Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own VM universe, but this piece of imagination is mine…sort of;)

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own VM universe, but this piece of imagination is mine…sort of;)


5 years later 10 year high school reunion:

The music pored loudly out of the speakers, glitter and tons of balloons hung all around the first-class ballroom the reunion organizers had rented for the evening just like last time.

Veronica had just entered the building, but the ballroom doors were wide open and she had already caught a glimpse of the room. She smiled at the familiar sight and got in line to receive her nametag.

A few yards in front of her an ordinary table stood at the exact same place as five years earlier. And to Veronicas delight Mandy was once again the key organiser of the event.

Veronica's eyes widened as she saw Kylie walk up to Mandy to say something and with no hesitation what so ever Mandy gave her a peck on the lips as though they had done so for a long time. "I love it when I'm right," Veronica thought to herself and moved forwards.


Mandy's brown green eyes lit up with a glimpse of pure idolization at the sight of Veronica. Some things never change.

After a brief but friendly conversation Veronica entered the ballroom looking for a very certain someone.

"Yoyoyo elephant on the loose!"

Veronica put her hand behind her back for support and literally waddled over to Dick Casablancas and yelled, just as Dicks wife, Mac hit him on the head with a coaster:" Shut up Dick or I'll show you how elephants react to insults!"

Mac smiled and tried to get up from her chair and failed miserably. She looked at her husband of two days and said sarcastically:" Well, I'm pleased that the sight of other women makes you forget your manners."

Dick laughed and winked at Veronica before lending a helping hand to the 8 and a half months pregnant Mac.

The two women tried to hug each other, but their big bellies didn't quite want to cooperate at the idea.

Veronica sighed and sat down with a hard thump and looked around the room.

"Where's everybody? Don't tell me that the Dickmeister finally arrived first at the scene for once?" She looked teasingly at Dick, who shook his head and answered:" Hey! I'm a new man I'm married and about to enter fatherhood, gotta keep maturing and all that."

Mac smiled and ruffled his blond hair saying:" Wow, what an achievement, hon, we've been married for a total of two days, I'm proud of you, really I am!"

Dick laughed again and shook his head at their teasing, got up and said:" Gotta find some testosterone or I'll loose my mind, be right back, okay?"

Veronica smiled inadvertently at their obvious love.

Mac had just begun talking about how much she loved being married and of how long it would be before Veronica finally took the plunge, but was interrupted by Jackie's shriek of joy. The pretty black woman looked as stylish as ever as she bent down to hug her two friends and pet them on their big bellies. Wallace looked down at the stranded Veronica and said while laughing:" V, does the words beached whale mean anything to you?"

Veronica tilted her head and lifted a finger:" Be careful Wallace, you'll only get on of those I'm gonna pop one of these days and then I'm gonna get ya!"

Wallace laughed and sat down with Jackie on her lap.

The Fennels had been married for 6 years now and was still going strong. Off course the old classmates, who didn't know them as well as Veronica did, eyes them closely, trying to decide if the tabloids were right about them splitting up due to infidelity, childlessness and what not.

Veronica didn't care about the tabloids one bit. The Fennels loved each other and that was that!

Veronica felt a hard kick from her soon to be born son and hid a painful expression behind a fake yawn.

"What's that about V, going down so soon? Age really doesn't become you."

Weevil's deep voice whispered in her ear and Veronica looked up at her old friend and now employee. "Hey, who gave you permission to leave the office today Mr. Navarro?"

Weevil smiled and sat down in front of her:" well you see, my boss this little petite and very hormonal woman aint working tonight, so I thought I might close up the P.I. bis' a bit early today."

Veronica smiled and said:" your boss is a big softy she is."

They smiled once more at each other and Veronica felt a huge lump of love for her badass friend.

After their last reunion Weevil had finally taken the last step away from crime and thanks to Keith Mars and some of Veronicas called in favours around town he had finally studied to be a P.I. himself.

After Veronicas near death experience she had been offered a desk job at the agency, which she declined and after moving back to Neptune, she had bought Mars investigations from her dad and now ran it together with Weevil.

Well, not so much at the moment though, due to her present state as a beached whale, as Wallace so gently put it.

Veronica sighed and was pulled back to reality by Mac whispering a silent:" Aw."

"Are you okay?" Veronica mouthed to Mac, who in return smiled casually and continued her conversation with Jackie and Wallace.

Wallace looked tired, Veronica thought. But who can blame him though? After Mac and Dicks splendid grandeur of a wedding, he had been forced to stay at his mother and Keith and their 2-year-old little son, Cliff, who was just as much of a talker as his name brother Cliff McCormack.

Veronica smiled at the memory of the night Keith and Alicia finally announced them getting married – a statement that their children had known even before they did.

Finally Wallace and Veronica would be a real family and it was cemented by the birth of their brother.

Another hard kick blew Veronica back to her surroundings. She panted a bit and tried to hide it again by reaching out for a soda.

A long sunburned arm reached over her and gave it to her, before she even finished her movement.

"Hey, I've been looking for you."

Veronica's eyes lit up with her emotions for the man standing behind her.

"Hey, what can a man do when Dick pulls you over to the bar? He might be having second thoughts." Logan added and looked teasingly at Mac. Then his expression changed to worry as he noticed the sweat on Macs pale face. Veronica changed the subject by grapping his hand and ask:" Have you seen Madison yet?"

Logan looked down on his long time girlfriend and answered – completely forgetting Macs odd behaviour – as Veronica intended.

"No, but D.K. says she's fooling around the Caribbean with husband number 3 so we're not gonna see her tonight."

Veronica didn't feel that twinge of hate as she used to whenever Madison's name came up. After the shooting and jail incident five years earlier, they had held an unspoken truce. They might never be friends but they were on Christmas card basis.

Veronica flinched as she felt another sharp pain in her abdomen and by the look of Mac she was undergoing the same experience.

"When you speak of the devil." Logan's mocking voice distracted Veronica for a bit and she looked up to see Duncan go up to Logan and punch him boyishly in the chest laughing:" I came so I could be closer to you."

The two men were as close as ever. After their fight and Veronica's accident, they had somehow rebooted their relationship and Veronica knew that they weren't even that close during the Fab 4 golden age.

Duncan still carried a torch for Veronica, but only as the memory of her being his first love. No, Duncan had shocked his parents once again by starting to date Lizzie Manning – his daughter's aunt.

Lizzie's wild side had made Duncan more relaxed and carefree. He finally loved his life to the fullest.

Veronica turned her attention to her favourite thing her lover.

Logan was still very handsome and in Veronica's eyes he was one of those men, who improved by age. His face was happy and it obvious he was a happy man.

Some of Logan's old followers from High School didn't quite recognize him. His former "psychotic" self was evaporated and it was clear as day that the reason for his change was the little blonde he once used to torment every chance he got. Life is weird sometimes.

Veronica loved how he loved Lynne. Thankfully Logan's bone marrow had been a perfect match and after some hard months where both Lynne and Veronica was in and out of the hospital she was finally healthy. Almost too healthy sometimes, her parents thought. Her and her best friend Lilly kept landing them in trouble whenever they weren't thoroughly watched.

Veronica clenched her fists and drew in a deep breath. Logan heard it and looked closely at her.

Her pale sweaty face gave him a suspicion. Her clenched fists and jar another, but what finally convinced him of her labour was thee fact that Clemmons and Mandy announced that dinner was ready to be served and Veronica didn't look up in eager anticipation and armed with two plates.

"Oh no," Logan mumbled horrified as the truth hit him, " not now?"

Veronica mumbled something not appropriate and Logan blushed a bit.

Suddenly Logan's horrified expression turned simply comical as he realized that Mac was panting rather heavily too.


"What dude, I'm trying to fetch food for my woman!"





Veronica almost threw a giggle fit as she and Mac observed how Dick paled just as fast as Logan had done finally it dawned on him and Dick dropped his plate on Caitlin Fords expensive shoes and ran towards his wife looking like Clemmons had just offered him a teaching position.

Wallace, Jackie, Weevil and Duncan now also realized what was happening and they hurried towards the doors, making way for the two panicked men carrying their still laughing women to their cars.

The remaining people of the reunion starred after the tight knotted clique and began to laugh and cheer as they heard Veronica yell:" Logan relax I'm the one in labour here!"

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