A/N:Hi everyone, and welcome to Chapter One! This story was written by myself, and my almost sister, Alice. But this chapter was written by...Bella!

These letters were written in a revision free class in Calculus, the other day, then I wrote them into a story. So, onward with the story...please note, that Alice wrote her letter, and I, Bella, wrote mine. (The letters are written in italics)







The paper origami bird fluttered neatly onto my gum encrusted desk. The comical address was written delicately on the animal's wing. I sighed, as I knew that only a superbeing (say, a vampire, perhaps?) could have possibly managed to fold a piece of paper, to show even the bird's detailed feathers. The daunting thing, was, that my favourite vampire was out hunting for the day. I took a deep breath, and unfolded the artwork.

Dearest Bella,

Salutations from 10 centimetres away! How are you?

Learning, I hope – Edward threatened to take my Porsche away if you flunk your Calculus test. So, no pressure.

We need to do some serious wedding planning tonight – I still don't think the centrepieces are big enough. Oh, and Esme is going out to buy your, 'something new'.

Should I pick you up right away, after school? The wedding is only six weeks away, and we haven't even started choosing salmon brands! Oh, and Rose wants to have blood champagne (pig blood, of course) at the reception.

TTYL ! Alice.

(A/N I am one of these people who just doesn't understand abbreviations, so, for those people like me, TTYL means, 'Talk to you later')

As I scanned the folded page, I noticed the writing had become more erratic towards the section of the letter that mentioned, 'The Wedding'. Ugh.

But, I dutifully picked up my pencil, and scrawled my answer on a blank page in my notebook. The things I do for terrifying little monsters who love to shop...






Hello Alice,

Well, sorry about your Porsche, but, let's face it – I will never pass Calculus. Secondly, those centerpieces are already 12 centimetres high! Thirdly, (w-o-w, this is going to be a long list) Esme cannot spend any more money on me, because NASDAQ will never recover.

Rose can have whatever she wants, as long as you make sure that Edward brushes his teeth afterwards(it's bad enough that I will have venom inside of me, but I do not need pig blood in there too!) Speaking of Edward, didn't he look particularly – um, never mind.


See you next time I blink.

Bella Marie Swan (I mean Cullen...ugh, 6 weeks)

PS. Nice paper bird.

I scrunched the paper into a snowball (ha! My own form of origami!) and lifted the bottom of my textbook, in order to pass the note to Alice without being caught. The textbook clattered to the floor. The teacher made towards us, and bent to pick up the fallen textbook. I noticed the paper cannonball was missing.

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