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He was getting impatient now; the rocks were slowly getting bigger and bigger.




"What the hell do you think your doing!? Are you TRYING to break the frigging window!?" Roberta yelled out her window to the shadowy figure of Scott in the garden below.

He put the rock that he was just about to throw at her window down. "I just came to see you!" Lucky her dad and brothers were out, otherwise this could have been quite the scene.

"Well what if I don't want to see you!" She argued back, he was really starting to get on her nerves.

"But I thought we were together!" He said, his voice breaking on the last word.

"Well we're not so piss off!" Roberta went back and laid down on her bed. While she was lying there she thought about what Scott had said. So what if they had kissed; it wasn't like she had signed some contract saying that she would go out with him.

But did she want to? She was thinking that over when a loud crash came from outside her window. She quickly jumped up and ran to her window.

"Scott! I said piss off!"

"Well I came to see you, so move out the way so I can get in."

She moved away but not for the reason that he thought. She wouldn't be able to get a decent punch in if he was dangling on the window sill.

As soon as he stood up straight, Roberta rugby tackled him to the ground and started to punch him. She wasn't mean enough to punch him in the face when he hadn't done much but she was putting her weight behind the ones she was sending on his arms and torso.

After the initial shock had worn off, Scott joined in the fight, aiming his punches carefully; he didn't want to hit her in the face. He wasn't THAT mean.

They rolled around, each trying to dominate the fight but when Roberta rolled on top after a couple of minutes, she froze.

She realized the awkwardness of this situation only a second before he felt it. She had her legs either side of him and she was leaning down low ready to punch him. It was heightened by the fact that her pyjamas were less like pyjamas and more like a massive shirt and her underwear. Her bare legs just met Scotts at the bottom of his shorts and she could feel his breath on her face. The same awkwardness that was there the night they kissed was back.

He grabbed her head so quickly she didn't have time to protest and suddenly his lips were on hers and it felt the same as the time on the swing. Not particularly nice and it was all wet. She decided she didn't like kissing much.

Once they had separated and stood up, Scott looked at her with obvious happiness on his face. Roberta looked at him like she had eaten something gross.

"Wasn't that good?" Scott asked, enthusiastic.

"No it was all wet and gross." She replied, wrinkling up her nose and the memory.

She reached over and punched once in the arm.

"That's for not asking this time."

"What would you have said?" Scott asked, curiosity lighting up his face.

Roberta was thankful for the fact that the darkness prevented him from seeing the blush that crept up her face.

"Yes. Now clear off."

Scott jumped out the window and back down the tree, a huge smile on his face the whole time.

"Hey Roberta!" Sam called across the street.

Roberta ran over to catch up with her friends. When she got there Sam hit her hlightly on the arm in greeting.

"OW!" Roberta yelled. The previous night's events had obviously left a mark.

"What's wrong? I didn't hit you that hard. You've had worse beatings than that."

"Well I've got a bruise there." Roberta replied casually. She didn't want anyone finding about last night.

"Cool let's see!" Teeny yelled, pulling Roberta's shirt sleeves up, to reveal lots of dark blue and purple marks.

"Whoa, who did you get in a fight with last night?" Chrissie asked, still looking at Roberta's arm.

"Scott" she mumbled before starting to walk towards their favorite place to hang out, the park.

"Hey, you can't spring something like that on us and then walk away!" Teeny yelled after her.

"Where did you see Scott?" Sam asked her.

Roberta was quickly getting sick of their probing questions. Why did they even care so much? She was always in fights and one with Scott was no big. They had been in tones of fights; she had even broken his jaw once. Maybe she had been too obvious that day they were painting the garage door, or maybe he had. Yeah, there was no way it was her fault, he had stared at her for too long.

"Roberta? Roberta?" Chrissie was waving her hand in front of her face. Woops she thought.

"Hey look! Speaking of the devil," Sam said happily.

"HI SCOTT!" Teeny yelled across the park, as loud as she possible could.

Chrissie, Sam and Teeny all looked at each other then all screamed


Roberta was trying, and failing, to hide herself from Scott who was looking in their direction curiously. At least he was alone, his brothers weren't in sight. He put his hand up in a pathetic wave and looked meaningfully at Roberta.

Don't do that! Roberta was screaming in her mind. They'll see!

The look didn't get past Teeny, Sam and Chrissie and they all glared at Roberta and dragged her behind the nearest tree.

"What is going on between you and Scott Wormer?" Teeny said in a commanding tone.

"Nothing" Roberta said, looking at the ground.

"Yeah, like we're gunna believe that. What's going on with you and Scott?" Sam said, adopting the same tone as Teeny.

Roberta looked around, she was trapped. She looked at each of their faces. Teeny's full of curiosity and was it jealousy? Sam's full of surprise and a bit of an 'I knew it' look. Chrissie's was open and honest. At least she wouldn't tease her about Scott…maybe.

"We just kissed. It was no big deal." She said, once again to the ground.

"OMG!" Teeny's scream was loudest but Chrissie's came a close second.

"Was it a make out kiss or just peck kiss?" Teeny asked, her voice high with excitement.

"Well the first one was a peck and the second was a make out."

The second part of the sentence was drowned out due to the fact that all three girls had screamed out


"Oh! Our little Roberta is becoming a lady." Teeny said dramatically, faking a tear.

"Drop dead."

Sam and Chrissie stopped laughing abruptly when Roberta punched them in the arm.

"OW! What was that for?" Chrissie asked.

"You're making fun of me!" Roberta yelled back.

Teeny, Chrissie and Sam looked at each other and cracked up laughing. Roberta stood up and quickly ran from the park.

"Wait! Roberta! It was only a joke! We won't laugh any more, we promise!" Chrissie yelled after the quickly retreating back of Roberta.

Roberta figured her friends were either going to support her in this, or they weren't. Their loud laughter still coming from behind her was her answer.