One and only disclaimer: Bleach ain't mine. Damn.

Title: Love's Bitch

Inspiration: BtVS (Spike) - which ain't mine either. Double damn.

Pairings/Character: Yumichika x Ikkaku

A/N: Just random drabblings to break the hold Aizen/Gin have over my headspace. Let's see how far I can take this ;)

Everyone thought Ikkaku was the dominant one in the relationship.

Ikkaku always walked ahead of the fifth seat, he was always the first to speak, and he would be the one giving orders to Yumichika. Ergo, they deduced, Yumichika must be the one at Ikkaku's beck and call.

If they would just pay attention, they'd see that Ikkaku often limped to the division, and they'd know who wore the pants.

Figuratively speaking.

Then again, they worked in a division of idiots. So perhaps the fact that Yumichika held the leash to Ikkaku's collar would remain a secret forever.

Heh... collar. Yumichika loves the damn collar.

Ikkaku was okay with that. He might be love's bitch, but he was man enough to accept it.

Hells, he'd even let Yumichika command him to wear the collar in public. Once.