Prologe: What's happening and listing the pairings...

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Hello everyone!! It's me Yuki Minamoto and this is my first story on another anime: School Rumble!! (Claps hands together.) Well, this is my fifth story I've been doing. I've been trying to upload my stories on other animes, but it just wouldn't give. I'm talking about my computer of course. What did you think I was taling about?

Well anyway, this all started with my sister, Sweet Cherry Girl 101, or Dolly. Yeah, you might be saying that name is weird and who would name their child after a doll or "Big Boobs" Dolly Parton. I love my sister and I think that name is cute! Though sometimes I might be this close to blowing my brains out because of them, Dolly and Maxie, my other sister. She's the baby of the family. But still, they love me and I love them. Sweet right?

I need to start the summary... Okay let's start!!
I've been thinking about this anime for quite a while. Do you guys remember the episode where Tenma and her friends, including Harima and her sister Yakumo and that guy that knows girls' boob sizes came and kind of wreaked havoc, the boys not the girls.

I really felt that it would have been really great if the whole class came, boy that would have been great!! Well, now I'm writing about that! Yeah! (makes a peace sign in front of the computer.)

Let's start with the pairings!!


Tenma and Karasuma- I love this couple!! I haven't seen this pairing in fanfiction yet so I'm gonna make one!!

Ichijo and Imadori: They might be a couple if Ichijo gets the courage to say what she feels ans for Imadori to stop thinking that she's a freak!

Harima and: I really don't like Harima that much. No offense to Harima lovers and I really don't know about the person who's going with this "bad guy"

That's it for the pairings... I guess.


Tenma and her class go for a field trip!! Tenma tries to get close to Karasuma, Harima sees... Eri naked?! Girls go skinny dipping, boys tell scary stories and a haunted camp?! God, its getting crazy here in School Rumble!! Beautiful girls handsome boys and a kappa!! Tenma gets hurt, who's going to help her? Why, a kappa fan of course! (Full summary on my profile!)

I'm decitating this story to my sister- Sweet Cherry Girl 101! If it hadn't been for her, I wouldn't be here to write this! I love her so much so sis, if you're reading this. I love you very much!!

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