Title: Hermione's Quest

Rating: G

Summary: While Hermione is doing a homework assignment for Charms she finds The Clow book. Now she's on a quest to return the cards back to the book before disaster befalls the world. Can she do it and keep what she's doing a secret or will people find out?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter 1: The Book

            Hermione Granger, a third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry put her bag down on one of the tables in the library. She had decided to start on her Charms work early so that she wouldn't have to worry about it a day before it was due, unlike Harry and Ron. She sighed and went looking for something that would help her write her essay. A few minutes later she pulled down several books and placed them on the table. She then sat down and started to sort through them. That's when she noticed one book that didn't belong to the others.

            It was smaller then others with a large lion on the front. She gave herself a grin when she thought about what Ron would think when he saw it. He would think it was wicked or something. As she was looking at the back she heard a snap. Turning it over she noticed that the clasp had come off and so she opened it. She was surprised when she saw that, instead of pages, there were cards. She pulled out the first one and saw a pretty fairy-like creature on the front. There were strange characters that Hermione knew at once were Japanese. However the word below the figure was English.

   "Windy," she said.

            At once it lit up and everything was caught in a gust of wind. Hermione screamed as it got wilder and wilder. Hermione, who had closed her eyes when the wind started, opened one eye and saw the other cards being released from the book. They floated there for a moment and then zoomed out. By time the wind had settled the cards were gone, except the one that she had in her hand. She dropped the book, feeling stunned. She should have known that it probably had a powerful spell on it. Why hadn't she taken the book to Professor Dumbledore or McGonagall.

   "My day can't get any worse," she said to herself.

            The book responded. It floated in the air and then something came out of the cover of the book. It looked like something that she played with when she was little. It stared at her for a moment and then….

   "HELLO!" it screamed.

Hermione gasped.

   "Is that all your going to do?" it asked her.

Hermione didn't know what to say.


   "Um, I'm sorry but what can I say," Hermione said. "I wasn't expecting you."

The thing laughed.

   "Of course you weren't, no one was," it told her. "Now how come I'm out of my book?"

Hermione couldn't answer that and then it noticed the book.


   "I did," Hermione confessed.

It stared at her.

   "And where are my Master's cards?" it asked.

   "Well it's sort of strange," Hermione told him. "They sort of flew away when I said the name on this card."

She showed the card to him and he grabbed it.

   "WINDY!" he yelled. "Ooh I'm so glad to see you."

He looked at Hermione.

   "Well there's only one thing that needs to be done," he told her. "You need to capture them and return them to the book."

Hermione gave him a stunned look.

   "Don't give me that," he said. "You opened the book and released the cards on an unsuspecting world. If they are not returned to the book disaster will befall the world."

Normally Hermione wouldn't believe him but she had been at Hogwarts for two years and she believed anything. However she had her own responsibilities and couldn't let something that hadn't really been her fault keep her from doing them.

   "I can't do it," she told him.

He stared at her and she continued, "I'm top of my class here at Hogwarts and I just don't have the time to capture cards."

The thing went red.

   "And what are you going to tell people if they find out that your responsible for what happened to their homes and such?" he asked. "Are you going to tell them that you just didn't have enough time to save them?"

Hermione didn't know what to day.

   "Look, you opened the book and therefore are bounded to the rules of the Covenant," he told her. "That's how it goes."


   "No butts," he said. "You have to capture them and return them to the book. That's how the magic works."

Hermione sighed; she hated it when someone hit her with logic.

   "Alright, I'll do it," Hermione said. "But it better not keep me from my studies."

The thing grinned.

   "You've got a deal," he told her. "Now stand there."

He flew to the other side of the table where the book was at.

   "Key of Clow, this girl wishes to make a deal with you," it told it and a small something came out of the book. "Her name is-."

   "Hermione," Hermione supplied.

   "Hermione, bestow your power to her….release."

There was a flash of light and the thing grew to full size.

   "Grab the key," he commanded.

            Hermione grabbed the key and at once it locked. Hermione was now staring at a fully formed wand. It was pink with a cute little head of white and red. It floated towards her, landing on her shoulder.

   "Oh by the way the name is Keroberous," he said. "And I think were going to have a lot of fun."

Hermione highly doubted that.

(A/N: Hermione is now the Cardcaptor and the first card that she's up against is Fly. Also Kero explains a little more about Clow Reed so that Hermione understands everything. I wanted to make this like the TV show so there's going to be tons of funny moments. Also if someone wrote something like this, I'm sorry. I haven't read it.)