Veronica meets her past Veronica meets her past

Setting: Taking place five years after High School and Veronica works as a junior officer at the FBI, specializing in undercover work. And the time has come for Neptune Highs 5 year reunion…

Chapter 1: Arriving

The music pored loudly out of the speakers, glitter and tons of balloons hung all around the first-class ballroom the reunion organizers had rented for the evening.

Veronica had just entered the building, but the ballroom doors were wide open and she had already caught a glimpse of the room.

"Well mars, you better put your invisible guard up –just in case" Veronica thought to herself. A few yards away an ordinary table stood and behind it sat Mandy, the girl Veronica once helped find her dog Chester. The braces were gone and her dark hair was a bit more fashionable, but none the less Geek was written all over her kind face. Mandy talked to another old "friend" of Veronicas, Kimmi who had been eternal runner up to Meg Manning.

Veronica sighed internally and stood hidden in shadow, watching Mandy give Kimmi a nametag and point to the ballroom door.

More people were poring through the entrance door, thankfully not noticing Veronica and she couldn't really believe she was there. Veronica Mars at a reunion party, what was that all about?

A lot had happened in these five years since High School. A year ago her time at Hearst would have been over, but faith wanted it otherwise.

Veronica thought to herself:" What's the matter, a Mars has never run away from a fight, get in there!"

She straightened up and walked out from the shadow hiding her. Mandy's brown green eyes lit up with a glimpse of pure idolization at the sight of Veronica. Apparently she too remembered Veronica's role in the whole Chester affair. "Veronica!" She yelled out, pushing through the line of waiting classmates and flung herself around the much smaller woman. "Oh, I'm so glad you could come tonight! I have made such great surprises for tonight!" Without taking in much of a breath Mandy continued with pure glee:" Uh, and Chester is now a dad and I have his puppy, I named her Lester!" Mandy showed every sign of wanting to go into picture mood and Veronica said with an apologetic smile:" I'm really happy for you Mandy, but I just need my nametag and then I have to meet someone inside." Mandy smiled even more brightly, forgetting – fortunately- about the pictures and grabbed Veronicas arm and pulled her to the table with all the nametags. All the while talking as always:" Like you need a nametag; no one could forget your name. You have helped everyone of us at one time or another, I owe you so much. Here we go, you look great by the way," Mandy said while she gently placed the nametag upon Veronicas black dress. Veronica smiled briefly again and hurried inside. Not that she didn't like Mandy, she just hardly ever interacted with people who adored her so obviously and it made her uncomfortable, only one could get away with it and sadly that person wasn't here.

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