A Spark Torn In Two Part 16 - The Final Chapter

Soundwave was speechless, for once he didn't know what to say, do or even think. One moment he was fighting the Autobot medic Ratchet, the next thing he knew was that he saw Wheeljack recover from his sedative, saw Soundwave pointing his blaster at the medic and ran to him to block the attack. Soundwave pulled his blaster away, not daring to fire but to his horror someone else fired. Someone else shot Wheeljack in the back, the blast tearing up his inner circuitry and damaging his body to great lenghs, it looked like half his back had been ripped off. No one could survive that and the Decepticon knew it. As the Autobot medic cried over the limp body Soundwave stared at Megatron, horrified. Megtaron just sneered and Starscream cackled.

'I told you I knew where he was Megatron.' snickered the Seeker.

Megatron didn't acknowledge Starscream but kept his attention on Soundwave, a little angered that his loyal Decepticon would go off without telling anyone where he was going. He was a little surprised to have Starscream come up to him, informing him that Soundwave was up to no good, but he followed the Seeker anyway and found Soundwave fighting an Autobot. He noticed that Soundwave had halted his movements when the Autobot Wheeljack jumped in front of his range of fire so he took the liberty of doing the Decepticon's job for him. Now Soundwave was just staring back in shock which was starting to anger him greatly.

'I said kill him Soundwave!' he growled.

Then Soundwave did something he never expected him to do, what Megatron never anticipated. His loyal Decepticon Officer fired at him, crying out in rage and anger. Megtaron fell back from the blast and Starscream yelped and did the only thing he was good at, run around in panic.

'Megatron! Soundwave's betrayed us! Do something!'

Soundwave fired at Starscream, annoyed at his cries and then fired back at Megatron. the Decepticon leader growled and stood back up, charging at Soundwave, who managed to dodge his attack and sent Megatron a very painful blow to the back. Megatron cried out but managed to spin round to attack Soundwave who staggered back a little but managed to pounce on top of Megatron, clutching his throat.

'I swear to Primus I'm gonna kill you!' growled Soundwave, crushing the metal neck.

Megatron tried to force Soundwave off him but the Decepticon officer was determined to end his life. Starscream was still trying to stand back up after recieveing such a blow from Soundwave but he saw something that made him cry out even harder.


Megatron growled, he knew Prime was going to show up sooner or later. However he wasn't a fool, the rest of the Decepticons were near by in case something went wrong, only problem was he couldn't contact them while Soundwave was crushing his throat and Starscream had no idea. However Sky Warp was with them and he had good hearing and he heard the engines of the Autobots and Megatron was almost thankful when he saw his Decepticons take to the sky to stop them. Now he could concentrate on Soundwave, who he managed to force off and hurl him into a rock. the Decepticon got back up and growled as he charged towards his leader, murder on his mind. Megatron growled as he advanced towards him as well, a terrific battle now taking place around them.

'You will regret that Soundwave.' he snarled.

'I regret nothing.' growled Soundwave, charging at Megatron with all his might.

Ratchet didn't know what to do, suddenly all the Autobots show up and the Decepticons come out of hiding to attack them. The one thing he did know was that Wheeljack was in his arms, presumed dead. His Spark was on line, all his systems had shut down and Ratchet detected no response to any of the signals he was sending him. He just held him, not sure what to do anymore, in fact he didn't seem to care. Losing Wheeljack twice had caused his Spark to wrap uncontrollably in his chest, the pain far greater than anything he had experienced, it was unbearable. He didn't care if there was blaster fire flying over his head, he didn't care if he was killed, life now seem to pointless to continue. As he cradled Wheeljack's still body in his arms he felt a hand touch his shoulder and he looked up to see Perceptor, his face in shock at what he saw.

'Ratchet...what happened?'

Ratchet just looked down back at Wheeljack, his optics still dark and lifeless.

'He's gone...he's gone Perceptor...I failed him.' sobbed the medic.

Perceptor's optics widened with shock. He had arrived with the rest of the Autobots to find Ratchet and Wheeljack only to run into a surprise attack from the Decepticons. He saw Ratchet holding Wheeljack and presumed he was trying to shield him but to find Wheeljack dead seemed almost unreal. However something in him told him to check and that's what he did, forcing Ratchet to let go of the mechanic. Ratchet made a pitiful wail as his love was forced out of his arms but allowed Perceptor to have a look at him, hoping there was something that still could be done. After a while Perceptor managed to drag both him and ratchet under some rocks to get a better look at the mechanic and he finally gave ratchet something to live for.

'His Spark is still pulsing, very faintly. Your sensors can't detect it right now but his mainframe is very badly damaged so I have no idea what has happened to his mind. We need to return him to Autobot base at once or he's gone.'

That was Ratchet's new mission, his new goal, his only chance. He didn't want to loose Wheeljack ever again and his mind was made up. Gently holding Wheeljack the two bots tried to look for a way to escape the battlefield, which to Ratchet's shock was very huge. Autobots and Decepticons were everywhere and the sky looked like it was having a firework display. What worried the medic the most was that he couldn't see any hope of escaping without getting hit. However if he didn't make a move Wheeljack was as good as dead and that was the last thing he wanted. Perceptor was trying to contact Prime for assistance but he wasn't reaching him, apparently he had a run in with Motormaster so they had no choice but to get out of here by themselves.

'Just be careful Ratchet.' warned Perceptor as he pulled his blaster out and started to maneuver between the fighting mechs.

Ratchet followed, holding Wheeljack tight and making sure that he wasn't in anyone's range of fire. As he ran through the battle he saw Jazz fighting Thundercraker, Prowl fighting Sky Warp, Ironhide fighting Astrotain and many more battles, however he wasn't seeing one certain Decepticon and that worried him, he didn't see Soundwave anywhere. He kept an optic out for him just in case, he knew that in his current state of mind he would do anything. He ran and remained alert, hoping he would get out of this crazy battlefield and back to the base on time.

'Hang on Wheeljack' he continued to repeat to the almost lifeless Autobot in his arms.

Now that he was able to concentrate he was able to detect Wheeljack's Spark, it was very faint and he was shocked to see that it was barely functioning. He tried to concentarte where he was going but he yelped when someone knocked into him, Wheeljack falling out of his arms and onto the floor. Ratchet tried to get his bearings back but he felt pain when someone punched him in the back, falling to the ground. He didn't care who his attacker was, his main concern was to get Wheeljack back in his arms before he got trampled. he scrambled over to him but someone grabbed his legs and pulled him back.

'Not so fast Autobot!' came a voice.

Ratchet knew that voice, Blitzwing, talk about bad timing. He swung Ratchet round his head before throwing him into a pile of rocks, the medic crying out in pain. He forced himself back to his feet, his gaol was to get Wheeljack, carry him out of here and fix him. He tried to locate Wheeljack but he panicked when he lost sight of him, Blitzwing advancing towards him with an evil grin.

'What's wrong? Lost something?'

Before Wheeljack could answer Perceptor finally managed to distract Blitzwing, shooting him in the back and enraging him. As the triple changer charged at him, Perceptor cried out to the medic.

'Find Wheeljack and get out of here!'

Ratchet gasped at the pain he was feeling all over but he ignored it as he ran back into the battle, trying to find Wheeljack. he pushed and shoved Autobots and Decepticons out the way, none of them aware of his presence. The medic looked everywhere, his panic rising when he couldn't see him. He pushed and shoved but he couldn't find him. Before he could search any further he was suddenly grabbed and forced to turn round and he found himself staring at Megatron and in his other hand was Wheeljack.

'I believe you're looking for this?' he growled.

Megatron had Wheeljack gripped round the neck and the medic could see that he was slowly crushing him, any more damage and he doubted Wheeljack was going to make it.

'Let go him!' he cried, trying to free Wheeljack from the Decepticon Leaders arm.

Megatron had signs that he had taken quite a beating but he was still standing and he still had energy, enough to throw Ratchet back. Ratchet growled and tried to fight back but he was too weak and Megatron pinned him against a rocky wall, crushing him against the rock. He gasped and tried to push him away but he was too strong and all he could do was look up at Wheeljack, who hanged lifelessly in his hand, his back sparking as circuity and systems tried to reboot themselves. Megatron continued to crush the Medic, grinning as Ratchet gasped in pain.

'Whats the matter Autobot? Sad that I'm about to destroy that which you hold dear?'

Ratchet snarled as he tried to release himself, wishing that one of the Autobots would notice and try to help him or at least Wheeljack. He didn't care if he died, just as long as someone helped Wheeljack, as long as someone took care of him and made him happy, he wouldn't mind dying. Just as long as Wheeljack was alive and well again. As Megatron continued to crush the medic, someone grabbed him from behind, surprising the Decepticon leader and dropping both Wheeljack and Ratchet. Ratchet was relieved that the pain was gone however when he looked up to see who rescued him he was shocked at what he saw.

'Soundwave?' gasped Ratchet, the Decepticon looked like he had been through a scrapper machine.

'Get...up...' snarled the Decepticon.

For one small moment Ratchet thought the Decepticon wanted to continue his battle over Wheeljack with him and he cried out when Soundwave picked Wheeljack up. To his surprise Soundwave forced Wheeljack into his arms and stumbled back, looking down at the lifeless mechanic. Ratchet almost forgot where he was as he gazed into Soundwave's optics, he could see pain, sadness and regret. He made a mumbled sigh as he gently stroked Wheeljack's head, careful not to damage it.

'Goodbye.' he whispered before turning round to face Megatron, who had returned for his revenge.

Ratchet fled at once when Soundwave and Megatron began to battle, feeling a small amount of guilt for leaving Soundwave alone to battle Megatron but he knew that the Decepticon officer wanted Wheeljack to be safe, it was a feeling deep down. He didn't dare look back, he just ran, ran out of that battlefield and into the open. He didn't know how but he managed to transform and place Wheeljack within him, driving off a full speed but also being careful not to damage Wheeljack any further. As Ratchet disappeared from the battle Soundwave watched the dust cloud he left behind, glad to know that Wheeljack was now going to be safe. He didn't care if he hated him now, he didn't care that the Decepticons hated him now and he didn't care that Megatron had his Fusion Cannon shoved in his face about to go off. He was happy that Wheeljack was OK and that seemed to be the only thing that mattered right now.

Ratchet ran down the hallways of the Ark, rushing Wheeljack to his med bay, praying to Primus that he still had time to fix him and that he was going to pull through. No one was around to stop him, they had all gone off to fight the Decepticons meaning he had time to fix him and he wouldn't be disturbed. Placing Wheeljack on the berth he starting setting up the life saving equipment, keeping his Spark on line for as long as possible while he repaired his inner body. Checking the readings he frowned that Wheeljack's Spark was no bigger than a flickering candle.

'Slag...stay with me Wheeljack.' he whispered as he removed the outer armour.

He grimaced with what he saw, parts of metal had melted into his circuity, causing them to become nonfunctional and most of them were vital for keeping Wheeljack on line. Other things to note were some of his internal wiring had been ripped and torn up while his SHU looked like it had taken the most damage and his metal joints were in shambles. This was going to take a while. Ratchet pulled out his tools and began to work quickly, starting with the parts that were vital and needed major repairs, he would grimace every now and then when Wheeljack would utter a small moan of pain in his recharge when his tools touched sensitive parts within him. He didn't had time to switch off Wheeljack's sensory pads, he was just going to have to bear it for a while.

'It's OK Wheeljack, you're going to be fine, just stay with me, please just stay.'

Ratchet continued to talk to Wheeljack as he worked, not caring as his own Energon levels were starting to drop dangerously low. He worked and worked until he was having a hard time keeping his optics on line. So far he had worked on Wheeljack for three hours and he only managed to repair at least a quarter of the damage, meaning he would have to work faster if the mechanic was ever going to make it. More time passed and then Ratchet heard voices at his med bay door, he ignored them but they got louder when someone opened it and someone walked in.

'Go see Perceptor for your injuries, I'm busy!' muttered Ratchet, his optics still on Wheeljack.

The person behind him made a slight moan of pain as he stepped forward and Ratchet finally glanced over to see who it was, surprised to see that it was Perceptor with a missing arm. Ratchet continued to work but he talked to the scientist, demanding information.

'What happened?'

'Well...the Decepticons retreated...and at least half the Autobots are in need of repairs, myself included. I have called First Aid, Hoist and Grapple to come down but it's going to take them a while and some of the Autobots are in need of major repairs.' replied the Microscope.

Ratchet made a small growl of frustration, it was quite obvious what Perceptor was trying to get at.

'They're gonna have to wait, Wheeljack has major damage to his SHU and he won't make it unless I repair it.'

'Oh really? Sideswipe is missing half his body and Ironhide can hardly think after that blast he took to the head! I understand the current situation Ratchet but I can't repair them like this! Wheeljack will be fine as long as his Spark is connected to the life support device!'

'True but if I don't be quick about this his mind will be damaged! Just give me a hour!'

'We don't have an hour!'

At that moment some more Autobots entered the room and Ratchet glanced over, his optics widening in shock. Sunstreaker was holding what remained of Sideswipe, who was missing both his legs. Ironhide had blacked out and was supported by Jazz whose own arm had become limp and just hanged lifelessly from his body. There was a whole cue of Autobots who needed repairs but if the medic stopped to repair them Wheeljack would end up with a damaged mind. After a while Optimus managed to push his way through, he had a few dents and a missing hand but he seemed to be functioning at top levels and behind him was Brawn, his arm leaking lubricants.

'Ratchet...how is Wheeljack?' asked the Autobot leader.

'Fine but if I don't finish him soon I'm not sure what's gonna happen to his mainframe.' replied the medic.

Brawn sneered and stepped forward.

'What about the rest of us!? While he runs around, crying like a little sparkling and acting like the little traitor he is we beat up the Decepticons and get pounded! We are in need of repairs here so why don't you focus your attention on those who ne-'

'That's enough Brawn!' suddenly snapped Optimus, making a few Autobots jump.

Brawn made a small growl and tried to convince his fellow Autobots of his beliefs, that Wheeljack was indeed a traitor.

'Oh c'mon guys! You saw him run out the base! When we tried to go after him there was a Decepticon ambush! He led us into a trap! He ain't an Autobot!'

None of the Autobots answered, they were tired and in pain plus most of them knew deep down that Wheeljack was no traitor. Optimus knew this as well, he had heard the words from a dying mech, who told him that he was the one who blackmailed Wheeljack, the one who manipulated him and forced him to do his bidding. Normally an Autobot wouldn't believe a Decepticon but he was on the verge of death and Optimus believed him, he had sworn by his Spark that he had told the truth before it faded. Ratchet was still trying to repair Wheeljack and First Aid, Hoist and Grapple wouldn't be able to fix them until they arrived, which could be hours away.

'Ratchet, I need you to repair the Autobots. Perceptor can keep an optic on him while you're fixing them.'

Ratchet didn't look at Optimus but he shook his head, if he stopped Wheeljack would suffer the consequences.

'I can't Optimus, I need more time with Wheeljack!'

Optimus sighed and stepped forward, placing his hand on the medics shoulders. He knew Wheeljack needed repairs but if Ratchet didn't repair the other Autobots, they to would loose their Sparks.

'Don't make me turn that into an order Ratchet.' sighed Prime.

Ratchet flinched and looked over with pleading optics at the Autobots, who just stared back with tired looks. They were in need of repairs but if he repaired them Wheeljack wouldn't make it but if he didn't repair them they wouldn't make it. He looked back up at Optimus who waited for an answer.

'P-please Optimus...just another hour, I swear that's all I need!'

Optimus sighed and shook his head, Wheeljack could survive as long as he remained attached to the life saving equipment but the Autobots were in need of repairs quick. Ratchet made a small whine and tried to think of what to do. If he repaired Perceptor first he could start fixing the Autobots and that should only take 5 minutes if he was quick. However Perceptor also needed a charge of Energon and that would take 10 minutes in his state, Ratchet couldn't waste all that time but it seemed to be the only choice he had, he hated being the only medic and he prayed to Primus that First Aid would hurry up and get here. He laid his tools down and grabbed the Scientist, making him yelp as he was forced down onto another berth.

'As soon as I'm finished with you, repair them!' snapped Ratchet as he began to work on Perceptor's arm.

As soon as he had finished he shoved Perceptor off the table and ordered him to take a quick charge of Energon so he could start working. Ratchet glanced over at Wheeljack, he was still functioning but if he didn't get back to him quick he would be lost. Perceptor stumbled off and Sideswipe made a cry of pain when ratchet grabbed him and started welding his legs back together in a rather fast manner. Optimus made a frown under his mask at Ratchet's rather aggressive handling.

'Please Ratchet...try to be careful.' he asked in a calm tone.

Ratchet ignored him and worked fast, his welding made Sideswipe yelp and cry out in pain making his brother, Sunstreaker, panic. He ran up to Ratchet and tried to calm him down but Ratchet was tried, angry, worried and rushed. He kept glancing at Wheeljack and Perceptor, wishing he would hurry up. After the legs were welded together the medic pushed Sideswipe off the table, the red twin crying out as he hit the floor. As Ratchet forced Ironhide onto the table Sunstreaker began to cry out after checking his brother over.

'Ratchet, you haven't even redirected his internal wiring! He can't even use his own legs!' wailed the yellow twin.

'He doesn't need his legs right now so he can wait!' snapped Ratchet, still working as fast as he could.

The twins remained silent, they knew why Ratchet was rushing the repairs. Prime began to worry as Ratchet began fling Autobots on and off his table, not caring if they came out completely fixed or not. Sideswipe still couldn't feel his legs, Ironhide managed to say a few words before blacking out again and now Ratchet was trying to wrestle Jazz down onto the berth. Then to Ratchet's belief Perceptor came out the Energon Charging Room and he forced him to continue his work as he staggered back over to Wheeljack. Optimus noticed that Ratchet's Energon levels were too low and he reached out to him, forcing him to halt.

'Ratchet, you need rest!'

'No! I don't need rest! If I don't fix Wheeljack who will? Now get off me!'

Ratchet forced Prime to let go as he staggered towards Wheeljack, his vison getting blurred as he got closer, his systems forcing him to shut down. He tried to fight it but darkness took control and he fell. The last thing he saw was Wheeljack, his Spark still on line but his mind empty, but he heard a voice call out to him as everything went dark. It was very faint but he heard it as clear as day.

'Wait for me...'

Ratchet woke up with a start and looked round in a panic. He was in his med bay and it was empty, very empty. No Autobot's and no Wheeljack. Ratchet jumped off of his berth and ran out the med bay, looking around in a panic. What had happened to Wheeljack? Was he safe? Was he functioning? The Medic ran down the hallway until he saw another Autobot, which turned out to be First Aid. He ran up to the younger Medic and starting crying out words that made no sense.

'Wheeljack! Where is he!? Is he safe!? What happened!?' wailed Ratchet.

First Aid held up his hands to calm Ratchet down so he could explain. He seemed tired and over worked as he began to talk.

'When I arrived with Hoist and Grapple most of the Autobots were in bad situations. Perceptor had been trying to repair them but halfway through fixing some of them his arm fell off, causing quite a panic after you blacked out. Hoist and Grapple began to repair them while I took care of Wheeljack...and I have to say...it doesn't look good.'

Ratchet's face went pale as First Aid began to escort him down the hallways to Wheeljack's room, the young Medic's face was tired and sad. What had happened? Did something go wrong? First Aid continued to explain.

'We patched him up, his Spark is now at top levels again and his body is as good as new...however when he came round...he didn't really make any attempt to talk to anyone. After a while I check his mainframe and...half of his logic circuits had blown.'

Ratchet's face was now filled with horror. Blowing half your logic circuits was like losing half your mind and the medic could only imagine what kind of state the mechanic was in right now. As they walked down the hallways Ratchet saw the twins and was a little relieved that Sideswipe was now walking. The brothers noticed Ratchet and their faces suddenly filled up with guilt and sorrow, their heads hanging as they approached the medic.

'Ratchet...you are going to make Wheeljack better right?' asked Sideswipe, not looking at Ratchet directly.

Ratchet felt pain build up inside him as he could detect sorrow in Sideswipe's voice. Sunstreaker looked up and he could see some form of saddness in his blue optics with a guilt filled face. Ratchet knew the twins had a habit of blaming themselves in situations like this and he tried his best to cheer them up, which he really wasn't good at.

'I-I'll try you two. How's the legs Sideswipe?'

Sideswipe looked up and Ratchet saw the tears falling down his face. The red twin brought his hand up to his face and winced when he detected the tears, running off before he broke down in front of ratchet. Sunstreaker sighed and looked back up at Ratchet, trying his best not to shed any tears before running off to comfort his brother. Ratchet grimaced and he looked back at First Aid, who too looked sad and full of remorse.

'Please...take me to him.'

First Aid nodded and led Ratchet down the hallways until they finally reached Wheeljack's room. There was a sign on it "Do Not Enter Without Permission" and Jazz was standing outside, leaning against the wall with his arms folded. He noticed Ratchet and tried to smile but even he couldn't, after what had happened last night he felt like it was also his fault for this happening to the mechanic. the medic ran up to the door and Jazz halted him for a moment, he wanted to say something to Ratchet and he had to get it out.

'Listen man...I just want you to know...if you need anything...my help or such...just tell me. I-I just wanted to let you know...I'm real sorry.'

This wasn't making anything better for ratchet, it was making him worry more and more and he shoved past Jazz to get into the room where his beloved Wheeljack was within. What he saw almost brought tears to his eyes. Wheeljack was sitting up on his berth, his optics looking straight forward and not moving when Ratchet entered the room. The medic could detect noting wrong with him, only that he didn't seem to be moving or even thinking straight. As Ratchet took a few more steps forward Wheeljack continued to stare at nothing, not even acknowledging his presence.


The mechanic made no response. According to his sensors Wheeljack was wide awake and his Spark was functioning perfectly, however his logic circuits and mainframes didn't seem to be responding. Ratchet took another step forward and once again Wheeljack didn't even look up, his optics were alit but they were empty, like he was dead on the inside. First Aid and Jazz looked on with sad filled optics behind their visors as Ratchet knelt down beside Wheeljack and began to cry, the medic finally realising what had happened to his bondmate.

'His he ever going to come back to us?' asked the younger officer.

'In time...his mind has taken a lot of damage, even his Spark was hard to bring back on line. It was almost like everything inside him was being ripped in two. However it will take a very long time before Wheeljack has recovered from the trauma...he's going to be like this for a while so he needs to be taken care of regularly. Also it's best if he stays with Ratchet, in these sort of situations it's best to have the people you love near...it's for the best...for now.'

The two Autobots decided to leave the medic alone for a while, not sure if it would help but there was nothing else they could do. Ratchet just sobbed out over Wheeljack's legs, the mechanic not even aware of his presence in the room. He hated this, he hated this horrible feeling of having the one person you loved so close to you and yet so far away. All he could do was cry and curse himself for doing this to his beloved.

The End?