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Chapter 104: The Next Chapter

"I'll admit that I'm going to miss you," Hermione said the next morning to Mizuki.

Mizuki smiled at her.

"It was an exciting adventure," she said. "And I hope that you remember what I told you. Clow Reed was the one that saw that you would be the one that would seal the cards away. And it happened."

Hermione was shocked.

"He was a seer," she told her. "And so are you."

"So when do you leave?" Hermione asked her.

"I leave in a few minutes," she answered and then handed her a piece of parchment. "This is my address. Please write to me and tell me how things are going. Including Yue and Cerberus."

Hermione smiled at her and took the paper.

"I'll do that," Hermione promised.

Mizuki gave her a hug and then left.


That night a figure appeared before the Burrow. The figure was soon joined by two others.

"I'm glad that she informed me that it has happened," the figure said. "Now the next chapter in Hermione's quest shall start. Let's hope she can do it before it's too late."


Hermione was sound asleep when she had the strangest dream ever. She was in a field of flowers, the sun shinning on her skin. She watched a butterfly flying above her and then a voice made her look in a different direction.

"Hello, Hermione," said the voice of Clow Reed.

Hermione watched the creator of the Clow Cards walk up to her.

"I'm sorry about what I'm going to be doing," he told her.

Hermione looked at him.

"What do you mean; you're sorry about what you're going to be doing?"

"I'm going to make things difficult for you but I know that you'll do fine," Clow Reed said. "You've got Yue and Cerberus with you as well as your staff. The symbol that's on your staff is the combination of the power of the sun and the moon. Much different then mine, which was the darkness."

Hermione didn't know what to say and then he was gone and she was awake.

Hermione looked out at the sunshine and wondered what Clow Reed meant. What did he mean that he was going to make things difficult and how did he know that she was going to be fine? She sighed and then went back to sleep.


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