Idea: Kim and Ron are speaking of marriage as they enter college. (Graduation episode didn't happen so this is slightly AU.) Recently, however, they've been thinking of Nukpana and Monkey Fist. For roughly six months, they haven't heard a single screech from the monkey loving (and looking) couple. However, that changes when they fight Drakken and find the girl unconscious…and 6 months pregnant! Monty disappeared two-three months ago, making her driven to find him. Will they find the missing monkey man in time for the baby? Will Ron and Kim break up for fighting over the fact that Nukpana's giving birth to a monkey baby? Will it be cursed like her?

I decided to revise/rewrite this because I felt like it was rushed. Please bare with me. Now they are like…19-20ish years old. Because you graduate when you're about 18, right?

Kim Possible stretched her aching body, a soft yawn escaping her pink lips. Her dark red hair covered some of her green eyes, giving her a mysterious look and aura. She was tired from classes and, mostly, from searching for colleges. Still, as she looked over at her nacho eating boyfriend, she felt a spark of joy.

For the past year and some odd months, close to two years, she had been going out with Ron Stoppable. Many people had smiled when they heard this, saying it was about time. Others thought that the relationship would destroy their friendship, if they ever broke up. And one Bonnie laughed!

For the past year and some odd months, close to two years, they hadn't heard or seen Nukpana and Monkey Fist. Not one screech, howl, or whisper was heard of or from them. Kim believed that they were living in his old castle or maybe in a jungle, giving up crime to be in love. However, Ron insisted that these lovers were plotting together, waiting for the right time to strike.

Kim would reply every time he brought that theory up that she had helped them, saved them from Monkey Fist. She was good, the young ex-cheerleader would say. Of course Ron would counter it by saying that she lived with him for ages, loved him, and had a hard time choosing to help them. She could be good and bad at the same time.

Kim had nothing to say to this afterwards.

What could she say anyway? They both had been betrayed by the young woman. They both had been tricked into thinking they were friends. Despite her helping save the world, this meant nothing! She was still with Monty and, possibly, could still create evil plans and such. Kim hardly knew the girl so who was she to assume what she might do and might not do?

They had kept in contact for roughly a year, give or take a few weeks. They spoke through letters and, very rarely, phone calls. Although she wouldn't tell them a lot about her life with Monty, she said that they were happy and soon to be happier. But one day, the letters stopped. From that day on, she heard no more from her.

It worried Kim slightly, for Nukpana was the type of girl to obey Monty's every wish…but knew when to stand up for her beliefs and self. Had he harmed her? No, he loved her! Right?

As she slurped the much needed caffeine-filled soda, Kim felt eyes on her. A blond haired boy with dark chocolate eyes named Ronald Stoppable stared at her as if she were a peacock. "Um…" She wasn't sure what to say to break him from this trance.

"Sorry." He gave her a goofy grin. "I was just thinking about how pretty you are…how lucky I am to have you."

The young lady smiled, blushing almost as dark as her hair. "So what do you think about this week?"

Something got Ron to become alert. "This week?" Why would she mention such a thing? A week was a week just like the one before. They were going to get their college rejection/acceptation letters soon and this week, besides babysitting the tweebs (still!), they had to find a place of their own. Plus they needed to get new jobs. Otherwise, what could be special about this week?

"Yeah, our two year anniversary silly." She smiled gently, forgiving him silently if it had slipped his mind. After all, they were both so busy.

He coughed on his nachos, ignoring the squeaky protest from Rufus. "Our…O-Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Well, actually…I forgot." A guilty look spread on his face, making his goofy grin turn it.

She nodded, her smile showing that she forgave him. "You know…I've been hearing the girls talk about…marrying their high school sweetheart at Club Banana. You can imagine how girls talk there…they want to settle down, have kids, and get a small career…" Kim nervously tapped her long green colored fingernails on the table. Before Ron could even blink, the Kimmunicator rang.

Needless to say, they were both grateful for it.

"Hey Kim…I interrupt something?" Wade's voice came out from the small object.

"No." Both teens stated, their faces flushed. "Go ahead Wade." Kim spoke up.

Several minutes passed and Kim gave a soft sigh, "Drakken's at it again…" She informed Ron, gulping down her soda before leaving.

Next chapter: We see Drakken/Shego and Ron/Kim fight. Then after they do, Kim hears something and looks around…finding Nukpana, a very…round Nukpana. Review please!