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They move together as one, kissing and touching as they stand from the small stone bench. The Doctor turns Rose to him so he can see her properly, sliding one arm around her waist and the other through her hair, his lips teasing hers. He smiles as she sighs in contentment and wraps his hair around her hands, tugging softly at the strands. She seems intent on messing up his carefully coiffed style. He wonders if he should tell her that he spent a good half an hour doing his hair earlier – all for her – before realising that would mean breaking the kiss that is currently doing so much to fill his hearts with a warmth and happiness that has not been there in far too long.

"Mmmunnggh," he says instead as she bites lightly at his lower lip. He'd almost forgotten that she liked to do that – almost, but not quite. Although they have been together like this only once before – before they were separated – he feels as though this is familiar to him, like it should be, despite all the time they have spent apart and all the changes that have occurred since. They need to talk; even he, master at hiding his feelings, knows that. There is so much he doesn't know about her life without him, and he wants to know it all. But not now.

There are more important things to be doing right now. Like lying down before he falls down, because that would be embarrassing. He is, after all, a Lord of Time, and it simply wouldn't do if he messed things up before they'd even really begun because his knees buckled at a crucial moment.

Although, it seems like Rose is having the same problems as he is. She's leaning into him now, letting him support some of her weight as she draws her mouth away from his and says, "Doctor, the pillows."

It takes him a moment to realise what she's talking about – memory is informing him that Rose is typically not very coherent when she's aroused – but then it dawns on him and he nods. "Good idea." He reluctantly disentangles himself from her and walks the few steps to the small pile of bedding in the corner, picking up the selection of straw mats and pillows.

He takes the bundle back over to the wood burning stove and within a few minutes he has accomplished quite a respectable attempt at impromptu bed- and fire-making. He stays kneeled by the fire, ready to give it a burst of energy with the sonic screwdriver if it should need it. He turns back to find Rose standing with her hands held loosely at her sides, staring at him with eyes big and round and full of something he has rarely seen in her before. He holds his hand out to her. "Rose."

To his surprise, she doesn't step forward and take his hand like he expects. Instead, she stays still, simply looking at him. She opens her mouth to speak twice before any sound comes out. "I thought…" she begins, swallowing when her voice catches in her throat.

He waits patiently, giving all the time she might need to say whatever it is she wants to say. He smiles gently, encouragingly. His hand falls back to his side.

"I thought you were gone forever," she says eventually. "You said it was impossible and I thought I was never going to see you again." A tear falls down her cheek, catching the flickering light of the fire to make it seem as though the flames are dancing in her eyes.

"I thought it was impossible," he says softly. "You proved me wrong, Rose Tyler." His smile widens. "Have I told you lately how fantastic you are?"

She ignores his question, intent on finishing what she has started. "I was scared," she tells him. "When I came back to you, I was scared that you wouldn't want me or that you'd tell me it wasn't right. I thought you might have found someone better."

He wants to tell her that there is no way in this or any other universe he'd send her away, that it's literally an impossibility for him not to want her. He wants to tell her how brave and clever and wonderfully insane she is for working it all out and crossing the Void to get back to him, but he senses she still has more to say and so for once in his long and often ramble-inclined life, he keeps his mouth shut.

"I'm glad you weren't alone," she continues. "I'm glad you had people there for you, but…" She grins a little and bites her lip and it causes the blood to rush from his brain, leaving him somewhat light-headed. "I'm glad you still want me." She moves a step closer, almost within touching distance. "Because I… I missed you. I dreamed about you, y'know. All these dreams, but no reality." The tears spill over properly now, dripping down her cheeks like rain, but she's smiling and he can practically feel the happiness radiating off her. Coupled with the heat from the fire, he's practically burning. "And now I've found you! I found you and you're here and…" She moves forward, is standing in front of him within two steps, her hands cupping his face. "My Doctor," she whispers.

He says nothing – can think of nothing that could be said to improve the wonder of this moment – and instead reaches up to pull her down until she is kneeling in front of him. He strokes one hand along her face, wiping away her tears (he's pretty sure he's crying a bit, too, but that doesn't matter) before trailing down the side of her body, coming to rest on her hip.

He coaxes her to lie down, holding her head with one hand as he lowers her to his makeshift bed. "Rose," he says as he lowers himself to lie over her, weight supported by one hand as the other traces the features of her face, learning her all over again. He lowers his face so he can whisper in her ear, "Thank you for coming back."

He covers her lips with his before she can reply, coaxing a series of moans out of her before moving down to kiss her throat where he can feel the beat of her heart combined with the vibrations of her vocal chords as she groans, and taste her sweat and pheromones and wonderful individuality. He cannot get enough of her, not now he is starting to realise the extent of just what he was missing by denying them both for so long. He cannot keep his hands still; they coast over her body, lingering on her soft curves and the strip of bare skin that is showing where her shirt has ridden up. Her hands are on his arms, holding him to her, and she has entwined her legs with his.

The Doctor takes a moment to pause and breathe in the scent of her as his lips reach her collarbone. She smells wonderful - exactly as he remembered, coupled with just the hint of something other, the final remnants of her time in the other universe. It is as though the air around him has suddenly become purified now she is here again. Like those funny little plug-in air fresheners that smell of towels or clouds or something, or… Shut up. He is rather amazed at his mind's ability to keep on prattling even under circumstances such as this.

"Doctor." Her breath washes over his ear as she speaks, causing him to shiver. Her hips push up into his, and his eyes slide shut. She does it again and he lets out an unintelligible sound, but he thinks it gets the message across.

He continues on his journey down her body, nipping at her collarbone before exploring the small grooves with his tongue. He likes her reaction to that. He makes a mental note to explore the area more thoroughly at a later date before moving on.

Some minutes later, he reaches the strip of skin between her jeans and her shirt. She is practically writhing beneath him now, breathing fast and eyes hooded and dark. Despite their less-than-perfect surroundings, he doesn't think she could look more beautiful if she tried. This is perfect. He lets his fingers dance across the small strip of exposed flesh, revelling in the softness of her skin and the way she gives little breathy sighs when he strokes his thumbs over her hipbones.

Pushing her shirt up higher, he lowers his face to her skin, resting one cheek against her abdomen. He can feel her life pulsing through her strongly, can hear her heart as its beat speeds up.

He lets himself be overwhelmed for a short while by the sheer amount of potential within her, the amazing capacity of her body to grow and nurture new life. The prospect brings tears to his eyes as he allows himself a moment of fantasy, a moment's wonder at what a marvel it would be to see her stomach swell with a child – his child – and watch her bloom with pregnancy. It brings back bittersweet memories of their goodbye at Bad Wolf Bay, words spoken long ago echoing round his head.

"… and the baby," she said.

His hearts stopped for a moment at that. "You're not?"

"No. 'S mum."

He realises now that he had felt… crushed at her denial. It shocks him to realise just how much he had wanted her to be pregnant with his child, wanted a baby with her. It shocks him further still that he still likes the idea, loves the thought of getting to be a dad. Maybe they could have more than one. Maybe –


It dawns on him that he has been silent and unmoving against her for some time. He rests his chin on her stomach and looks up to see her face. She is looking at him curiously.

"You okay?" Her voice is soft, and she raises one hand to rest against his cheek. He turns so that he can nuzzle against her palm.

One hand is resting directly over her womb as he replies, "More than. I was just… thinking."

"About what?"

He doesn't think before responding. "About when we said goodbye. When you mentioned the baby, I thought… I thought that maybe, well –"

She cuts him off with a finger on his lips. "I know," she says quietly, her face a little unsure. "I thought maybe, too, for a while."

"What?" This is news to him.

She swallows and takes his hand in hers, looking anywhere but his face. "When I was first in the other universe, for a while I didn't… I didn't have, well, y'know." She gestures at her body with her free hand before sliding her fingers through his hair, gripping the strands lightly. "I started to think that maybe I was pregnant, maybe I still had a little piece of you with me." Her voice cracks, and he wants to take her in his arms to calm her, but he knows that she needs to tell the rest of this story just as much as he needs to hear it, no distractions. "But then… everything went back to normal after a while, like nothing was ever wrong with me. Mum said it was probably stress." She sighs, as though simply telling him this is a relief, a weight off her shoulders.

"It probably was," he admits, pressing a kiss against her stomach, willing all his feeling flow through him and into her, letting her know that he is here, that it's okay. "Crossing the Void can be tough on your body."

"I wanted it," she says so quietly he barely hears her despite their proximity. "I really started to want that baby, even though it was never even real. It hurt so much when I couldn't even pretend any more. Doctor, I know that's horrible of me but –"

"No. It's okay." He shushes her with a kiss, opens his mind to her and lets her see all the possibilities for their future, that what they have lost is something they can find again. She clings to him desperately, and he senses that she needs what is coming now more than ever. So does he.

He moves them carefully, locking his gaze with hers and letting her see the depth of the emotion he feels for her, all the things he can't say but wants to. He lays one hand over her stomach. "So much promise of life," he murmurs before dipping his head to kiss her again, plundering her mouth and making her reconnect with all that they are together. "One day," he whispers as he moves his hands to the hem of her top and draws it upwards, shifting her just enough that he can lift it up and over her head. She is more beautiful than he remembers. "Rose."

He smiles down at her and trails a hand down her body, over the curve and dip of her collarbone, the swell of her breast and further down to her flat stomach. She presses into his touch, her skin hot against his both from his actions and the heat of the fire burning in the stove a few feet away. The firelight casts a gentle glow on her skin, making it shimmer all golden and pink, her eyes liquid in the soft light. She holds him in the circle of her arms as he leans over her, looking up at him with all the love and reverence he had missed so much while she was gone. She leans up and presses a kiss to the centre of his bare chest, her teeth scraping his skin lightly.

It ignites something in him, something dark and deep and primal and wanting. He kisses his way down her body until he can rid her of shoes and socks and jeans, and then moves away for a few moments to remove his own shoes and trousers. Then he rejoins her, sliding up until he can rest at her side, skin against skin, almost all barriers removed. She is trembling slightly as he returns to his slow exploration of her body. "Rose?" he questions softly, stilling his hand in case she is afraid.

She lays her hand over his. "Don't stop," she says, lust in her voice. "I need you, Doctor." She lifts her free hand and lets it drift across his face, her fingers exploring the contours of his cheekbones and the line of his jaw. He turns his face to press a kiss against her palm.

"Anything," he replies. If she needs him, she will have him. He cannot deny her anything anymore.

She leans up and kisses him soundly, sliding her tongue past his lips to run along his teeth and over the roof of his mouth. He lets her, suddenly too overwhelmed by feeling to do anything more than hold on to her tightly and enjoy the sensations she stirs in him with her touch. By the time she is done with him, he is the one lying on his back with her above him, and he has been very thoroughly snogged indeed. He likes it. "Okay there, Doctor?" she murmurs saucily, straddling him carefully so as not to aggravate his injured shoulder. For some reason that little piece of care she gives makes him want to cry (again). He doesn't though. He doesn't want to do anything to spoil this.

"Oh yes," he says in reply to her question, rather eagerly.

Rose laughs, but he can see affection on her face and so he knows she's not laughing at him, not really. Just at his silly reply. Then she stops laughing abruptly, her face turning serious as she leans down and kisses him again, the movement causing her hips to brush against his growing erection. He thrusts up into her out of instinct and she moans into his mouth. "Please," she murmurs. He does it again and this time they both moan.

He's missed this; he's missed it so much, the way that everything they have together is so intense and yet so easy and comfortable at the same time. The way that it feels as though he has never seen her in this way, never touched her this way before, and yet it is as though they could have been doing it for centuries. They are, he thinks, yin and yang. Two halves of a whole. And then he stops thinking, because this doesn't require thinking. He knows what he wants.

Rose reaches behind her and flicks open the catch of her bra before pulling the fabric from her body and tossing it away to the side. He sits up, instinctively bringing his hands to her breasts to caress the soft flesh and brush the pad of his thumb across one nipple. He smiles as she hisses in a breath. He'd forgotten she did that. He does it again and she pushes her hips into his, the angle awkward because of the way she is sitting on his lap. The action catches him in all the right places, though, and he finds himself moaning loudly. He thinks to be embarrassed but then Rose his kissing his neck and saying, "That's it, Doctor. Let go," and he relaxes into her completely, letting his hands roam her body as her mouth explores the pulse point in his neck. She's more… confident than she was the one time they did this before. More confident, and saucier, and sure of herself. And, if he's honest, this is even better than it was before. It means more, somehow.

Within minutes he can feel his erection throbbing between their bodies, the sensation causing him to press into her out of instinct. All coherent thought and reason has left his mind as they simultaneously reach for her underwear, him supporting her weight while she slides out of it quickly. His underwear is next, and then there is nothing but skin and sweat and Rose and… oh.

Keeping her eyes locked on his, she smiles at him softly before taking him in hand. He returns the smile and leans forward to give her a kiss, affirming everything that is about to happen. She lifts up and then lets him slide into her body slowly, never moving her gaze away from his. The intensity of it is causing him to shake, his body willing him to move. He forces himself to stay still; he will not rush her.

Finally he is encased wholly within her heat, and he wraps his arms around her back, holding her to him for a minute and simply relishing the feel of being back in her body after so long. "So good," she says breathlessly and he nods, biting his lip while he calms his racing hearts. He draws blood when she shifts unexpectedly, lifting her hips until just the tip of him is still inside her and then sliding back down painfully slowly, her chest brushing against his deliciously. He decides that the lip biting will have to stop, especially when she repeats the agonisingly good action and every muscle in his body decides to engage in little spasms of pleasure.

Three more repeats of Rose's Ingenious Lovemaking (as, the Doctor decides, it would henceforth be known) and he is going out of his mind. So out of his mind that he is barely aware of himself tightening his arms around her back, lying back with her and then rolling so that she lies beneath him. It is only Rose's legs tangling with his that alerts him to the new position. "We've moved," he says.

She giggles, looking entirely too in control of herself for his liking. "Yes, we have," she agrees.

He dips his head to kiss her, and then murmurs against her lips, "I'll wipe that smirk off your face, Tyler."

She looks for a moment that she is about to challenge him, but then he twists his hips against hers and she lets loose with a loud moan instead.

"Much better," he whispers.

He begins to move in and out of her slowly, eyes never leaving hers, slick skin against slick skin. He is unaware of anything that may be taking place outside the hut they are in, even unaware of the rest of the room and the dull ache of his shoulder wound. It all comes down to Rose – him and Rose, moving together in the soft light, making up for all the time they lost. Starting as they mean to go on, he thinks. They are together now, and he doesn't plan on letting her go until all the stars are gone from the sky.

The pleasure builds gradually, growing larger and more intense until he's sure he can feel it in his forehead, wave upon wave of it building up, threatening to break at any moment.

They fall together, reaching their peaks at the same time to tumble together in a beautiful sweep of ecstasy, his name on her lips, hers on his, all other words superfluous. Except, perhaps… "Rose," he begins as he comes down from their shared high, his voice raw and low.

"Shh." She lifts a finger and places it on his lips. He kisses it. "I know," she whispers, apparently finding all the answers she could ever need in his eyes. "I always knew. Do you – "

"Yes," he says before she can finish the question, capturing her hand in his and holding it against his chest. "Of course I know."

She smiles, and there is something different in her expression that has been missing ever since she returned to him from the parallel world. Something he has missed almost without realising. Contentment, he thinks it is; contentment at being here with him, safe in the knowledge that he wants her too and her efforts to find him again were not in vain. Never in vain. He hopes she knows never to doubt that. He hopes that she knows how amazing it is that she's here, how it makes his hearts swell with long-forgotten joy and pride to hold her and think of all the lovely things they can do together in their future.

He wants to tell her this, opens his mouth to start, but she is already relaxing under him, eyelids drooping and muscles loosening, and so instead he rolls to his back, pulling her with him to lie on his chest while they both recuperate from what they have just done. She is boneless against him and he can feel his own mind drifting into sleep.

Talking, he thinks as he presses a kiss to the side of her head and receives and happy, sleepy smile in response, can wait for another day.


A/N: My ficathon prompt was "a passionate love scene that does not involve them jumping into the sack the minute they lay eyes on each other again - want to see a loving build up and joyous 'rediscovery' of each other (after sharing what they each suffered apart maybe) - implies that they had such a relationship prior to DD (even if it was only one time).

Prompt lyrics - Make me feel again / Slide across my skin again / let me uncover you / to rediscover you / and I will open up / if you promise to give in / on this perfect night / let the two of us be one. "To Be With You" by Hoobastank.

Apologies for the stupidly long A/N! I hope you enjoyed the story.