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"C'mon Edward!" I yelled, hopping onto the bus, handing the driver my ticket.

Edward groaned, following me. He was still upset about losing the bet and having to ride the public bus all day. "Bella, why must you make me do this?"

"Because I won, you lost, face the facts." I gloated.

"But it wasn't fair, you had help from Emmett." He complained.

I rolled my eyes. "Just accept defeat Edward, besides, it's only two rides, one there and one back, so stop freaking out."

Edward sat down crossing his arms. I sighed; he was blowing this whole thing way out of proportion.

Finally, only thirty minutes later (Edward acted like it was three hours, spoiled vampire).

We headed up to the front of the bus and what I saw shocked me.

There, in the front row, sat Charlie. I saw him reading Peter Pan.