Summary: Sasori was transfixed. Enthralled by his brilliant blue eyes; his blond hair that might have been made out of silk. The boy set a fire inside of him that he couldn't seem to stifle. The blond was young- he knew that. But how far will he go to feed his desires? SasorixDeidara, Warnings inside.

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Warnings: Shotacon, Yaoi, Hidan Language.

A/N: I'll say this straight off- if the age gap of twelve to twenty-nine makes you uncomfortable or offends you in any way, I suggest you leave- now. Yeah so- this story was bobbing round in my head for quite some time now, and I decided to execute it. Updates will probably be every two weeks. So- enjoy!


Chapter 1 – An Unexpected Rescue

First Sight

There was blood everywhere.

It was like a crimson rainstorm- the tiny red tears splattering onto the walls as Kakuzu and Hidan slashed the surrounding ANBU in half.

The battle was getting fiercer- the opponents getting more vicious and precise in their movements.

Sasori was worried. And that- was saying something.

The puppet master's red locks (that matched perfectly with his blood-splattered face) adhered to his forehead- slick with sweat. He was calculating his every move- swift and absolute in every advance he made with his puppet. He danced a wicked dance with the ANBU- his puppet's blades slicing through the porcelain masks (and their skulls) with earnest and a certain savagery.

There were more coming- he knew that; and one second of eye-contact with his fellow Akatsuki members told him they knew that too.

It was just a matter of time.

The mission was simple enough- go to Iwagakure and retrieve a three thousand year old book- filled with all sort of secret medical jutsu that could prove useful to the Akatsuki organization.

Leader-sama knew that there was a possibility of a threat- which is why he sent Sasori with Kakuzu and Hidan.

They reached the location of the book in a few days- an ancient shop in the middle of the dusty village.

They waited until it was dark to make their move- infiltrating the shop ever so meticulously. The missing nins made their way into the back, then started searching through all of the crates; tearing them open and practically dumping out the contents. The boxes diminished in number quickly until there were only a few left. Hidan took one step toward the wooden crates- and that's when all hell broke loose.

It seemed the old hags that owned the place were smart enough to put a few alarm jutsu on the valuable crate. The immortal only had a few moments to spew out all of the colorful words he knew before the ANBU swarmed down on them.

Sasori was bored at first- slicing through the advancing ANBU with a blasé expression on his face.

But they were increasing in number rapidly; the puppet master had to be fully alert now.

The three Akatsuki members knew they had to escape; quick. Sasori started to take steps toward Kakuzu- all the while massacring his opponents.

Soon he was back to back with the stitched-nin; feeling the other man's arm movements against his shoulder.

"Kakuzu, we have to retreat" The puppet master's stoic voice masked his panic perfectly.

The stitched man nodded once- pulling Hidan by his cloak as he was just about to slash an ANBU's head off.

They slowly made their way to a clear opening; taking tiny steps as not to alert their opponents.

Once they were close enough to the exit- they bolted; ran as fast as they could through the village.

They could hear the screams of fury from the ANBU close behind them- their voices like fuel for the Akatsuki member's tiring legs.

It seemed the whole of Iwa was out to watch the show- some with pure disgust painted on their faces, others with a sort of admiration- envying the missing nins because of the jeopardous life they led- while they rotted away in the dusty village.

Some of the less cowardly villagers stood in their way; blocking the exit gate.

The puppet master let out a snort despite his exhaustion, As if they can do anything to slow us down.

Sasori didn't have time to summon his puppet- even if he did, he couldn't control it while moving so fiercely. So he did the only thing that he could- sent a vicious rainstorm of shuriken and kunai billowing toward the villagers.

Bodies dropped; blood laced with innocence splattered on the gravel.

The puppet master's face was contorted into a permanent sneer as he gashed through the countless Iwa townsmen.

He could see the gate now- its ornate wooden doors only meters away. His muddy eyes darted around frantically; looking for any obstacles. His eyes stopped on a woman- old and jaded; her tarnished blond hair pulled into a bun- the once lustrous strands now laced with dust.

She was walking in front of the gates; slowly- like it was any other day; like there was no danger at all.

Sasori had no choice; he had to get the women out of the way. He pulled out his katana that was resting on his back- and sliced through the women's chest in once swift motion.

And that's when he saw him.

His bright blue eyes and brilliant blond hair stood out like oil on cotton- his soft face dotted with crimson- silk like hair covering half of his face so only one lucent eye was shown. The boy was no older than twelve- his height and over-all child-like appearance giving his age away. Even with his cherubic appearance, Sasori could see a glint of something shine in his ultramarine eye- something the puppet master was quite familiar with.

The moon shone like a spotlight on the two males- its eerie glow casting down on their faces; making them look like zombies in some cheap horror flick.

The boy's tiny fingers were laced with the women's- her torso gushing out crimson rivers; cracked ribs poking out beneath dead skin and through cut flesh.

But the boy didn't back away. The glint in his eye grew larger- taking it over completely. Brown eyes were paralyzed on the angelic face of the boy; his soft, petal-like lips curving into a smile.

Sasori was taken back at first- his katana; still slick with virgin blood, loosening in his grip- until he felt his own lips twist into a smile. Everything slowed down- as if the world stopped turning just so the two could gaze at each other without any movement.

The boy shook the other's hand off- a disgusted look carved into his delicate features; as if the very thought of the women's essence still lingering around made him want to vomit.

The puppet master stood there for a few moments- paralyzed; lost in the brilliant oceanic depths of the boy's eye.

Hidan's string of curses wrapped around Kakuzu's rough, hurried voice to make a melody of panic and fear that brought Sasori back to reality.

He only had a few seconds to think- muddy eyes never leaving that one gleaming orb.

He lurched forward; avoiding the lifeless women's bloodied, decaying torso and grabbed the boy's hand.

The blond was surprised at first- hesitant at the man's callousness. He shook it off, though, as he laced his fingers with the other's and ran forward with only one thought in mind, I have to get out of here.

So he moved as fast as he could; his ivory legs becoming splattered with mud and gravel.

They ran for what seemed like miles until their tiring limbs seemed like they would detach themselves at any moment.

He knew who they were. The Akatsuki. People in town always talked of them; of how wild they were. He envied them. They had so much freedom; so much to live for yet so little to loose. He wanted that. He wanted to be free of this melancholy town with its dusty roads and tasteless store fronts. Iwa was, for lack of a better term, boring. All it was was dirt. Dirt and old people- old people who would tell cautionary tales of dangerous men, saying that the best way to live life was just to stay here- and rot in the dirt. Iwa was like one of those clichéd old towns in western movies- tumbleweeds and all. (1)

The villagers and ANBU were long behind them now- their angry voices fading in the Akatsuki member's dust.

Sasori looked down at the straggling blond; his legs obviously too frail to handle this sort of endurance.

Iwa was so far away now. The missing nins slowed down once they entered a forest- their limbs ultimately coming to a halt.

Dawn was breaking now; its thick gold light filtrating through the tree tops; casting pinprick shadows on the male's faces.

The boy's wrist was sore. He wanted to take it and cradle it in his other hand- but was too afraid to let go of the red-headed man.

"That was fucking close!" A silver-haired man said after a short silence with only huffing breaths and heavy heaving. He was grinning like a maniac as he put both hands beneath his head and slid down a nearby tree. The flaking bark breaking against his back made a sick crunching noise- like bones would make is you took a sledgehammer to them.

The other man- a masked one- walked over to the male that had shouted, then sitting down on the dirty forest floor; the dust rising up to obscure his legs.

The one that was currently giving his fingers a death grip just stood there- he seemed to be waiting for something …

The blond knew he should be quiet- just wait with the red headed stranger. But a hard rising came up his throat; pushing at the raw insides of his neck until he couldn't take it anymore. He coughed a little; sputtering at the end.

The man holding his hand gave the blond the most profound death glare he had ever seen- his muddy eyes then darting to the others. The yellow eyes of the masked man found them- if not in the current situation, the blond boy would have said his eyes were the color of the sun on a hot afternoon- his dark mask surrounding them made them look like twin gleaming moons on a starless, summer night.

The silver-haired one didn't move- he either didn't hear the blond, or he just didn't care. The boy had a strange feeling it was the latter.

The sunny-eyed one (The boy named him- being quite sure if he ever voiced that nickname out loud, the masked man would tear him apart) started to take steps forward- slowly; hesitantly.

The red head moved in front of the blond a little more; concealing his lithe body with his own.

Now that the boy was standing close to him- he could see that the man was short; shorter and younger-looking than any rouge ninja should. He was still at lease two feet taller than the blond; but still.

The masked man stood in front of the red head now; his gloved hand moving up to push the man out of the way. He stumbled sideways- the firm grasp on the boy's hand finally breaking.

The blond looked up into the sunny eyes. Unlike the red head, this man towered over him.

"Sasori ….."

He seemed to be referring to the stranger now shifting restlessly on the forest floor. Brown eyes looked up.

"What is that?"

The silver haired one had apparently had an epiphany on the whole situation.

The blond's mouth turned into a scowl- already beginning to hate the crude man.

"Hidan- no need to be rude, now." The masked man said; a hint of friendliness in his tone.

"I'm sure Sasori has a very good reason on taking this little girl from her home" The blond deadpanned; a growl threatening to escape his lips.

The red head, Sasori, shot up at this comment.

"It's not a girl!" He said indignantly- which the blond would have appreciated for not of the crude use of 'it'.

"Is it?" Yeah- definitely not appreciating.

"What's your name, kid?"

The blond stopped for a moment- before gathering himself and saying confidently-

"I'm Deidara, un, and if you call me a girl again, I'll blow you to pieces!"

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(1): I always pictured Iwa as a dusty western town, even if it the village hidden in rocks. Doesn't make much sense, does it? Ah well- it's my vision and I'm sticking to it!