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In Return



Chapter 1

The Broken Arm

It all started one Thursday afternoon, about a week- six days to be exact- before the Cultural Festival. The excitement for the festival was like a raging fire that enveloped the whole school. Both the Music and General Education department were busy preparing for the event. Each class was tediously working on their planned booths; others were meticulously polishing their plays to be preformed. Seiso was bursting with energy as the students worked hard to bring the best out of the event.

Amidst the bustling activity inside the school, Hino Kahoko was still glad to have a peaceful lunch outside with her friends Mio, Nao and Amou. Under the Cherry blossoms tree, the four girls ate and chatted happily.

"I'm so excited!" Mio started as she dramatically clasped her hands. "I heard one class from the Music department will be doing a Violin Romance play!" She looked at Kahoko with her eyes sparkling. Kahoko laughed nervously, chopsticks holding her tempura suspended in midair.

Amou wagged her finger." Well, that's not what the whole school is talking about." Shuffling through her things, she smiled and held up a poster. "This," she pointed for amplification, "is the greatest thing that will happen in Seiso."

"The concert of the Concour participants?" Nao asked as she examined the poster. The simple white poster bordered with gold trimmings consisted of the concour participants (with both Kahoko and Fuuyumi at the center) playing their instruments.

"Ah! Amou-san! How did you get that poster?" Kahoko asked suddenly, her face red from embarrassment. "Those were supposed to be irremovable from the bulletin boards."

"Irremovable?" Mio asked.

"They should be, I mean, only with that Yunoki-sempai's fan girls, all posters would have vanished in less than a minute they were put up," Nao answered while waving her hand dismissively. The girls laughed.

"So, how did you get it, Amou-san?"

Amou smiled mischievously. "Well, I am not a member of the Press club for nothing, you know!" She hugged the poster as if it was her greatest possession. "But seriously, this is such a big event that the Press club is willing to go though a lot of effort just to get the best story out of it."

Kahoko felt Nao patting her head. "Well, that's because our Kahoko-chan here did her very best to make the concours very interesting this year."

Kahoko blushed from the compliment. She waved her hands. "Ah, everyone was very good during the concours. Fuuyumi-chan was amazing to improve greatly."

"Even Tsuchiara-kun was very amazing!" Mio sighed dreamily. "He looked so gorgeous playing the piano."

"And I've heard he already has a fans club that can match up Tsukimori-kun's," Amou added and both girls giggled.

"And there's Hihara-sempai who never fails to make everyone smile with his music."

"Don't forget Yunoki-sempai." Amou flipped her notebook. "According to my statistics, his fan's club is still the largest among the participants."

"And even that first year Shimizu-kun showed how good he was at the cello! He was so cute!"

Amou and Mio were at their own world. Nao and Kahoko were left listening to the giggles of the two.

"And just imagine how... how.. amazing it would be to hear these amazing concour participants playing together- amazingly!" Amou threw her hands up in the air. "Ah! It's the greatest thing to happen!"

"It would be very fun!" Mio added. "Just imagine!"

Amou flipped her notebook again. "They would be playing an ensemble, then quintets, quartets, solos and of course, duets!" She fixed her gaze at Kahoko, another mischievous smile on her face. "Will there be a violin duet?"

Kahoko shook her head and smiled nervously. She knew how pressing Amou could be when she wanted to extract information. "No, there won't be." Of course, Tsukimori-kun wouldn't want that.

Amou looked crestfallen but she quickly recovered. "I've heard even the director of the school will be there, thus, the participants are really practicing very hard."

Kahoko nodded as she unconsciously rubbed her aching muscles. They have spent weeks and weeks of practice for their performance.

"Not only that," Amou continued. "Tsukimori Len-kun will be presenting a special number for the director." Amou's smile widened." I'm really excited for his performance since he, after all, was the winner of the concour."

Kahoko nodded again. She knew how much effort Tsukimori-kun put on perfecting his performance. After their practice, he often stayed behind to play his violin. Who knows how long he stayed in the practice rooms, and that is, not counting the hours he spent practicing at home.

"Everyone is looking forward for this concert!"

Nao sighed as Mio and Amou continued to sigh dreamily. She turned to Kahoko, "Kahoko-chan, don't you have practice today?"

Kahoko gasped. She almost forgot that she reserved one practice room for lunch break. Quickly, she finished her food and packed her things.

"I'm really excited for the festival, don't forget, there's still that bonfire dance," Amou continued to sigh. "The great bonfire that will be lighted once the sky has darkened, the tender music, the delicious food.. ah, it will really be great!"

"To dance with your one true love under the moonlight is just so romantic! Right, Kahoko-chan? Eh?" Mio looked around. "Where's Kahoko-chan?"

Nao drank her iced tea and pointed towards the building of the Music department. "She already left. Practice."

Kahoko sighed deeply as she her grip on her violin case tightened. Somehow, there were butterflies in her stomach. Was Amou serious when she said that everyone was looking forward for the performance? There was a cold feeling in her stomach. She was very nervous. Ever since her magical violin was broken, she was back to square one- a complete amateur.

And yet she was going to play in a concert!

She had to resist the urge to bang her head on the wall thinking that maybe she'll wake up and realize everything was just a dream.

She sighed again. Maybe she had to double- no, even triple her practice. Maybe she should follow Tsukimori-kun's practice habit.

She continued walking down the corridor of the Music department when suddenly, the bell rang signaling the end of the lunch break. "What? It's time already?" Snapping out her reverie, Kahoko made a dash down the corridor. She'll surely be dead if she's caught late in class.

She was practically running, the corner where the stairs were located was already visible when it happened.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Kahoko turned around the corner and the next moment, she slipped, her feet tangled. Her eyes widened as she felt herself falling, her grip weakened on her violin case. She watched as the case seemed to suspend into midair in front of her.

My violin!

She tried to reach her violin. There was no way she'll let anything happen to her violin. The one and only violin Lili gave me! Her fingers grazed the handle and with her remaining strength, she grasped the handle and hugged the case towards her. She closed her eyes, bracing herself from impact.

She thought of how painful it would be when her body hits the floor. She even wondered if she can survive such impact.

Why? Why do I have to die like this?

And the impact came. She gasped as her body hit- not the cold floor but something warm, something soft.

There was a painful groan and Kahoko immediately opened her eyes. She couldn't believe she survived such an impact.

Another groan and Kahoko looked down on her "landing". She gasped.


There sprawled on the floor was Tsukimori Len, his back facing her. A blush crept on her cheeks after realizing that she was sprawled on top of him. Quickly, she stood up.

"I'm sorry, Tsukimori-kun! I really am!" Tsukimori merely groaned.

Students from nearby classrooms began filling the corridor, curious of the crash that echoed through the halls.

"Hino-san!" Kahoko turned to find Amou running towards her. "What happened?"

"I-I fell from the stairs and.. and.." Kahoko fixed her gaze on Tsukimori who was still sprawled on the ground, unable to move. Her eyes filled with tears. "And.. and I fell on Tsukimori-kun!" She gently shook him. "Tsukimori-kun.. Tsukimori-kun.. please answer me.."

"What's the commotion here?" Kanazawa-sensei appeared on top of the stairs. His eyes widened when he saw Tsukimori. "Tsukimori-kun! Yunoki, call the doctor! Hihara, help me!" He dashed down the stairs followed by Yunoki and Hihara.

"Hino-chan, what happened?" Hihara's usually cheery voice was full of concern as his eyes moved from Tsukimori's injured form to Kahoko's tear-stricken face.

"Kanazawa-sensei, is Tsukimori-kun, alright?" Kahoko's voice was shaking as she watched Kanazawa-sensei checking Tsukimori's form. His eyes widened.


"I am no doctor, Hihara," Kanazawa answered. "But.."

"Sensei, the doctor is here!" Yunoki appeared followed closely by the doctor and the nurse. Everyone stood back as the doctor examined Tsukimori.

Kahoko was shaking, her tears cascaded down her cheeks as she watched Tsukimori's pained expression. He was in so much pain because of her- because of her clumsiness. Amou tried to comfort her.

Finally, the doctor nodded to the nurse who ran back to the clinic.

"Doctor, h-how is he?" Kahoko asked, her voice still trembling.

Kanazawa closed his eyes knowing what was to come.

The doctor nodded. "He doesn't have any cuts or bruises but.. his arm seems to be broken."

To be Continued...

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