Me: don't ask

Me: don't ask. I do not own the storm hawks and this girl I made and explain is not perfect just powerful. She is pretty, powerful, and different. She can cook but she can't cook when there is a guy around. I wrote a song for her. Her name is Naja, named after her bright red hair and her orange eyes. Naja is a fire elemental name. Now on with the story.

Match, a lighter, a fire place, it was her place.

Strike the match, light the lighter, light the fireplace, it was her power.

Moonlight fueled her passion for the flame.

Sunlight gave her energy.

The smell of a fire gave her desire.

Cooking, fueled her lust.

Arguments gave her the power to fight back and made her bold.

Her bright red hair and Orange eyes reminded everyone of a fire, much like the fire that burned within her.

Piper walked down the hallway of the condor as the stork flew it toward Terra Tropica so the next morning they could relax. Aerrow watched Piper from his doorway, silently stalking her with his eyes. Piper stopped to look in the mirror. Although she would be going to bed in less than two hours, she still looked.

"Dang it." She murmured when she realized her mascara was messed up. She wearing it to impress Aerrow and really didn't care for it. Aerrow thought she was hot without it.


"why are you staring in the mirror?" Finn asked from up the hall. Piper looked at him.

"Admiring my hair." She told him. She has left her hair down so it curled slightly

"okay. Whatever. Have you seen my hair gel?" He asked.

"Find radar." Piper told him. He nodded and walked down the hallway as radar walked around the corner with his hair gel.

"That's my hair gel!" Finn yelled chasing the little sky monkey. Radar ran up the hall with it, past Piper who was still staring at the mirror. Aerrow ducked into his room so Piper couldn't see him. He would watch her from afar. Piper's Cellphone beeped on her Hip. She stopped playing with her make up to look at it.

"SHIT!" She cursed loudly. She ran down the hall to her room and printed an e-mail and then went hunting for Aerrow. She found Finn first.

"Where's Aerrow?" Piper Asked, seeming desperate. Finn looked at her funny.


" It's an emergency. I got an e-mail from a friend and I need to talk to Aerrow about it." Piper answered.

"He's in his room." Finn answered.

Thanks Finn." Piper exclaimed as she ran towards Aerrow's room which was oddly right next to hers.

"Aerrow!" Piper called as she opened the door. Aerrow looked up from his bed where he was reading a book, alarmed.

"What is it?" He asked, sitting up. Piper handed him the paper she held in her hand. Aerrow took it and read it.

'Dear Piper,

I know it's been years since we've seen each other but I need help. Cyclonis is out to get me and has made a stone that makes my life living hell. You know how I've always had a passion for fire and flame, and cooking, right? Well, Cyclonis has made a crystal which has changed my powers for the worst. A mere argument makes me stronger but the moon… oh dear god, I can't see the moon nor can their be a full moon even if I can't see it, it makes me lose control is a very horrid way. Let's just say, I've ruined my innocence that way.' Aerrow stared at that.' But to make matters worse, I can no longer cook without going through the same thing with the full moon.

Please Piper, find a away to reverse this curse. The crystal was forced into my cxhest and now I live with it in me and I've forced myself into the darkness to save myself. I've heard of you and your teams accomplishments, now all I ask from my dear cousin, is a way to escape this wretched crystal.

Will you help me?

Your cousin,


"Cyclonis has made crystal like that?" Aerrow asked Piper. Piper nodded.

"Well, guess there is only one thing to do."


"Bring her here as you find a cure to this crystal. She'll become part of the storm hawks. We'll just have to make sure to not let her cook and put special locks on her door so she can't get out on the full moon. I don't wanna treat her like a prisoner but… I'm sure rather feel like that than feel like a villain." Aerrow told her.

"Her room can be on the other side of mine. Who do we tell to make sure she stays in her room on the full moon?"

"The only person we need to tell. Stork. We'll tell him we need special locks so the new member of the team doesn't go insane on the full moon." Aerrow told her. Piper nodded.

"You reply to Naja, and I'll talk to Stork." Aerrow told her. Piper nodded and ran back to her room.


Meanwhile, on another terra, Terra Atmosia, a Girl with dark red hair and orange eyes similar to Piper's, Ran towards a house painted in light blue with grey shutters, her hair trailing behind her, her hair shinning in the light of the almost full moon.

"Piper, please, help me…" The girl whispered as she opened the door to the house and ran in before locking the door. Her hair was shoulder length and matched her red mini dress and red flip flops. She ran to her computer, hoping for a reply, only to find it there.

' Dear Naja,

I have spoken to Aerrow and he wants you to join the storm hawks tomorrow at noon. We will be on Terra Atmosia in the late morning after stork designs a type of lock that we can put on your door for the full moon as I attempt to find your cure. Naja, although we haven't seen each other for 6 years, ( they are 16 now), you are still family and I will do what it takes to help family, and so will Aerrow since he too is like family and who ever is my family is his.

Pack your things and meet us on the docks of Atmosia at 12 o clock. We get you settled into your room and have you relaxed by the full moon. Don't worry, your safe with us, and none of the other squadron members will know, just Aerrow, you, and me will know. Stork only knows that you have been infected with a crystal that makes you go insane on the full moon.

See you soon,

Your cousin,

Piper.' Naja sighed.

"Thank you Piper. Thank you Aerrow." Naja whispered before running off to pack her things. She grabbed two black suit cases and put her clothes in them. She grabbed her purses and shoes and put them in another suit case. Naja was a fashion geek but also a very fit girl. She played sports and took karate and sweating was not disgusting the way other Fashion geeks found it. In her last bag she put in her crystals and jewelry and then hid her weapon in it. She hid a few other things in random bags so no one would find it. Like her dairy, it went into a dress, her extremely personal notebook went hidden into one of her big purses.

"Pick up the phone NAJA!" A voice came from the answering machine. It was female's Voice. Naja bite her lip and walked toward the phone. She picked it up.

"He- hello."She said.

"Naja… you sound so chicken. What's the matter… afraid?" The person on the other end taunted. Naja shivered.

"What do you want Cyclonis?" Naja snapped.

"I want you to join me. You should I mean, I do have the cure to your crystal problem." Cyclonis said.

"NEVER!" Naja shouted, slamming the phone down. If she had never come across the Dark Ace, this never would have happened. The Dark Ace saw her and thought she was beautiful and then deiced he wanted her so he told Cyclonis of her power and Then Cyclonis wanted her.

"All because of Ace… dark ace…" She whispered in a shaky voice.

"NAJA! Are you home?" The answering machine exclaimed. Naja picked it up.

"Yes I am. Not for much longer." Naja said. It was Tina, a friend of hers who lived on Terra Hallow.

"It's that Crystal isn't it? Your cousin gonna help?"

"Yeah, I get to join the Storm hawks to get help. Nice isn't it?"

"LUCKY! I so envy you. Give them our CD! Maybe they'll see us in concert. If they'll be willing I'll talk to topaz and Emerald and all the others and we'll set up a concert for a new moon. So you can go. I can't wait til your cured." Tina exclaimed.

"Neither can I." Naja said in a voice that sounded like she was gonna cry. Emotionally, she was.

"Then, Maybe you can join us." Tina told her.

"Maybe." Naja said, looking out the window to the moon.

Me: Okay, I'm telling you know the characters that I own that will be showing up in this story. Saphire who is Harrier's Sister for those who don't know, Topaz and Emerald who are twins and the Cousins of Saphire and Harrier, Carla and Chris who are in a Band with Topaz and Emerald called back yard junk and they are twins, Tina who is also in backyard junk, Tia who is also in back junk with her cousin Chase, And last ut not least there's Aria, Aerrow's Sister..

Piper: I'm excited.

Me: There will be no lemons but there will be scenes that Come pretty close to it.

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