phenix vs godot 2: enemies become friends

phenix vs godot 2: enemies become friends

(this is a sequel to my last story)

phenix wrights life had been very good sense he beat his enemy godot because his record was now the best in the country and everyone wanted to have him as there lawyer so now he was rich. he sat at home watching naruto because he didn't have a case that day but then his phone rang. he picked it up and it was the jail guys and they said godot wanted to talk to him at the jail. so phenix went to the jail.

when he got there godot was sitting down behind the glass thing and phenix picked up the phone so they could talk and godot said "i didnt kill anyone i was framed" and phenix didnt beleive him but thn he said that those were not the shoes he normally wore and that the real killer must hav took to advantage his blindnes and switched his shoes for him. phenix didnt know what to say because godot was mean to him but he didnt want to be mean to him so he said hed help if he stopped beng mean so godot agreed and phenix took the case.

so he went to the crime scene with maya again and looked for more clues but all they found was a cigaret. they were out of ideas and the retrial was tomorow so phenix went home and thought about it and who could have done it.

(the next day) phenix went to the courthouse and edgeworth was there and said "your client is guilty and i'll prove it easy" but phenix had a fighting spirit and said "you'll never beat me MILES EDGREWORTH!!"

so they procedded to the court and miles presented a witness "state your name for the court" "my name is benjamin troy and i saw godotr kill the man and the last suspect was with me" he then said that godot came in with a knife and stabbed him and they were playing cards with him before he did and then they ran away

so then phenix asked why godot did it but miles didn't have an explanation for motive so the trial had to be continued later

phenix then talked to benjamin. ben lit a cigaret and said that he knows godot did it even though he doesnt know why/ phenix noticd he had mud on his jeans but it wasnt raining today

phenix decided to sneak in to his house for clues before the next trial and there he found godots shoes that he normally wore. he took them away to show to court.

the next day phenix presented that he had godots shoes but then he said that they are popular shoes and he just got the same kind. phenix had nothing else to go on but miles had an explanation for why godot would kill the man. he said that the man was godots friend but he stole stuff from his house and so godot got mad. phenix didnt know what to say and it looked like he was going to lose but then gumshe busted in and yelled "HOLD IT!" and then the judge asked what he wanted and he said the door was locked there and that godot couldnt get in any other way and he also found the key to godots room in benjamins house which he used to switch the shoes. benjamin admited he kiled the man and then godot went free and now he and phenix were friends.

the end.