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---Tsukamoto Household---

Yakumo looked at her sleeping older sister. Tenma Tsukamoto on her bed, sprawled all over. She wore pink poke-a-dotted pajamas. Her snoring was loud and animal-like. Yakumo couldn't help but smile.

She carefully looked around the room to find clothes, food, and stuffed animals on the floor. 'Sis must have had a busy night last night.' Yakumo instinctively picked up the forgotten bits of food and began putting them in the waste basket. She stopped when she heard her older sister stir from her bed.

"Yakumo? What are you doing here?" Tenma rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms and got up from her bed. "Waking you up, Sis. It's time for school." Yakumo said bluntly.

"W-What?!" Tenma exclaimed, she looked at the clock, it was 8:00AM, only a few minutes before school started. Suddenly Yakumo saw big gigantic words, above her older sister's head. Signaling Tenma's distress, "Oh no! I'm going to be so late! Ekk! Where are my clothes?! Where are my clothes?!"

Yakumo quickly looked around and saw her sister's school clothes at the end of her bed. "Um, sis? Your clothes are right there." She pointed to the bed, and Tenma jumped to hug her little sister. "Thanks Yakumo! Thank you so much! You're a life saver!" Yakumo smiled at her sister's happiness. As if this little spurt of of energy didn't show it, Yakumo read her sister's mind, "Yakumo's the best sister I could ever have!"

Yakumo quietly existed the room when she saw her sister undress. 'Well, I'd better go make breakfast.' She gently went down the hall and into the kitchen.

--A few minutes later--

The smell of food entered her nostrils. "Wow! Yakumo! I didn't know you can cook this!" Tenma Tsukamoto stared at the breakfast. On the table was pieces of bacon, eggs, sausages, all served on a huge plate. The beverages were a pitcher of milk and orange juice.

"Yes, I found it in this cook book. A Western Breakfast. I thought you wanted something new." Yakumo answered, timidly. "It looks so good! I think you out-did yourself Yakumo!" Tenma sat in the chair and began pileing up the breakfast on her plate with her fork.

Yakumo, pleased with her sister's reaction, began setting up Tenma's lunch. "Yakomooo!" Yakumo turned around and found her sister stuff her mouth with her new breakfast. "Sis? Are you okay?" Yakumo asked. Tenma gulped and nodded. "I'm fine. That was a great breakfast! Thanks Yakumo!"

"Your welcome sis." The red-eyed teen smiled as she watched Tenma go out the door and stomped back upstairs to her room to get her book-bag. She looked at the lunch she made for her sister, Onigiri; rice-balls, 2 of them of course, and rice mixed with shrimp, and pickled sea-weed.

It was wrapped with a bunny-face with whiskers. Yakumo's bento was wrapped with blue. "Yakumo! Come on! I got your school bag and everything! Hurry!" Tenma shouted to her Yakumo, who was only 5 ft away from her.

"Coming! Yakumo said. She grabbed the 2 lunches and headed to the door. She saw Tenma's pigtails happily danced, as she was holding the book-bags with both hands. "Yay!" Tenma handed Yakumo her book-bag and quickly grabbed her lunch. She put her arm up in triumphant. "Okay! Time for school!"

--Yagami High School--

Tani Hayato sighed as he watched the comings and goings of his students. Chitter-Chatter, Blah, blah, talk talk. His students ignored him when they came in, not saying Hi, or a simple Hello. To him, this felt like rejection from his own students. He felt like he wasn't their teacher anymore.

The only people that can actually control this classroom are Hanai and Harima. 'Oh well, at least I get to control the field trip.' He thought as he read his book.

--School Grounds--

"Hey! Eri!" A blond and beautiful teen looked around and saw Tenma and Yakumo walking towards her, Tenma's pigtails jumping up and down, and Yakumo's red eyes timidly looked at the ground.

"Hey Tenma, what''s up?" The ditzy-teen then talked about her morning while, Eri listened with mild interest. A small voice piped up. "Miss. Eri? Where's Sarah?" Eri pointed to a nice, cheerful girl, who's hair was tied up in a bun.

"She's over there Yakumo." "Thank you." Yaukumo walked toward Sarah who smiled and greeted her. "Yakumo has a great friend, don't you think Eri?" As Eri was about to relpy, she heard a ghostly whisper, "Hey Eri. How are you?"

"Ahhh!" Eri quickly looked around to one of her friends, Mikoto Suo, a well-endowed teen who loved to play tricks on the naive, rich girl. "D-Dammit Mikoto! What the hell was that?!" Mikoto smirked and said, "What? I can't greet a friend?"

Eri turned red and stormed out of the group and went quickly into the school. The blue-haired teen glared,"What's her problem? Oh, hey Tenma. What's up?" Tenma smiled and repeated everything she said to Eri.

After she heard that she said," Man I wish I had some of Yakumo's cooking, she can cook about anything!" Something caught Tenma's eye, "Hey! Akira! Over here!" She waved to a teen who was reading a book called Knowing Ones Self.

"Oh, hey." Akira observed them for a few seconds then told them that they were going to be late for the bell if they didn't hurry up. Tenma twitched,"I-I can't be late! Noooo!!"

She sped over to the entrance of the school; dust and school skirts flew up at the strength of Tenma's speed. Mikoto sweat-dropped,"Hehehe...that's our Tenma." Akira silently nodded.

--2-C's classroom--

"Oh, my god! Really?!" One girl exclaimed as she stared at her friends, all of them nodded. "I heard it from it himself." As if to confirm it, she reached into her bag and took out....Whack! Her friends gasped as their friend glared at the boys, Imadori, and Nara. Imadori and Nara froze in their tracks.

"W-We didn't mean too....I-It was his fault!" They both pointed at each other, but it was a bit too late.....the victim turned into the murderer...."How dare you! You guys will pay!" She pounced on them, hitting, banging their heads against the floor. All of her friends backed away, as this scene continued, Tenma Tsukamoto ran inside her classroom, sweating bullets.

Sighing with satisfaction, she smiled,"I-I made it in time! Did you see that Eri?" The black-haired teen looked at Eri who panted like a dog in the summer,"Y-Yeah. I saw that Tenma." The blond teen glared at her friends, Mikoto and Akira, who came in just as the bell rang.

"Okay Class, take your seats." Their sensei told them; it was surprising that 2-C even heard him, as they chattered and talked and even fought through that command. Suddenly, Hanai, the "leader" of 2-C instantly took control. "Everyone! Take your seats now!" His glasses were the "ring" of his command.

The Class of 2-C looked at the imposing figure and unconsciously did as they were told. As the class calmed down, Sensei Hayato began his big announcement,"Class, we're are going to have a class felid trip." The class began talking all at once. "Oh, my god!" "Ekk!" "Oh yes!" "...." "Did you hear that?! We're going have a filed trip!" "Oh, god..." "Time to test out my scary stories!"

It was a while until the class was quieted down, then Sensei Hayato wrote on the board what to bring and when they were all going to depart. He faced them,"So, I guess this concludes the Feild Trip, any questions?"

Imadori raised his hand,"Okay, I know were going to go camping or whatever, so are the girls going to sleep in a different section of the camp?" He glanced at Mikoto, who gave him a dirty look. Hayato nodded,"Yes, all the boys will stay at the West end of the Camp, while the girls will stay at the East of the camp. Ms. Itoko will be assigning the rooms to you all."

All the boys smiled,"No way. Itoko? She's coming with us?" One of the boys asked. Hayakto sighed," There will be teachers like me, Ms. Itoko, Ms. Youko, Mr. Kouriyama and the school nurse, Ms. Anegasaki." One of them, Hitoaki raised his hand,"Whoa. Okay, so all of those teachers are going to be supervising one class?"

Sensei Hayato nodded,"Since, there are no guides in the camp, the teachers will fill in for them. Oh, and I forgot, Class 2-D will be joining us as well." As if there was a ghost in the class, the classroom all gasped,"N-No way.....2-D?" Nara began shaking and looked at his Sensei with a shocked face.

It was normal for 2-C to be shocked for 2-D coming with them, the classes were arch-rivals to one another. Even the teachers had a grudge against each other. Sensei Hayato sweat-dropped,' I knew this would happen. I knew it. Damn that Katou.'

To calm his students he talked,"N-now. I know there's a bit of tension with you guys. Don't worry. They will be staying at the camp next to us." It really didn't help because 2-C was in a ruckus. "Yeah, right," Imadori grumbled,"They'll be doing tricks on us soon."

Tenma was obvious to the tension that spread across the room,'We have a Trip! To a camp! No way! This will be a perfect chance to confess! Under the stars...with Karasuma.' She blushed and giggled. Eri's mind was on the camp itself. 'Great. No proper bathrooms, the beds will be horrible. The food.' She shivered,'I'll starve myself...' Mikoto was thinking about something else,'This will be so awesome! The fresh air! The activities! Yes, this will be good.' She was content, for now.

Akira was looking at this from a subjective point-of-view,'This will be interesting.' Sensei looked at his class with a nervous face,"I hope I can handle them. This will be one heck of a field trip." He sighed and thought about the dangers the class and him will face. "God, what have I gotten myself into?"

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