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Chapter 13 – Illusions

Out of Sight

The first thing Sasori noticed when the darkness faded, was the silence- a peaceful, impenetrable silence that seemed to ring in your ears with its unobtrusiveness.

He opened his eyes slowly.

The red head's vision was suddenly filled with brilliant green. The sight was obscured slightly by a fog of haze- making the sea of glitter shine dully.

He snapped his eyelids shut in hopes that when he opened them again, the scene before him would be put into focus. The back of his eyelids were a pale purple, the spidery blue veins protruding out slightly.

When the puppeteer opened his eyes again, he had to suck in a breath.

The green that surrounded him seemed to be grass, the summer sun making the dew on them sparkle.

Sasori took his fingers and plucked a blade out of the soil. He squeezed it in between his fingernails and watched a brilliant drop of dew slide down his wrist. The drop seemed to magnify the veins on his arm as it passed them- making them thick and purple.

The red head blinked and took his fingernail to the vein on his wrist. He dug into the flesh slightly- trying to outline the purple lines in crimson. The nail scraped along the vein; tiny lines of blood bubbling out in its wake. The puppeteer marveled at how painless and wonderful it felt.

The scarlet would not flow over. It would not drip out of his skin and dry in random patterns. It would stay like this forever- it would be more eternal than anything else the red head had ever done.

Sasori's pale pink lips stretched upwards slightly.

He retracted his finger and laid it on his knee. Brown eyes wondered lazily about- stopping only to gaze at a blue bird in the distance. Its bright yellow legs were perched on a tree branch; its big, black orbs staring directly at Sasori. Its beak opened slightly- a string of music flowing wondrously out of it. It didn't sound like a chirp to the puppeteer. More like a hum.

The soft humming was getting closer- Sasori could tell, his eardrums strained and twisted to hear the music louder.

Brown eyes slipped shut as a soft breeze blew on his face- ruffling his red locks softly.

The wind seemed to erase any trace of thought the puppeteer may have had. His mind seemed to be empty; completely erased. His head felt lighter.

A small hint of pressure was put on his knee where his hand was still resting. The red head opened his eyes, and smiled slightly at the boy in front of him.

Of course he would be there. This magnificent wonder land couldn't be complete without him.

His golden locks shone underneath the sun's rays- they seemed to be the perfect contrast to the green grass surrounding them. His blue eyes turned into brilliant rocks of light sapphire as they moved to gaze into the sky. The fluffy, candy floss- like clouds were reflected in the boy's eyes- moving lazily across them. His lips parted to reveal a dazzling smile.

"Deidara." The red head spoke quietly- a sense of recognition over taking his features.

The jeweled eyes turned on him; the soft smile still in place.

"Hello, Sasori."

A sense of happiness blew over the puppeteer with the breeze as the smaller, more livid hand squeezed his own.

"How are you?" The blond spoke as his eyes glanced toward the blue bird now a few feet ahead of them.

The red head just nodded. He was far too content to search his mind for any words.

The younger boy nodded back.

The puppeteer let his eyelids slip shut- his neck craning backwards slightly. He could feel Deidara's thin fingers slide under his wrist and flip it over. It was odd, though, the blond's touch. It was as if a shadow of fog were touching him- like a ghost.

Brown eyes cracked open. The younger boy was tracing the red lines patterned on his flesh.

"It's beautiful."

Sasori didn't think the blond was talking to anyone in particular, but answered despite himself.

"I know."

Blue eyes shifted upward.

"Of course." His lips tugged upwards slightly. The blond laid Sasori's hand down softly, and scooted closer to him- the blades of grass leaving wet trails along his pants.

Sasori let his head roll back once again as he breathed out: "I want you to promise me something."

The blond smiled- as if he were waiting for the puppeteer to ask him.

"Anything." The younger boy's gleaming blue eyes gazed up at him.

"Promise you'll stay here with me forever."

The blond sighed and ripped his eyes away from the red head's face.

"I can't."

Sasori's eyelids clenched tightly at the blond's words.

"Why?", he breathed.

"That answer should be obvious."

The puppeteer opened his eyes.

"It's not."

The younger boy sighed- a hint of a smile coming through the clouds of doubt like slants of sun.

"You have to go and protect me, remember? You promised."

Sasori searched his blank mind for anything he could. There was nothing.

"I don't remember.", he said with a frown.

The younger boy's laugh fluttered out of his mouth like music- much more beautiful then that of the bird's hums.

"You will, Sasori. You just have to go to sleep."

"I don't want to go to sleep. I don't want to leave you."

Deidara smiled softly.

"Don't worry. I'll be there when you wake up- that's one thing I can promise."

Sasori didn't care that they were only words. They held a certain force that made him believe that the boy was telling the truth.

"I love you, Deidara." The red head wondered briefly why the words were so much easer to say now.

"I know, Sasori. Now go to sleep."

The puppeteer nodded, and laid his head onto the wet grass. He felt Deidara's fingers brush the red locks out of his eyes before he tumbled into darkness once again.


Deidara struggled violently against the metal bars binding him.

His mouth was covered with something thick- it tasted like salt.

His eyes, unveiled, stared painfully in front of him. His puppeteer, unconscious and bound, sitting in a chair a few feet ahead of him.

The boy whimpered helplessly against the cloth.

His breathing seemed to stop when he heard a light groan from Sasori.

"Deidara …" His voice was hoarse and sent a sharp pang of guilt through the blond.

The younger boy stopped moving- his eyes growing wide as the puppeteer rose his head up.


Sasori could feel his wrists and ankles being crushed by the binds.

The thick layer of crust in between his eyelids acted as a lock- a savoir, more like- saving him from seeing his worst nightmare play out right in front him; saving him from having the images forever flicker in his mind.

He groaned and said his love's name once.


Even in the darkness, Deidara's tears gleamed brightly as they slide down his flushed cheeks.

He let his head rest against the back of the chair and shut his eyes.

A sense of pain and fright ran throughout the blond's insides as he heard heavy footsteps coming toward him.

He opened his eyes slowly.

The dark haired man was staring at Sasori- his pale yellow smile coming through as the puppeteer struggled against his binds.

"Ah. He's awake."

The man stepped away from the red head and toward Deidara- letting his fingers drift and slide through his golden locks.

"Now we can start the show."

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