The Battle of the Labyrinth

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Alright, this is my first fan fiction so please review! It is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians story with Action, Suspense, and of course, some Percabeth on top. I wanted to order The Battle of the Labyrinth on Amazon, but it was a rip off!! They said the book would arrive on May 12 when it comes out on May 6 sobs. I killed the order! Buahahahah! Anyways, here is my first chapter... The hellhound stood there, barring my entrance to freedom. In the distance behind me, I could hear the other monsters running towards me, their claws screeching against the pavement. Warily, I circled the hound. A low growl erupted from deep in its throat. I had seen enough dogs fight to know that he was about to jump me.

"Come on, you filthy, mangy mutt!" I muttered, never taking my eyes off him. I figured I had about 3 seconds until he snapped. Anaklusmos hung limply in my arm. My legs tensed. With a snarl, the hellhound leapt at me, claws slashing, but I wasn't there. It landed where I had been a second before as I jumped onto its head. I ran on its back and landed neatly behind it, giving it a well placed kick in the rear end for good measure. Sprinting now, I dived around a corner, my shoes slapping softly against the pavement. An enraged roar told me the other monsters had caught up to their buddy. Now they all would be after me.

"Damn!" I muttered, and poured on the speed. Then, the worst possible thing happened. I ducked into an alley, and it was a dead end. Just my luck, I thought, shaking my head. Cursing, I hid behind some trash cans, hoping they would mask my scent, and put on Annabeth's magic Yankees cap, which had arrived along with a note reading; Dear Percy,

I'm sorry your gift arrived late. I hope you're doing okay, I miss you so much. Remember, if you need help, just come to our house in San Francisco. I'll see you in two months! Happy 15th Birthday!

Love, Annabeth

Under the note were an address and a picture of Annabeth, smiling at a camera, the sweet smile I loved so much on her face, and her grey eyes and her beautiful golden hair. If I ever reached her house alive, I would have to tell her my feelings for her. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the photo, and looked at it. So many things had happened since Chiron told me I would be developing greater powers as I neared 16. I had taken the chariot of Damnation here, but before I reached Annabeth's house, the 3 sisters pushed me out because there were monsters following us. That was the whole reason I came here, to get away from monsters. Camp Half Blood wasn't safe anymore, and Annabeth had some scheme to keep the monsters out. Now here I was, so close to my destination, but so far. Then, the monsters rushed into view and stopped at the mouth of the alley. Freaking cowards! One of the hellhounds barked an order and the Hydra slithered off. All the other monsters ran in the opposite direction. I allowed myself a sigh of relief, then peeked out of the alley. What I saw made my blood turn to ice. I had led the monsters to Annabeth!

"No, No, NO!!" I yelled, banging my fist against the concrete. Oh my gods! I thought. What am I going to do? Of course, I already knew the answer. I had noticed a small fountain as I was running. If I could get the monsters to chase me away from Annabeth…I reacted before I gave myself time to think, because then I would never go out there. I sprinted out of the alley, and called to the monsters.

"If looks could kill, I wouldn't wanna be close to you!" That was probably the stupidest thing I had ever done in my life, and that was saying something. Without looking back, I ran in the general direction where I had seen the fountain. A lion (the Neman Lion to be exact) leaped over me, scratching at my unprotected back. Without breaking pace, I did a quick spin and sliced upward with Riptide.

"No time to get that spoil of war." I muttered as the lion exploded. Coming across a courtyard towards the fountain, I stabbed through a Hydra, and then rolled to avoid a spew of acid. MMMM Monster Donuts I thought. I willed the water to take on a slender need like shape, and froze the needles, hurling them at the monsters. The Hydra was frozen and all the other monsters were dead. Or so I thought, because then, the razor sharp tail of a Scythian Dracaenae pierced all the way through my stomach.

"AAARRRGGGHHHH!!" I yelled and hurled Riptide through its chest. The pain was so unbearable that I couldn't stand. The water wouldn't heal the wound, it was too great. With the last of my strength, I summoned the water to carry me to Annabeth's house. I was so close…My vision was blurry, I had lost a lot of blood. I could only last a few more minutes…Then I was at the door, the one I remembered from the previous year. I banged Riptide's hilt against the door hoping someone would hear me. When the door opened, I collapsed into the persons arms.

"Percy!!" I heard Annabeth's voice. "What happened?"

"Monsters, Camp, Not safe!" I managed to croak out. Then I started coughing up blood. I closed my eyes, and then I drifted.

I know, I know. It's a cliffhanger. No flames! Please review! More Percabeth next chapter! I will write more soon!