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"Hinata are you listening?" Tenten asked waving her hand in my face.

We were sitting in her living room. I was watching the cooking channel and she was scanning through preparation papers. I was supposed to be helping but I couldn't stay focused

"Uh...I wasn't but say it again I'm listening now." I replied smiling sheepishly.

"Don't give me that fake smile." Tenten remarked snatching a sheet of paper off her lap and shoving it at me. "Sigh there." she said pointing to the bottom.


"No buts! You promised! Besides you owe me." Tenten said crossing her arms.

She could be extremely demanding at times but she was right. I did owe her. She had filled in for me at work nearly a thousand times and leant me a million pairs of clothes. She even watched Hanabi sometimes while I was at work.

"Do you really think this is a good idea?" I asked staring at the entry form for the auction she was doing at the school. She had organized the whole thing herself. I was surprised so many girls had signed up. I didn't know any girl would actually want to be sold off to some guy. Especially the guys we had at our school.

"Of course it's a good idea. A fun one too." she replied. "Now sign."

I stared at the sheet of paper. "Right there it says the guys are allowed to use you for anything." I said pointing to the small print.

"Yeah. They can if they want but the only guys participating in the auction are the rich popular ones who already have girlfriends and only want to use you to clean and do their homework. Now sign."

I bit my lip. She was right. Most of the guys at school were rich guys who wouldn't look twice at me. Doing their homework would be the best thing to use me for. I was pretty smart.

I took a deep breath and signed my name.

"Ok Hina, thanks for your courage." Tenten said patting my back. "I see hard work in your future and you can't get out of it until the month is over."

"Month?" I asked confused. "I t-thought it was a week."

"No, it's month silly." Tenten said laughing.

I look of horror shot across my face.

"Don't worry it won't be that bad"

"Can I see your answers?" Tenten asked.

We were sitting in the cafeteria at school it was Monday and we were having a test in science which Tenten sucked at. It had actually been a take home test. Sometimes I wondered were we only friends because how much we benefitted watch other. She was outspoken and tough and often lashed out at anybody who bothered me. Me...I was quiet and smart. I and she first met 10 years ago when she found out I was Neji's cousin. I thought after they got together she wouldn't want to be my friend anymore so I had tried sabotaging their relationship. When she found out she was very sympathetic. She said we'd always be friends.

"Here," I said shoving my test paper at her.

"Thank you," she sang taking it.

I shook my head and put a fry in my mouth.

"Smile Sasuke! Pleeeaase?!"

My gaze lingered to Sakura Haruno who was standing in front of her boyfriend, Sasuke Uchiha, trying to make him smile. Her other friends Ino, Shikamaru, Naruto and some other ones I didn't recognize stood around too.

I found myself staring at him, a part of me wanting him to smile. I had never seen him smile before. Not that I really cared or anything it was just something rare. I always wondered how someone with a life as perfect as his could be so unhappy. He never smiled and hardly ever talked. Even to his girlfriend. I wondered sometimes why they were even together. Sakura was extremely pretty and popular and she could have any guy she wanted. Sasuke was the same. He could have any girl.

"Not now." he mumbled pushing past them.

"Sasuke come on!" Sakura cried running after him.

They were complete opposites. Sakura was loud and Sasuke was quiet. Kinda like me and Tenten.

Sasuke looked at me. His dark eyes staring into mines. I looked down quickly.

"What?" Tenten asked.

"Uh...nothing." I said staring at the table.

She shrugged and handed me back my paper. "He should just smile." she said turning to look at Sasuke who had passed us already. "Really, even Neji smiles for me once in awhile."

Tenten was right. She did have a way of making Neji smile once in a while. But Sasuke was stiff as a log.

The bell rang and everyone began to clear the cafeteria.

"Why do they call it chocolate when it's not chocolate?" Hanabi asked licking an ice cream cone.

"It is chocolate and you're dripping it." I said washing the table under her.

We were at Crave Haven where I worked after school. Hanabi often stopped by after school and waited for me.

"I don't want it." she said sighing and holding it out to me.

"You have to eat it." I said still wiping the table.

"I'm bored." she said tilting her head back.

"Why don't you watch the people come in like you usually do?" I suggested. Hanabi liked to study the different people who came inside. It was a hobby.

"Nah." she said stretching.

"Ok, well I can't keep talking to you. I have tables to clean and orders to take." I said stepping from behind the counter and walking towards a table. Hanabi followed me. "Do you know who they are?" she asked tapping my back.

I sighed. "Who?"

Hanabi pointed to a group of guys and girls who were entering. I recognized them from school. It was Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, Ino and Shikamaru.

I groaned and watched them find a table. Naruto was laughing and whispering to Sasuke who looked fed up.

"He's hot." Hanabi said pointing to Sasuke.

For some reason I blushed.

"Go take their orders!" she cried pushing me forward towards them. I lost my balance and fell over on Sasuke who was about to sit down. He caught me. Both his hands grasping one of my arms.

"I-I'm so sorry." I stuttered. I could imagine my face as red as a beet.

He didn't say anything. He just pushed me back up and sighed. "I'm not hungry." he said looking down at Sakura who was already seated.

Sakura rolled her eyes and turned to me. "Can you bring us banana bread " Then turning to Sasuke she said. "I know it's you're favorite."

Sasuke just stood there.

I nodded. "A-anything else?"

"Yeah." Naruto said scratching his head. "What do you got?"

I blinked. Naruto always seemed to amaze me. He was extremely funny and clueless. I sort of had a crush on him.

"Read the menu dummy!" Ino said rolling her eyes.

"Oh yeah. That." Naruto said laughing nervously.

"I forget sometimes too." I said smiling and pushing my hair behind my ear.

"How troublesome. Do you have to be nice to all your customers?" Shikamaru asked yawning.

"E-excuse me?" I asked confused.

"Never mind." he said yawning again.

"Sasuke, sit down." Sakura said grabbing Sasuke's hand.

"I said I wasn't hungry." he said angrily.

"Awww Sasuke. Are you mad at me?" Sakura whined standing up and kissing him on the lips.

"I'm not angry." he said once she pulled away.

"Good." she said kissing him again.

I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. It had been a long day. Naruto kept changing his order he did leave a tip though. I didn't mind serving him since he was entertainment. It was just Sasuke. He had a weird way of bringing down my mood. I knew I shouldn't worry about problems that didn't concern me but yet still I wondered why he was always so angry. Sakura was always trying to cheer him up but still...

I sighed.

"Tenten's here." Hanabi said entering my room.

"Does she have bundles of clothes?" I asked in a moan.

Hanabi nodded. "Fortunately for you yes." she replied skipping out.

Hanabi loved when Tenten bought clothes over for me since she said she hated the way I dressed. I wasn't so enthused about Tenten coming now since I knew she was only bringing clothes for me to wear in the auction tomorrow.

I sat up slowly. Before I could say anything Tenten was at my doorway.

"Try this on." she ordered throwing a dress at me.

I caught it and held it up. "This barely reaches my thigh." I said staring at it.

"Yeah, neither does a maid outfit. Now try it on will you."

"But Tent-"

"No buts. You promised."

"I promised to be in it but not to wear an outfit like...this."

She sighed. "Whatever wear what you want but just know you won't get any bids that way." she said crossing her arms.

I giggled. "I'm fine with that."

"Well I'm not. You need a boyfriend." she remarked.

"You said all the guys who were participating in this were taken!"

"True." she mumbled.

"So can't I wear what I want?"

Tenten sighed at her defeat. "You make me sick." she said childishly sticking out her tongue out.

"Let me see what you got." Hanabi said slipping inside of my room and grabbing the dress. She held it up to her body. "I'd look better in this than you." she said spinning around.

Since Hanabi had turned 10 she was always comparing herself to me. How we looked in dresses. Whose hair was longer. And anything else she could think of.

"Maybe that Naruto guy will buy you and make all your dreams come true." Hanabi teased. "The rich guy and the maid girl, it'll make a wonderful story."

I blushed.

"No one's gonna buy her if she doesn't wear that dress." Tenten practically whined.

"The maid doesn't have to look nice." Hanabi protested.

I nodded. "You're right."


"Put your hair in a ponytail." Tenten ordered.

"I-I like it this way." I said.

"No, you're just hiding your face."

She was right that was what I had intended on doing. It was the day of the auction and had already started two minutes ago and Tenten was panicking.

"JUST DO IT!" she cried.

"Ok, ok, calm down." I whispered.

I'm sorry for yelling." she said putting her face in her hands. "I'm just so stressed. I want this to be perfect."

"It's ok" I said rubbing her back. "Just take a deep breath."

Tenten took a deep breath and stood up straight.

"Hinata Hyuuga." the announcer called.

"Oh, that's you." Tenten said practically jumping out her skin. "Too early."

"It's fine," I said again. My hands were shaking though. I was really nervous. I hated standing in front of people and knowing all eyes were on me. Hopefully this would be quick.

"Go." Tenten said pushing me towards the stage.

My legs wouldn't move.

"Hinata!" she cried.

"I-I'm nervous." I said.

"Hinata Hyuuga." the announcer called again.

"Like you said it's fine! Now go!" Tenten gave me one hard push sending me on the stage.

I gasped and looked up. The room was full of guys and girls. They were all looking at me. My body was shaking now and my heart was racing faster than the speed of light.

I was glad I had never put my hair up. I had a little comfort hiding behind it. I felt like walking back through the curtains and heading home but then I would just have to face Tenten tomorrow and she would probably kill me and then bring me back to life and make me Neji's maid girl.

Why was it that all this nervousness wasn't in me before?

"Start the bidding!" the announcer girl said.

I stared down at my jeans and shirt. I was ever so glad I hadn't worn the dress Tenten had suggested. Or else I might have fainted.

The room was silent.

I looked up quickly. Sasuke sat next to Sakura. His eyes met mines but he looked away and whispered something in Sakura's ear. She made a face than shrugged.

Sasuke stood up. "I don't really feel like talking much." he said. "Whatever anyone else bids I'll go higher."

I blinked.

"Uh...ok," the announcer girl said slowly. 'So...I guess she's yours. Hinata Hyuuga is...yours for the month."

Sasuke nodded and motioned for me to come there.

I stood still. I couldn't believe any of this. Where was Tenten when I needed her to rescue me?

"Are you blind?" he asked.

I jumped. "Oh...n-no." I said stepping off the stage and walking towards him slowly. He muttered something I couldn't her and began to exit the auditorium. I followed close behind along with Sakura. I could feel everyone's eyes on us. I could hear the whispers too.

"I wasn't expecting that." Sakura said kissing Sasuke's cheek. "I at least thought you would bid."

She turned to me and looked me up and down. "You do know how to clean right?" she asked smiling. "Wait...sure you do. You're that girl from the restaurant."

Girl from the restaurant, that makes me feel special I thought, but I nodded none the less.

"Enough talking let's go." Sasuke said walking towards the exit.

"I'll come too." Sakura said following him.

"No." he said stopping. "You'd only be in the way."

"But Sasuke." she whined.

He sighed and kissed her on the lips. It looked pretty forced but also quite long. "Will I get another when I see you tomorrow?" she asked once he pulled away.

He shrugged. "Yeah, whatever."

She made a face but nodded. "Have fun cleaning and uh...ordering."

Sasuke took my hand and led me outside.

"Walk." he commanded letting go of my hand.

"W-where to?"

He sighed and walked ahead of me. "Follow me." he ordered.

I obeyed. I had never been to Sasuke's house so I had no idea if that was where we were going now. I was extremely nervous and a bit scared. Sasuke scared me. It was like I could never even hope to pick up on what he was thinking.

I stared at Sasuke's back as I followed him. I loved his hair. I finally decided to look away and see where we were going. We passed many big houses well actually they were mansions.

"Whoa." I said under my breath.

Sasuke turned to look at me then shook his head and continued walking.

He stopped suddenly in front of a white mansion. The first thing I noticed was the gate and all the flowers. It was really pretty.

"T-this is your h-house?"

"Come on." he said not answering my question. He opened the gate and held it for me. Then he closed it behind us. I followed him to the door which he opened.

"Sasuke is that you!" a woman's voice cried the moment I stepped foot inside.

Before I knew it a woman opened the foyer door and stared at us both. She looked alot like Sasuke. I guessed she must be his mother.

"Awww, she's beautiful, but where's Sakura?" she asked staring at me.

Sasuke ignored her and grabbed my hand pulling me past her and towards the stairs.

"Aren't you going to introduce me?" the woman cried after us.

I would have spoken but I was too afraid Sasuke would yell at me or something so I kept my mouth shut. I stared at the rug in the hall way instead. It was a dark brown and it made the long hall look somewhat dark and scary.

"My room." Sasuke said letting go of my hand and opening the door.

I followed him inside. Believe me it was not what I expected. It was pretty dirty and sloppy. The way Sasuke acted I would think he kept everything in place. Boy was I wrong.

I stepped over a few books and made my way to the middle of the room. "I see my works cut out for me." I said staring at the floor. "I'll clean this up and-

"Shut up and sit down." he said pointing to a chair.


"Sit down." he ordered.

I took a deep breath and sat down in the chair. It was pretty comfortable. I basically sank into it. I wondered why he wanted me to sit down. He just seemed so easily agitated so I didn't ask.

"Unbutton your shirt." he said.

I blinked. "Excuse me?"

"I said unbutton your shirt." he repeated.

I shook my head slowly.

He leaned over so that his face was inches from mines.

"Do you know what the meaning of being some ones property is?" he asked.

"I'm not property." I said in a whisper.

"For this month you are." he said putting his finger on one of my buttons. He began to undo it slowly.

I pushed his and away. "I'll do it." I said unbuttoning my own shirt.

I did the first button and paused.

"Go on." he ordered.

I took a deep breath. I was so scared. What had I gotten myself into? This wasn't fair! I had told Tenten something like this might happen. Why did I go through with it. I was so stupid.

I paused for a moment, my hands still on the second button.

"Do it." he said in a whisper.

I closed my eyes and continued unbuttoning my shirt. I held my breath as I undid the last button.

Sasuke bent down in front of me his eyes scanning my body. I was trying my best not to cry or scream. I just hoped he didn't touch me.

"Breathe." he said.

I let go of the breath I was holding and began breathing rapidly.

He nodded and stood back up. "You can go." he said walking to his bed and laying down on his back.

That was it?

I stood up and buttoned my shirt fast then I headed for the door. Once my hand reached the know Sasuke spoke.

"Five o'clock tomorrow. I want to see you at Five." he said.

My hand was shaking. I shook my head and turned the knob.

"Wear something more..." his voice drifted off."Just go." he said finally.

I left the room and shut the door behind me. I dashed down the stairs.

"Are you ok?" the woman from before asked.

I nodded and kept running.


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