A Spark Torn in Two

A friend asked me to write this, an unusual pairing I know but I think they're kinda cute. This will be a dark and sad fic by the way.

Rated M for a good reason.

Wheeljack sighed as he sat on his desk within his workshop, his optics gazing at the item he held in his hand. Ratchet gave him a small present for no good reason and everytime the mechanic looked at it he felt giddy and full of energy. Ratchet wasn't good at making gifts but he made Wheeljack a cute little good luck charm that looked like a sleeping cat on a chain, apparently it just came to him when Perceptor began to start a hobby class and the twins forced him to join. Just a cute small woolen cat that was red and green with a little bell and was oh so cute. That was what Wheeljack thought it was anyway, Ratchet said it was supposed to be him and was a little disappointed when Wheeljack told him that it was the cutest kitty he had ever seen. The mechanic didn't care, it was the thought that counted and besides, Wheeljack liked cats for some reason. The way they just lazed around and pounced from here to there and acted so gracefully was just a few of the reasons why the mechanic liked them, but he liked Ratchet more. As he continued to marvel at his gift he was unaware that someone had sneaked into his workshop undetected, creeping up behind the mechanic with his arms outstretched. Wheeljack suddenly yelped when he felt someone cover his optics and someone whisper into his audio.

'Guess who?'

Wheeljack groaned in frustration and removed the hands from his face, looking up to see Ratchet. He smirked down at the mechanic who was trying to sit up straight after the scare.

'That wasn't funny Ratchet.' he moped.

Ratchet shrugged and helped Wheeljack out of his chair and into an embrace. He looked down at the mechanic with a seductive look which made Wheeljack flush bright red.

'I thought it was, anyway you're so cute when you act all surprised.' snickered the medic.

Wheeljack flushed even brighter as Ratchet removed his mask to revel his hidden face and then capturing his lips in a tender kiss. He and the medic had been bondmates for over 10 million years and the more the years went by, the stronger the bond got. They met in the Science and Medical Research Centre back on Cybertron, he was a student while Ratchet was a qualified medic just getting some more qualifications. It was love at first sight and soon they began dating even during the war. Ratchet had his ways to seduce the mechanic with his handsome charms while Wheeljack turned to putty in his hands, which was working already. Wheeljack moaned against the kiss until Ratchet pulled away making Wheeljack look up at him, a little upset and a little confused.

'What's the occasion?' he managed to get out.

Ratchet smirked as he bent down to nuzzle his bondmate's neck.

'Only another 10 Earth months to our 10 millionth anniversary.' he snickered.

Wheeljack chuckled.

'You've been counting down?'

Ratchet just chuckled back as he brought his head round for yet another kiss. Wheeljack flushed a little red when he felt one of Ratchet's hands trail down his back right to his rear-aft, tugging at the cod piece a little, sending the mechanic a clear message of what he wanted. Wheeljack looked round the workshop.

'Now?' he almost whimpered as Ratchet continued his caresses on the mechanic's body.

Ratchet nodded and guided Wheeljack backwards until he was standing against the wall with the medic standing right above him. Their kiss had deepened and Ratchet was already trying to rip Wheeljack's cod piece off making the mechanic moan as Ratchet's other hand was stroking his wings. Their glossa's danced together in each others mouths, tasting the oil and the traces of Energon that still lingered within making it sweeter, and Wheeljack tried not to moan as Ratchet broke the kiss and stood back with a smirk. Wheeljack was still flushing, his Spark was pulsing as it was readying it self for a pleasurable bondage and his circuitry was sparking small jolts of energy, getting him in the mood. Why was he standing there, smiling like that? Ratchet was so very handsome it still shocked the mechanic that he loved him, that he would waste his charms on him. The medic had told him he was worth it. Ratchet then gripped Wheeljack's lower body and forced him to turn round until he was facing the wall, his chest pushing up against Wheeljack's back and his hands trailing up and down his waist. Wheeljack felt the bonding wires entering his ports and bucked his hips back in anticipation of what was coming next. Ratchet smirked and whispered into the mechanic's audio's.

'After all the years we've been through you never learned how to be patince have you?' he chuckled.

Wheeljack made a small whine and just bucked his hips again, trying to be a good little mech and wait but with Ratchet it was oh so very hard. Ratchet smirked and he gripped Wheeljack's waist as he sent a powerful and pleasurable jolt of energy from his Spark into the mechanic's whilst stroking his hips. Wheeljack threw back his head but didn't scream, it was still working hours and the last thing he wanted was for an Autobot to walk in on them during their Spark bonding. Wheeljack just moaned and gasped as Ratchet's Spark pulsed in perfect sync with his own Spark in his chest, each pulse sent waves of pure bliss throughout his circuitry and having Ratchet lick his head fins made the urge to cry out even more tempting. Ratchet trailed his hands up Wheeljack's body, past his chest, down his arms until he interlocked his fingers with Wheeljack's against the wall. Wheeljack felt Ratchet increase the pace of the pulse and and he pushed back into Ratchet, his head looking up slightly to see Ratchet looking down at him, leaning down to kiss him yet again. The medic broke from the kiss and whispered once again into the mechanic's audio's

'Do you love me Wheeljack?' he gasped, still trying to keep Wheeljack from dropping to the floor.

Wheeljack couldn't speak, his basic functioning circuitry was heating up fast and he wasn't sure how long he could handle this increase of pleasure. He tried to say it but Ratchet had already sent the final and powerful jolt of energy that made Wheeljack arch his back against the medic's chest before slumping into his arms. Ratchet retracted his bonding wires and their cooling systems kicked in. Wheeljack looked up at Ratchet from an upside down angle and smile as he caressed his face.

'Of course I love you.' he sighed.

After their little "bonding session" Wheeljack and Ratchet were summoned to Teletraan-1's control room where Prime had just be informed that the Decepticon's were attacking a power plant for Energon. Ironhide snorted as he watched the Decepticons drain the energy away from the plant.

'Well ain't that a surprise!' sneered the old warrior.

'Ditto.' sighed Prowl.

Where ever there was power to be stolen the Decepticons were drawn to it like moths to a flame. Optimus had already planned on who was going on this mission, he doubted it would be that bad since the only Decepticons detected were Starscream, Thundercracker and Soundwave with his crew. Ironhide, Prowl, Smokescreen, Bluestreak, Mirage and Wheeljack were selected to drive them away and each solider anticipated the battle as they ran for the exit. As the Autobots dashed towards the exit of the base Ratchet grabbed Wheeljack's hand and looked at him, both lovingly and concerned.

'You be careful out there.' he pleaded, giving the mechanic a small peck on the cheek.

Wheeljack chuckled as he placed his mask back on, giving his bondmate a playful but reassuring look.

'Ain't I always?'

Wheeljack transformed and zoomed off to follow his team mates. Wheeljack was always looking forward to trashing some Decepticon cans, he hated them with a passion. At the start of the war the mechanic lost so many friends to the cruel and evil monsters and almost lost Ratchet once. They only stood for chaos and conquest, not caring about others around them but only cared for themselves. He despised them and joined up mainly to help the Autobots get rid of them. Optimus had said he would rather make peace with the Decepticons but Wheeljack could never see himself living in harmony with those evil machines. It wasn't that far to the power plant and Wheeljack could already see Thundercracker flying off, presumbley with a load of Energon. That meant only Starscream and Soundwave were at the power plant and the other Autobots guessed this too.

'Hey Smokescreen, I bet we finish up early and get back in time to watch that TV show with the green bunny!' cried Mirage.

'You're on!' hollered Smokescreen, speeding up the pace as they all entered the facility of the power plant.

The humans had already escaped and within the main body of the plant, Wheeljack saw Starscream barking orders at Frenzy and Rumble, who were carrying Energon cubes to and fro. The mechanic almost pitied the cassettes as Starscream bullied them to do all the hard work.

'Hurry up you Slag piles! Megatron wants those Energon cubes ASAP!' snapped Starscream.

'Y'know Screamer, this would be finished sooner if you'd actually HELP!' snapped Frenzy.

The Autobots had snuck up on them and observed. This would be so easy, the Decepticons were outnumbered big time but Ironhide was the team leader and he noticed something that concerned him.

'I don't see that walking trash-heap Soundwave! Teletraan-1 said he was here too.'

Wheeljack scanned the room but saw no sign of the Communication Officer. Wheeljack didn't particularly like Soundwave, he was as cold as ice and dangerously smart. He was loyal to Megatron and always put his life on the line to prove his worth and he did, even Prowl respected him. Soundwave was a worthy opponent and the Autobots knew it, to Wheeljack he was just another Decepticon waiting to get slagged. Ironhide was waiting for Soundwave to come into view before attacking, the last thing they wanted was a surprise from the back. Luck wasn't on their side when Rumble spotted them.

'It's the Autobots!' he wailed, morphing his arms and attacking the ground with his powerful fists.

Wheeljack winced as he struggled to stay on his feet but lunged at the small Decepticon, forcing him to stop. The rest of the Autobots dashed forward and Starscream snarled in anger when he found himself surrounded. However Rumble managed to morph his own arms and pounded the floor, making the room unstable again. Ironhide snarled as the Decepticons began to ran away to escape.

'Get back here!' wailed Bluestreak, chasing the seeker with the rest of the Autobots following.

Wheeljack followed too but was suddenly knocked over by a black blurr. Looking up he gasped when he saw Ravage, the black feline Decepticon glaring at him with red optics. Wheeljack snarled as he tried to stand and fight off the small threat but gasped when he saw that his charm that Ratchet had made for him had fallen on the floor after he fell. He tried to grab it but Ravage got to it first, running away from the mechanic with the charm still clamped in his mouth. Wheeljack growled as he chased after the black robotic feline.

'Give that back you piece of Slag!' he yelled, firing his blaster.

Ravage led him deep into the power plant, far from the other Autobots. Wheeljack failed to notice that it almost appeared that the Decepticon was leading him somewhere, somewhere far from his friends. After travelling deep into the plant Ravage finally dropped the charm after Wheeljack managed to blast him on the tail. Ravage ran off, whimpering in pain as Wheeljack finally claimed what was his. After tucking the charm away his sensors suddenly went off, warning him that he was in danger. Wheeljack prepped his blaster and scanned the room, expecting Ravage to pounce out and attack him with his back turned. The room was dark making the mechanic feel a little uneasy when he detected movement but couldn't see anything. The mechanic didn't show any fear, he was taught not to show any fear, trained to remain brave even during his darkest hour but it didn't seem to be working. Something was very wrong. Then Wheeljack heard a faint beeping noise and scanned the room to find the source. Walking deeper into the darkness he found where the noise was coming from and gasped. It was a bomb, nothing too major but considering that they were in a power plant the explosion would be disastrous and the heat from the blast would melt their armour. Wheeljack checked the timer and calculated that he didn't have enough time to remove it and disarm it. He radioed in Ironhide to inform him on his find.

'Ironhide you read me? You gotta get out quick! I located an explosive device with enough power to blow us sky high!'

'WHAT! Those stinkin Decepti-creeps!' wailed the old warrior from the other end of the line.

Wheeljack heard Ironhide order the Autobots to evacuate the plant but was unaware that someone was standing right behind him. Wheeljack head Ironhide's voice again.

'Get yourself outta there Wheeljack! Hurry!' he ordered.

Wheeljack switched his Comm link off and stood up, slightly surprised that as he stepped back he bumped into something. However Wheeljack remembered that there was nothing behind him when he found the bomb and he felt a panic in his Spark. He tried to spin round but suddenly felt a set of arms restrain him, gripping him tight. Wheeljack cried out and looked up to see who his attacker was, his optics widening in horror when he found himself staring into the cold, emotionless, red optics of Soundwave. Before Wheeljack could say or try anything he felt a pain in his neck as Soundwave sent a powerful sedative jolt in his neck joint, making Wheeljack's world turn black.

Ironhide had managed to get the rest of the Autobots out the plant and to a safe distance but he was getting frustrated and worried due to the fact that Wheeljack hadn't joined them. His sensors told him that Wheeljack was still inside but what could he be doing? The humans had been evacuated and the Decepticons long gone, unless he was trying to disarm the bomb Ironhide could think of no other reason. Bluestraeck watched the entrance of the plant, waiting for the mechanic to appear.

'C'mon Wheeljack!' he moaned.

The Autobots had detected the bomb within the plant the moment Wheeljack informed them and they knew the threat and the damage that would in sue but not seeing Wheeljack emerge from the base was worrying the Autobots. This wasn't like Wheeljack, not at all.

'Oh Slag it, I'm going in!' wailed Ironhide.

'Don't be a fool Hide, that bomb will go off any minute!' snapped Prowl.

'We can't just leave him!' argued the red mech.

Prowl frowned and tried to contact the mechanic, getting nothing but static. The Autobots waited for an order, for Wheeljack to contact them, for something to happen. Something rather loud did happen. Ironhide gasped when he heard a thundering explosion erupt from within the plant, causing the energy turbines to react and explode as well. The whole place was going up as explosion after explosion occurred. Ironhide ran towards the blast, fearing Wheeljack wouldn't make it but was stopped by Prowl and Smokescreen.

'You can't Ironhide! The heats too strong, you'll melt into scrap!'

Ironhide couldn't argue as the explosions around them got louder and nearer. He grimaced as he was forced to give the order to retreat. Bluestreak howled in defiance, refusing to leave a friend behind, but Prowl argued.

'Forget it guys...he's...gone.'

The Autobots refused to believe it but their sensors told them the truth, the moment the explosions went off Wheeljack's energy signature suddenly went off line, meaning only one thing. Their morale suddenly weakened and in a state of shock the group watched the plant go up knowing that there was no way that the mechanic survived. Ironhide made a frustrated sigh, how was he going to tell this to Ratchet?

Wheeljack groaned in pain as he tried to sit up. His body ached in all of his joints and his neck stung like a smelting pit fire. He tried to sit up but he groaned in pain as his joints felt sore and his arms were surprisingly bound behind his back. In a panic Wheeljack tried to focus his optics on the room he was in to figure out what was going on and to his horror he realized he wasn't in the Ark. He was in a small but fairly large room, an old lab or something since it was filled with examining berths, monitors and tools that hadn't been used in a while. It was Cybertronian technology but it wasn't Autobot technology meaning only one thing. He was in a Decepticon base meaning he was a Decepticon prisoner. He cursed himself as he tried to free his arms but they were bound tight, making his joints ache as they were forced in an awkward position. He tried to stand but he was too weak to move, his energy levels drained. He tried to remember what happened at the plant. Ravage stealing his charm, finding the bomb, warning Ironhide and then getting caught by Soundwave. Wheeljack snarled at the name. If he ever got his hands on that scrap heap he'd turn him into slag, that is if the Autobots get to him on time. Of course they will, Optimus and the rest, including Ratchet, would risk their lives to get him back. They wouldn't dare leave him behind. As Wheeljack began to pray that they would get here soon the door to the room suddenly opened and in walked in the three Seekers and Soundwave, Starscream had a wicked grin, Thundercraker was snickering and Sky Warp was just smirking at the helpless mechanic. Soundwave just acted like he always did and awaited an order from the red Seeker. Wheeljack didn't show any fear as Starscream approached him, kicking him across the face. Wheeljack bit back a yelp as his face began to ache but didn't struggle. Starscream chuckled and bent down near him.

'Well, well Wheeljack. Had a nice nap?' he sneered.

Wheeljack glared at him.

'It's a poor service you're running round here Starscream, don't quit your day job...as Megatron's bitch!'

Every Autobot knew how much Starscream hated it when someone teased him about Megatron treating him like an idiot and acting almighty around him while the seeker groveled at his feet. Even the other two Seekers laughed at the comment and that earned Wheeljack a slap. Wheeljack didn't cry out but tried to remain cool as Starscream stood up and observed him from full height.

'You can't act tough forever Wheeljack, we'll break you. We have ways of breaking Autobots spirits.' he snickered evilly.

Wheeljack just glared as Thundercraker switched some lights on, making it easier to see. The mechanic looked around the room and was slightly nervous at the set of tools prepared near the berth, thinking they were meant for him. He looked back at Starscream who just snickered.

'You're probably wondering why we brought you here?'

Wheeljack could think of a number of reasons but chose to remain quiet. Starscream hated it when someone interrupted his chance to jump in the spot light. Starscream continued to gloat.

'You are the Autobot's top mechanic engineer with thousands of qualifications in the many fields of science. You built their computors and programs, you even built their weapons and their defences system. Now you will build these things...for the Decepticon cause.'

Wheeljack snarled and tried to free himself once more.

'Like slag I will! You can throw me in a smelting pool for all I care! I will never work for you! NEVER!'

The Seekers chuckled and Soundwave just continued to monitor the situation from his safe corner. Starscream just shrugged and kicked the helpless Autobot again. He then shot the Autobot a dangerous glare.

'Maybe what you need is a little...persuasion?'

Wheeljack thought that this was going to be the usual Decepticon treatment where they would gang up on him and beat the living mainframe out of him. Unfortunately for the poor mechanic it was going to be far worse than that. Starscream then hoisted the Autobot to his feet and threw him into Sky Warp's arms, who spun him round to face the red Seeker, forcing him to keep still and to stay on his feet. Wheeljack tried to struggle but Sky Warp was strong and he snarled when Starscream gripped his chin, forcing him to look up at his smirking face.

'Why do you wear this stupid thing anyway?' he muttered as he forced his fingers down Wheeljack's mask, ripping it off.

Wheeljack winced, it stung slightly, and continued to glare at Starscream, who just smiled evily. He continued his hold on the mechanic's face as he examined it from every angle.

'My, my what a pretty face you kept hidden from us.' he snickered.

Before Wheeljack could say anything he suddenly felt Starscream's lips crush down on his. Panic and fear began to rise up within him but Wheeljack chose to remain strong and tried to shake free. He could feel Starscream's glossa trying to force it's way past his lips but he kept them tightly shut. Starscream broke away and slapped Wheeljack across the face, a very strong slap that almost twisted the neck joint of the Autobot. The Seeker grabbed Wheeljack's chin again and forced him to look up.

'Have you ever bonded with anyone before Wheeljack?' he almost purred.

The moment Starscream uttered those words the panic and fear almost took control and Wheeljack began to struggle franticly. Starscream snarled and kicked the Autobot in the gut, smacking him across the face and punching him in the chest, denting the metal. Wheeljack choked back a gasp as he felt pain but didn't cry out. He wasn't going to give them any staisfaction of hearing him scream. Wheeljack then found himself staring at Starscream again.

'Have you Wheeljack? Or we lucky enough to have caught an Unbonded Autobot?'

Wheeljack snarled and tried to kick free, managing to kick Sky Warp in the leg. The black Seeker yelped and loosened his grip on the mechanic who bolted from the Seekers.

'Sky Warp you klutz!' growled Starscream, trying to grab the Autobot.

Wheeljack dodged the attempt to grab him and jumped out the way when Thundercraker tried to grab him. As the Seekers tried to catch him Wheeljack tried to to make his way to the door. Hopefully there wouldn't be too many Decepticons within the base and he could just as easily escape after freeing his arms. However the mechanic had forgotten there was another Decepticon within the room and he cried out when Soundwave grabbed him. He tried to free himself but Soundwave had wrapped his arms around the mechanic, like the way he captured him, holding him in place so Starscream could deliver a painful punch round his face. The Seekers had recovered and now glared at the Autobot with dangerous optics.

'Try that again Autobot and we will make you beg for death!' yelled the red Seeker, raising his arm for another strike.

Wheeljack braced himself for the pain but was surprised when Soundwave suddenly gripped Starscream's wrist, stopping the attack. The red Seeker glared at the Decepticon officer and snarled. Soundwave just glared back.

'If you intend him to work for us Starscream, I need him functional.' he said, cooly.

He released Starscream's wrist and the Seeker just snarled at the officer. Wheeljack was almost thankful but it didn't mean he was out of trouble yet as Starscream suddenly grinned evilly at Soundwave.

'Remember our agreement Soundwave?' he snapped.

Wheeljack looked back and forth confused as Soundwave suddenly stiffened in place. Since the Decepticon wore a mask and visor it was rather hard to tell how he was feeling or even expressing but Starscream seemed to know.

'We take him for a little fun and you get to be his personnel Supervisor whilst he works down here. Either that or I'll got tell Megatron that his so called loyal officer is hiding an Autobot in his lab!'

Wheeljack's optics widened in shock. Every Autobot knew that Soundwave was as loyal to Megatron as a dog was loyal to a human companion. He would never lie, cheat or trick the Decepticon leader but if what Starscream said was true then Soundwave had gone behind Megatron's back for once. Megatron didn't even know he had an Autobot within his base and if he found out then he would probably kill him both him and Soundwave. As Wheeljack watched the Seeker wait for a reply from Soundwave, the officer let out a sigh before shoving Wheeljack into the Seeker's arms.

'Fine but make it quick, I have a lot of plans for him.' he snarled as he walked over to a corner and sat down with his arms folded.

Wheeljack was in shock and he felt fear when Starscream suddenly gripped his rear aft, making the Autobot yelp and squrim. Starscream snickered and dragged the Autobot over to a berth, slamming him face down on the cold metal table. The Autobot gasped when he felt Starscream grip his waist and panic began to fill his mind.

'G-get off!' he cried, trying to get back up but another hand forced his head back down.

'I think you're scaring him Starscream!' snickered Thundercraker, who kept a firm grip on Wheeljack's head.

'I think the wittle Autobot needs some love.' cackled Sky Warp, his hands trailing up the mechanic's wings.

Wheeljack didn't want to show these Decepticons how afraid he was but it was already starting to show when he felt Starscream rip off his cod piece and grip his wires, teasing him as he pulled and tugged at them. Wheeljack tried to free himself from the Seekers grip but it was no use, he was rendered completely helpless. All he could do was pray it would be over quick.