Prince Edward delicately removed Giselle's cloak and placed it in the cloakroom. They walked down the stairs, hand in hand, to the dance floor. Giselle's face immediately lit up as she caught sight of Robert, as his did when he saw her.

"What's she doing here?" Nancy had spotted the glamorous Giselle and had a feeling Robert's attention was drawn to her.

"I have no idea." Robert's words were not convincing. His smile raised his cheeks and made his eyes sparkle.

The introductions were obviously only used to show Robert and Giselle's properties, which were clearly not each other. Afterall, they had both fallen in love with the wrong people.

"Dance the King and Queen's waltz." It seemed so odd that you danced a romantic dance with the person you had not accompanied, but Giselle and Robert did not complain.

Edward whisked Nancy off to the floor, but the other two stood there. They wanted to dance with each other, but it just seemed a little strange and new to them. Luckily, Robert made his move. He took Giselle's hand and slowly guided her to the centre of the dance floor.

You're in my arms and all the world is calm,

The music's playing on, for only two

So close, together and when I'm with you

So close, to feeling alive.

Robert held her close and they continued to dance to the music.

A life goes by, Romantic dreams will stop,

So I bid mine goodbye, I never knew,

So close was waiting,

Waiting here with you,

And now forever I know

He turned Giselle around, holding her back against his chest. They shared each other's body heat as they moved around the room, other couples envying the spark between them.

All that I wanted,

To hold you, so close.

So close, to reaching that famous happy end,

Almost believing this one's not pretend,

Now you're-

"Beside me and look how far we've come. So far, we are, so close." Robert quietly sung into her ear.

Giselle held tight, fearing she would wake up from such a beautiful dream. Her eyes filled with tears, but she did not understand why; she was happy, not sad.

Memories from the past few days flew through both of their minds:

"Do you want me to call someone?"
"I don't think they would hear you from here."

Morgan begging Robert to let Giselle stay and despite not intending to, the sleeping beauty had persuaded him.

Robert's amazed facial expression when Giselle managed to get over a hundred people in Central Park to sing along and dance with her.

The moment she first discovered anger. He had loved the way she fiddled the hairs on his chest, but he had felt awkward at the same time. That was the moment. The very moment they had realised they had fallen in love with each other.

"Oh my!" Giselle had sighed, and the very same words were in Robert's head.

Robert spun Giselle around the dance floor; the other guests continued dancing in the shadows. She spun into him, awaiting true love's kiss, but they were separated by Nancy and Edward.

"Mind if I cut in?" Nancy asked. Of course Giselle minded, but she could do nothing. Edward took her hand and lead her up the stairs, ready to return to Andalasia.

If I should lose you now…

She thought that Robert and Nancy were happy together and hoped that, within time, she might be happy with Edward.

We're so close, to reaching that famous happy end,

Almost believing this one's not pretend.

Giselle watched Nancy and Robert dance, feeling the aching of her heart; she did not realise that Robert was suffering from the same pain inside his body. She held back the tears, hoping Edward would not notice.

Let's go on dreaming,

Though we know we are…

Sure, he was not the smartest Prince, but he still noticed something was not right.

"You're sad." He said, looking at the girl he believed was his true love.

"Oh no, I'm fine." She replied, faking a smile.

"I'll get your wrap." Edward walked off to the cloakroom.

Giselle's eyes filled with tears, as she looked at Robert kissing Nancy. She had never seen them kiss and it hurt so much to see their lips against each other.

So close,

So close

And still so far

The music ended, as a tear rolled down Giselle's cheek.

Then an old hag appeared, interrupting her moment of sadness. Giselle's mind was filled with negative thoughts, so she was hardly hesitant with biting the apple. Afterall, if the pain went away then she could be happy with Edward. A sharp pain shot through her body, her body temperature dropped. Her skin turned ice cold and paler than snow, she fell to the floor.

"Somebody help!" Robert's head shot round as he heard the Prince's call for help. He looked at Giselle's limp body and his heart skipped a beat. He rushed to her side, stroking her strawberry blonde hair.

"There's no way of helping her, she's done for." Nathaniel's words stabbed Robert like a dagger in his heart. He thought of the wonderful days they had spent together and the amusing things she had told him. Then he remembered something important.

"True love's kiss."

"What?" Edward did not understand, but then there were little things he did.

"It's the most powerful thing in the world." Robert continued, subtly smiling.

Edward rushed to the fair maiden's side, assuming he was her true love. Their lips touched, but there was no response. He tried again, but this time more forcefully. There was still no response.

"It's not working!" He panicked. The clock began its twelve strikes.

In eleven more, she will be lost, forever. Robert thought.

"Just kiss her Robert, it's okay." He had no idea why Nancy was being so understanding, but could not complain. He had to save Giselle, otherwise he would never forgive himself.

"Please, don't leave me." He whispered. He took her head in this hand and gently kissed her. His lips tingled as they met hers.

The clock struck midnight and Giselle was not responding. Was he too late? Robert's eyes began to produce tears, his inside ached like hell. Negative thoughts began to fill his mind; he should have been there for her. There was something odd about men giving away free apple-products over the past two days and now he realised why. Someone was trying to kill her all along.

His heart ached, his eyes stung. He looked at the sleeping beauty. Giselle moved slightly. He was sure of it.

Giselle's beautiful blue eyes opened. She sighed before returning the kiss. For the first time since they had met, Robert understood Giselle's fairytale-themed life.

"I knew it was you." Robert's heart continued to beat at a reasonable speed.

The crowd applauded, thinking it was all just a show, but this performance was about to become reality…

Narissa was not going to let Giselle get away with her life, so easily.

"You want a show; I'll give you a show!" In an explosion of fire, she turned into a roaring dragon. The crowd screamed and some of them were thrown backwards by Narissa's power. Now the audience had begun to understand the reality of this show. Had it just got out of hand?

Like most fairytales, the villain was fighting back. Robert remembered the wicked stepmothers in Snow White, Cinderella and the other fairytales he had watched with Morgan.

Giselle hid behind him, terrified of the witch's new form. He hoped they would be safe and be able to live their happily ever after with Morgan. A perfect family.

"Let's begin with the girl who started it all, shall we?"

Narissa is not taking Giselle away from me, again. Robert thought.

"Over my dead body!" He stood his ground, trying to protect the woman he loved.

"Alright, I'm flexible." He did not get the response he had hoped for, but really, a woman who does try to poison a possibly-future-daughter-in-law was hardly going to say "oh, I will leave her alive then."

Robert's body was swung around, as the dragon climbed to the top of the building. Giselle knew she had to save his life, as he had saved hers.

Please don't leave me. She thought, tears filling her eyes.

She climbed up the building after the beast, trying not to let her bare feet slip. Giselle had never learnt how to slay a dragon before, like Prince Edward had, so she was unsure how to use her sword.

Robert was flung into the air, so Giselle threw her sword. It caught his sleeve, but she knew it wouldn't hold him for long. She had to get him down, somehow..

Pip scrambled up the side of the building, hoping he could help Giselle. He remembered how he had saved Giselle from the troll back in Andalasia. He looked at his large tummy and stood on the aerial.

Immediately, the aerial began to bend, until it snapped. Narissa, in dragon-form, was sent hurtling down the side of the building. She hit the floor, shattering into thousands of pieces, lost forever. Clearly there was no happily ever after left for her.

Robert listened to his sleeve slowly tearing. Giselle noticed it slowly giving way, so she attempted to catch him, like he had tried to catch her when they had first met.

Giselle did not suceed. She watched him fall so she rushed over, grabbing his body. The couple slided down the side of the wet, slippery building.

It's meant to be happily ever after. Giselle and Robert both thought as they slid to their deaths.

Then they stopped. Giselle opened her eyes, thinking she was dreaming or an angel. It was still raining hard and they were both soaked through. She looked over at Robert. He was shaking. Were they both dead? Was it a joint nightmare?

Giselle looked around and noticed she was not in heaven, nor in hell. They were alive!

She sighed with relief, as did he.

"Is this a habit of yours? Falling off of stuff?" She laughed.

"Only when you're around to catch me." He replied.

They kissed; this time it was more passionate, as Giselle was alive.

The couple held each other tight as the rain continued to fall, continuing their kiss as the world went by. The fireworks inside them exploded, the spark glowing. But was this happiness everlasting?

Then Robert pulled away. He looked down at the ambulances, fire engines and police cars below.

"Giselle… how do we get down?"