ryu- there's a girl here for you." Ryu looked up from her book, taking off her reading glasses.

"Thank you, Orochimaru- let her in-" Orochimaru nodded, letting a small girl step cautiously into the room. "Mi-Chan! Oh, Orochimaru, help me up-" Miyuki ran and hugged Ryu before Orochimaru could get to her.

"He doesn't like me anymore, Ryu-San. I know it must be weird- but I couldn't go to Kihari-Chan- I thought you might help." Ryu closed her eyes halfway. "I just- I'm so confused, Ryu-San!" Orochimaru stood there, silent, he walked over to Ryu, kissing her on the forehead, before walking out, shutting the door behind him.

"Now- tell me everything- lets get it off our chests now, ok honey?" Ryu said gently, stroking her hair comfortingly. "If you tell me- your life story, I'll tell you mine- ok? That way- we can both help one another." Ryu told her.

"But what about-?"

"Orochimaru? He'll stay outside until I call him back in- BECAUSE ORO IS GOOD BOY!" She yelled loud enough for him to hear through those thick doors.

"Now-I'll start. I was born to a rich noble family on another planet-"

-2 hours later-

Zetsu refused to go looking for Miyuki, but Kihari and Kakuzu harassed him into it. They searched for two hours- killing time- not knowing where she had went. Kihari got a random idea. "Maybe- she went to the Sound Village- to see Ryu-San?"

"Tch- stupid girl. Orochimaru is there." Zetsu muttered. Kihari and Kakuzu ran to the Sound Village, somehow navagating through it, until they found Orochimaru sitting outside of a room. He jumped to his feet, getting in an offensive position, readying himself for a fight.

"What do you want now?" He questioned.

"That stupid girl who came here."

"Oh-" Orochimaru relaxed, crossing his arms over his chest. "You can't see her right now..."

"Why the hell not?" Zetsu demanded.

"She's with my wife- if you interupt, you'll get pounded into the ground- she's been itching for a bloody battle lately. You know women and their phermones..." Orochimaru said.

The door opened slightly. "Let them in, Orochimaru- its fine." Orochimaru sneered at them.

"It seems she wants you-" He vanished and suddenly shoved them all into the room. "Into the dragon's den with you! I'd say 'good luck', but that's be the last things you'd hear!" The door was shut behind them. It was a luxorious room- and big. Ryu stood there- unarmed- she looked behind her a bit, making them direct their attention at the girl hiding behind her.

"Zetsu, Miyuki doesnt have much self-confidence. And when you told her she looked bad in that outfit, she thought you were saying you didn't like her."

"It's not that! I don't like the outfit is all! I'm only mad at you, Ryu-San, for making it for her!" Zetsu yelled, Kakuzu sensed danger. Kakuzu wrapped an arm around Kihari's waist, pulling her closer- so he could protect her better if something happened. Ryu stood there, but she narrowed her eyes at Zetsu.

"LOOK, my eggo might be preggo, but I can still whoop your ass!" She threatened. "Orochimaru, how much longer until we go back into Isolation?" She yelled.

"Another month, darling. I'm looking forward to it!" Orochimaru answered enthusiastically.

"Miyuki-Chan- I think you should hang out with Zetsu-San. If it doesn't work, come see us, and we'll take you to our Isolation with us- ok?"

"She is NOT, going to Isolation with you!" Kihari yelled. "All that slaughtyering- for WHAT?! Your own kicks and giggles?"

"I'm sorry you don't know my race's Isolation. We basically sleep away the winter- right Orochimaru?"

"Yes, lovely." Orochimaru smiled, now in the room. Miyuki scurried past him and went to Zetsu. "Now- there is a large illusion outside that will lead you straight to the exit- have a nice day."

The group bowed and left. Zetsu carried Miyuki out bridal-style, as the Sannin and his wife watched.

"Remember when we were like that, Ryu?" Orochimaru asked her slyly, but she only looked up at him curiously.

"I don't remember romance- I remember you killing my cousin to marry me- THEN came the romance. Oh my god, Oreos, wait until you hit your dragonic transformation stage! You're going to be the HANDSOMEST dragon!" He stiffened.

"I-I have to be a dragon?"

"Oh, yeah, if you're not a dragon, then you get the transformation- Do you think you'll have a white mane or a black one?"

"Doesn't matter along as I can still tap that, Goddess!" He remarked, pointing to her, making her smirk.

"HA! Do you honestly think a snake like YOU can keep up with a dragoness like ME?"

"I love it when you put me up with a challenge- so- what's the challenge?" A vein pulsated on the side of her head.

"Are you saying that its a breeze to sleep with me, Micheal Jackson Poser?" Now HE was the one with the pulsating vein.

"I'm saying its easy to get in your pants sometimes! I have to work to get the damn job done!" He complained, before she stood up on her tip-toes and kissed him on the tip of his nose.

"Shut up, Oreos. "She giggled lightly, making him blush. "I'm happy- that you took my cousin's place, Oreos-ok? I'm tired- I don't want to argue." She smiled charmingly. She walked off, leaving him there, his face beet red. He groaned, covering it with a hand.

'Why does she have to be so damn CUTE?!' He wondered, feeling embarrassed for letting a woman get to him, but then he remembered they were married- so it was all good. He smiled- who would care if his wife got to him?

"Way to go, Master Orochimaru!"

"EHHH---?!" He looked at the door to see the sound five all piled up there. They smiled and gave him a thumbs up, pissing him off. "W-What did you see?!"

"Ryu-Chan-sensei getting cuddly with you." Tayuya said simply.

"G-Get out of here you peeping toms!" Orochimaru exclaimed, shoving them out and closing the door, back against it. "Man- why can't Isolation come sooner?" He moaned, before walking off.