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His eyes stared at every moving person or object. After Kim had told him that they should stay broken up, he found his body unwilling to move. It was like someone had zapped him with some odd colored laser which rendered him stone. Try as he might, he just couldn't move.

Not only did he fail to control his limbs, he felt…nothing. It was as if Kim had walked out of the mall with his heart and emotions. Common sense told him to be upset and depressed, shocked even. His body, however, just felt…empty. Maybe a trip to Bueno Nacho would help.

Just when he finally had control of his body, as soon as he stood up, images of the past flashed in his mind. Back in high school during their Senior year, he had to take Health class. As much of an annoyance as it was, he went but the information given had upset him far worse than a class full of freshmen. The teacher had said that eating Bueno Nacho every day was 'unhealthy'.

Enraged and determined to protect the food joint that helped him through hungry times, Ron had went all out on buying every meal from it. He even went as far as to make a documentary on it. While he grew fatter, Kim stayed with him.

Without warning, Ronald let out a laugh. He didn't notice he had walked outside, which was a blessing since no one was near to give him a freaked out look. How ironic! How ironic that their relationship worked through his stubborn pride to keep eating Bueno Nacho…only to be defeated by a bunch of books!

As he walked to his favorite place, he let his mind roam since his feet knew by heart where the restaurant was. Why did this have to happen? Sure things happen for a reason, but what was the reason for this? Why did she have to break up with him…again?

Yes, he understood that she had to work a lot. Yet surely they could have worked through it! Surely their relationship could have withstood a bunch of exams and book reports! And what about crime fighting?

Ron stopped in his tracks.

What about crime fighting?

His eyes raised up towards the sky as his heart sunk. Something told him that whatever the future held…was bad. Something in his gut and in his heart whispered there were dangers lying ahead for Kim, for him, and for their friendship.

There was Monty in a rocking chair, holding a sleeping peaceful Hasani.

The Egyptian felt her legs give out. The soft thud of her landing on the carpeted floor caught her master's attention. Monkey Fist turned his head slightly so that his eyes could land on her body.

"Nukpana…" He spoke as soft as the wind so that the child in his arms did not wake. "You look so pale, are you alright?" It was as if he thought it was normal for the whole house to be trashed.

Struggling to stand, she recalled on her old self discipline and walked over to him. Just from that simple act, she realized how much weight she had gained. Although she was not overweight from the baby bearing, she certainly was a little chubby. Perhaps in time, once she was sure her son wouldn't need 24/7 attention, she could ask Monty to train with her again.

"Master…Monty, what…what happened?" She whispered but not in fear of waking the child; she was both terrified and relieved. Her hands rested on the top of the rocking chair, leaning over to let it suffer her weight. He looked up, their faces inches away. Nukpana half expected him to kiss her briefly, a reassuring kiss of comfort. Of course though, he wouldn't.

With a heavy sigh, Monty stood up slowly and walked to the crib which was overturned. Using his paw like foot, he fixed it so that it stood right. As gentle as a monkey master could be, he placed his son on the mattress. Turning off the lamp near by after standing it up right, he wrapped an arm around his apprentice, leading her outside.

"What about the mess?" She whispered, too stunned to feel annoyance at the fact that she had to clean soon. He waved his hand as though swatting the mess away, silently saying she would fix it later. When they sat down on the couch, which Monkey Fist had to readjust since it was turned over; Nukpana finally looked calm, yet curious.

Taking a deep breath, Monty prepared himself for explaining the house's appearance. "When you left, our precious son started to cry. I tried to feed him, I tried to change him, I tried to play with him and I tried putting him to sleep; nothing silenced his infuriating wails. I suspect he acted in such a way because you weren't around." His blue eyes narrowed into slits as though saying he thought she planned this all.

After seeing Nukpana's cheeks turn a faint pink, he continued, "I put him on the rug for a moment to try and get some of his toys from upstairs. When I came back, he was gone!"

"Gone?!" Nukpana's mind raced as she tried to reason that. "What do you mean?!"

"Gone as in left! He crawled away from me, girl!" Monty seemed rather embarrassed to exclaim such a thing.
Unable to help it, the corner of her mouth twitched upwards. "My master, he's only ten months old and some odd days. Are you saying he out-crawled you all this time?"

The eyes that she loved to gaze into twitched in exasperation. "Will you allow me to explain?!" Without waiting for an answer, he kept on talking. "I came back to see the rug possessing to rug rat. I checked both doors and the windows to see the locks were still on there. I looked around the living room and saw his chubby leg slide behind the couch.

"When I went over, I had originally planned to pull out the couch but was unsure if I might hurt him. I looked behind him to see his foot on the other side; he escaped my grasp! I followed him into the hallway and saw him go into the kitchen. To make a rather long journey short, I chased him around the house because I kept missing him. For a child with lung problems, he is quite quick."

"So you ran into most of the things, knocking them over?" Nukpana questioned, eyes widened with shock. "You could have hurt him! Something could have fallen on him!"

Sputtering with outrage, he snapped, "He was far ahead of me, woman!" His cheeks were dark with what the Egyptian could only assume with shame and embarrassment.

Trying as hard as possible not to laugh, she inquired, "Then how did the upstairs room get so messy? I refuse to believe that he crawled up all those stairs while you were running around the rooms like a dog chasing its' tail."

Despite his hard glare that made her twitch in nervousness, he answered, "I finally captured him but when I went to every room, he turned off the lights. Don't tell me ten month olds can't flick a switch.

"We got upstairs and I put him down again…and lost him."

"Again?!" The red eyed female exclaimed, feeling like she was listening to some sort of thrilling story instead of a recent event.

"Do not start with me." He grumbled, crossing his arms. "I chased him a bit…when I got him, he yawned and fell asleep, just like that!"

There was a long moment of silence that let Nukpana absorb the information. She looked over him. Since she had first come to know him so many years ago, he looked aged but still handsome. Right now, especially after playing hide and seek with his son, he looked beat and worn out.

Forgetting about the bags from the mall and the mess she had to clean up, she stood and walked to him. "I will make you some tea. It seems both of my men are tired." Leaning forward, she had planned to kiss his forehead when instead, he took her by surprise. Their lips touched instead, making Nukpana blush. The kiss was far from innocent.

After pulling away for some much needed air, she grinned foolishly.

By the time she arrived in the living room with hot English tea, she saw he had fallen asleep on the couch. "Like father, like son." She whispered. Setting the tray down, she leaned forward and kissed his forehead. "I love you Monty…forever."

Then she sat down in the loveseat and picked up a cup of steaming tea, sipping it silently as she reflected upon life. With a child, it was bound to bring new things. Would they be good? Or would they be bad?

Quick note: I checked and babies as young as about seven months can start crawling. It is early, yes, but it happens. My own second cousin who is…roughly ten months old is starting to crawl anyway.

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