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I decided to leave from the library while still pondering about that one question,

What else did I talk about?

A slight blush painted across my face, maybe he was kidding about the whole thing.

Wishful thinking.

I spent the walk admiring the scenery, looking at the trees and how they blow ever so gracefully in the wind, how the grass was a luscious and healthy green with an occasional pink flower sprouting from the mini forest.

I guess it was overall a pretty nice day. I glanced at my watch.

4:30! Have I been gone that long? I'm going to be late for work!

I practically ran past everyone trying to reach Crave Haven. I really couldn't afford to be late…


After what seemed like forever seven finally came!

I decided to stop for some food before I headed home, before Neji or Hanabi decide to cook and our kitchen burns down.

I stepped into the local fast food place, and could feel my heart crack in half.

The love of my life Naruto, was what appeared to be on a date with a senior at my school, Temari was it?

"Naruto! You're so funny!" She said while still laughing, throwing her head back.

Naruto continued talking to the blonde while sat there, sulking.

"Hey miss, can I get you anything?" A cashier said from behind the counter.

I looked up, almost forgetting I was here. "Oh, sure. Um…Can I get two number 2's and a number 3?"


I looked back over at the 'happy couple' as nearby people described it.

But all it made me do, was want to cry.

Are all guys like this? Or just Naruto and Sasuke?

Huh? Was I just thinking about Sasuke again?

Sasuke is a really strange person, he buys me at the auction, gives me lingerie and a bracelet, makes me unbutton my shirt (remembering my first day), and he is still going out with Sakura? I mean, I know we aren't a couple or anything, but isn't he kind of cheating on her? With me?

I shake my head. I really shouldn't be thinking about this stuff.

But I still couldn't help but ponder it, I mean it all was too strange.

I grabbed my food and left, I don't think I would want to stay there anymore.


It was about 8 when I made it back home. I can only imagine what Hanabi is going to say.

Picking up my pace a little, I was almost sprinting towards my house. I felt slight relief when I made it.

I opened the door, hoping not to make a noise, and creped inside. The lights were all out, and there was no sound. Hanabi must be sleeping.

Wait a minute, Hanabi doesn't go to bed before midnight!

"SURPRISE!!" Hanabi yelled as she jumped from behind the couch.


"So where were you for so long?" Hanabi asked with a mischievous smirk. "With your boooyyyyfffffrrrriiiiieeennnd?"

My face must have been like a tomato, because my face felt like it was on fire…………….. near the sun .

"I-I had to work on a project, and then go to work." That reminded me! Naruto was supposed to email me!

I don't think I am as excited as I would've been maybe two hours ago.

"Sorry Hanabi, I have to check the computer for a second, here is you and Neji's food," I stated while putting the bag on thee counter and heading up to my room.

After sitting there, waiting for what seemed like forever, the internet came up with my email inbox.

No New Messages.



I looked at the caller I.D. on my phone.


My eyes widened in surprise, he's calling already?

Hesitantly, I opened the phone.


I need you to come over tomorrow at 5. I have a few jobs for you.

"O-ok……um Sasuke, you never t-took b-back the bracelet."


I check the phone.

Call ended at 7:16

He hung up on me.

I can't say I didn't see this coming….


My eyes fluttered open to the screeching sound of my alarm clock. It kept blinking in bright red numbers.

7:31 A.M.

I rubbed my eyes and checked my phone, I had one missed call from Tenten.

Shoot! We were supposed to hang out yesterday!!

While pulling on my clothes I called her, using my shoulder to keep the phone close to my ear.

"Tenten, I'm so sorry!! I promise we can hang out today!! I'm sorry!"

Hinata? Where were you?

"I was at the library then I went to work, but when I went home I just crashed. I'm sorry!"

You could have at least called to say you weren't going to make it….

"I know, I'm really sorry Tenten!"

Your acting like I'm going to murder you or something, relax its fine.

"You sure?"

Yeah, anyways how did your project go? I heard you got Naruto as a partner!

"Oh, it was fine. He had to leave early, but we'll work on it today."

You don't seem very happy today. Anything wrong?

"Don't worry, I'm fine. I just have a lot to do today. I guess I'm feeling stressed."

So you can't hang out today?

"Maybe, shoot it's 7:46, I'll talk to you at school I have to get ready."

Talk to you then Hina! Bye!

"See ya," I said.


The school day just seemed to float by today, it was lunch already and I was sitting with Tenten, as usual.

"So Hina, your boss has you working today?" Tenten asked me with a sarcastic smile.

"Um…Which one?"

"SASUKE of course!! You working for him today?"

"Yeah, at five."

I began to wonder something. "Hey Tenten, where's Neji? I didn't really see him yesterday either."

"Oh, not sure. He said he was going somewhere with his friends."

I nodded my head in understanding.

Right when I was about to talk to Tenten again, the bell rang to dismiss lunch.

"See you around Hina! Don't forget this time! I'll call you!" Tenten said while heading off to her class.

While I just stood there for a while, then heading back to my next class.


I was again, sitting in Kakashi's literature class. What ever he was talking about was just going in one ear and out the other. Who was even paying attention to him anyways?

"Ok, for the remainder of the class period, I want you to get with your partners and work on your projects," Kakashi said before he sat down in his seat and pulled out his little orange book.

Naruto came walking over to my desk and set his backpack on it before taking the seat next to mine.

"Hey Hinata! Sorry, I forgot to email you, I was kind of busy."

I pulled out my most convincing, warmest smile. "It's fine, I forgot you were supposed to email me.." I lied through my teeth.

Naruto nodded, "Alright, I guess we should start then."


I spent the remainder of the class time trying to make Naruto understand the poem we read. But, getting him to listen was an arduous task all its own.

"Sorry Hinata," he said while rubbing the back of his head. "I guess I'm just a slow learner."

I couldn't help but think that was adorable, I guess it takes a little time for a crush to fade.

"Well, you know it now right?"

Naruto nodded.

The bell rang and it was time for everyone to go.

"See ya Hinata," Naruto said while picking up his stuff and walking out of the room.

I sighed picking up my stuff and heading out also.


School finally got out, although it seemed like the day was rather short. On the bright side, it was Friday and I didn't have work today. I figured I had nothing else to do, so I started walking towards Sasuke's place.

I found it weird how I didn't even see Sasuke at school today. I wonder where he was?

I should ask him when I get there.

It's actually a pretty long walk to Sasuke's place from where I was, I made it there at about 4:45.

I nervously walked up the steps to his front door. I pushed a strand of hair behind my ear, took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

"Coming! Wait a moment please!" a woman's voice said while scurrying to the door.

I immediately recognized the woman that answered the door as Sasuke's mother. "Hi Hinata! What a nice surprise! Sasuke is upstairs in his room, you remember where that is right?"

I smiled warmly at her and nodded. "Thank you very much."

Heading up the stairs, I took a side glance at the photo's on the walls. They were all of Sasuke and his family, I guess that is to be expected. But I never get tired looking at them.

When I reached Sasuke's door, I noticed it was open a crack. I took a peek inside to see what he was doing before I went in.

I saw Sasuke, sitting on his bed and writing in that book I found a few days ago. His eyes were on his paper and fully concentrated. His hands danced across the pages with his pencil, never ceasing. Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed in frustration, or that's what I assume it to be.

A few minutes go by and I am still watching him writing on that page, it really spikes my curiosity to see what he wrote.

Sasuke took a quick glance towards the door, "I know you're there. You should really come in now."

I let out a quick "eep!" Then I walked inside the door while avoiding eye contact with Sasuke, out of embarrassment, and I scurried inside.

"What were you standing outside the door for?" Sasuke asked me with a serious expression.

"I-I..um..thought y-you were busy.."

Sasuke shrugged and motioned me to follow him. I nodded in understanding and followed him into his bathroom.

"You can start by cleaning out the tub, then the sink."

"Y-You're not going t-to make me wear the…um..outfit?"

Sasuke shook his head, "Just start cleaning."

Immediately, I grab the sponge and start scrubbing the bathtub. Sasuke walked out and shut the door behind him.

At least he gave me some privacy this time.

After ten minutes of scrubbing, I stood up cracking my back from being hunched over, and declared my self done.

I walked out of the bathroom and back into Sasuke's room. He was sitting in a chair, apparently waiting for me?

He stood up and started walking up to me. I gave him a questioning look before he put his arms around my waist and pushed me up against him.

"You still want to know about what I wrote?" he whispered in my ear, making chills go up my spine.

I bit my lip, a little lost for words. "Um…I-I…"

Before I could utter another word, he delicately pressed his lips against mine. He started gentle, massaging my lips before becoming a little more passionate and brought his hands up to my head and ran his fingers through my hair.

My eyes went wide with surprise, I just didn't know what to do! I lightly pushed him away, breaking the kiss before I looked at him straight in the eye.

"I don't understand y-you! W-What about Sakura? Doesn't she mean anything to you?" I asked.

Sasuke just stared at me with vacant eyes. I had a feeling I wouldn't be getting my answer anytime soon.


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