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The Results

"-and so then forehead here put in her 'brunette' hair dye and the by the time she'd already put all the bottle in her hair, I realized that it said 'brink pink' instead of 'brunette'. Least to say that forehead bitched about it for the whole rest of the year 'cause she couldn't dye it again or it'd have some big affect on her hair and cause it to all fall out." Ino said as she recounted the tale of how Sakura got her...unique hair color.

"Yeah, I'm surprised that they let me into this internship with it. I mean, pink hair isn't exactly 'in' if you kno-" Sakura continued, pausing and raising her eyebrow as Shizune came racing into the living room.

"Everyone, Tsunade is waiting for you. She's to give you her your results on your photo-shoot today." Shizune said as she came to a halt.

"I'll finish later." Sakura said as she got up, dusted herself off (she was laying on the floor), and started to follow Shizune. They all followed Shizune down to Tsunade's office and, from there, into another room that had a projector set up and a small desk in the front of the room. Tsunade was sitting at the desk, awaiting their arrival.

"About time." she grumbled under her breath as they all filed into the room.

"Okay so, this is how this is gonna go. I'm going to call you up in the order that the photo-shoots took place and them I'm gonna give you some pointers, just tell you if I liked the picture, and what you could do to make it better." Tsunade said concisely, looking at them as if to ask if there were any questions. After a few seconds of silence she continued.

"Okay, so Shikamaru Nara and Temari no Sabaku are up first." she said as she pulled out their folder and clicked a button on a remote, making it so a picture of Temari was blown-up onto the projector screen.

"This photo is pretty good for rookies such as yourselves. Shikamaru, from what I can tell from her personality so far, you've captured her fiery personality quite well in this picture. However, you've given the photo a softer feel because of her light and soft background." Tsunade began as she turned to the projector screen.

"As good as this photos is, my sources have told me that the process of getting these photos taken was pretty difficult for you two." she continued.

"Wait-what 'sources'?" Temari demanded, narrowing her eyes.

"Er-it doesn't concern you two right now. Anyways, apparently throughout the whole photo-shoot you two were bickering non-stop and were just at each-others' throats." she continued, looking at them as if daring them to object. Since they continued to hold their silence, albeit grudgingly, she continued.

"So what you two have to work on is your communication skills. I'll monitor you two using my sources during your next photo-shoot. If everything goes well, then you're off the hook. However, if you two continue to bicker then you'll go into remedial counseling." she finished, happy with the punishment she had chosen and bemused at their shocked expressions.

"T-therapy? You're suggesting that we go through counseling just because we aren't two peas in a friggin' pod?" Temari scoffed.

"Well it's either that or you two leave the internship; without a refund or having learned anything. You choose." Tsunade countered, forcing Temari into a corner with her simple and rational logic. Temari sneered, grumbled a bit, and muttered "fine." as she stomped back to her place in the line.

"Okay now that that's all cleared up, Hinata Hyuga and Kiba Inuzuka are up." Tsunade said as she motioned for them to come forward.

"Your picture, as far as I can tell, does in fact capture Hinata's innocent and kind nature. However, you never really changed it up. It seemed like throughout the whole roll it was just the same pose and such." she began as she went through their folder.

"Now, from what my sources have told me, it seems like you weren't really telling her what to do. You left her in her own comfort zone and never pushed her to go out of the box, to do something wild and crazy. Although it's her nature, sometimes you, as the photographer, have to direct them and really tell them what is good for you and her, not just her." she continued.

"So, for your next photo-shoot I'd like for you two to try new things. I want you to take chances, go with your gut instinct and just let loose. Although you have that whole 'innocent librarian' look going for you, you need to be able to do more than one demeanor if you really want to make it in this business." she finished as she motioned for them to go back to their places.

"Okay so next up is...Ino Yamanaka and Chouji Akimichi." Tsunade said as she ruffled through her papers and such and came to their folder. She put their best photo up on the projector and waited till Chouji got to the platform to start.

"So, although this is quite a good photo, I don't really feel like you captured Ino's personality. You simply had her pose, which she is good at, and you snapped the picture. You need to try to incorporate her personality into the photos more. She is, as the rest of the models are, a beautiful young woman and she is very photogenic but you need to bring her personality into the picture. Something that we really emphasize at this academy is that models aren't just pretty girls or hot guys, there's more to modeling than striking a pose." she said, pausing to take a breath.

"So, for your next photo-shoot you are to really capture Ino's personality. You need to find out what she's like and you need to, somehow, convey that into the picture. You want the person looking at the picture to be able to see what she's feeling." Tsunade said as she waved them off.

"Up next is...Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha." Tsuande called as she pulled a file from her desk and put up their best picture.

"This picture, I feel, has a great aesthetic balance. You capture Sakura's genuine personality while adding your own spruce of creativity to further brighten Sakura's personality. I really like how you accentuated the cherry blossom tree to keep with and complement her eccentric hair-color." Tsunade said.

"Although, I head that you two barely talked throughout the whole photo-shoot. Part of this whole experience is learning how to bond with your co-workers and to make them feel comfortable with the photographer. If the model is tense and uncomfortable, you are more likely to get a worse shot than if she were comfortable and at ease. So, for your next photo-shoot I want you to talk. Talk about your likes, dislikes, your family, friends." Tsunade advised as she motioned for them to go back to their places.

"And lastly is Tenten and Neji Hyuga." Tsunade said as she grabbed their folder and put their best picture on the projector.

"I have to say that choosing your best photo was quite hard, because they all were so different that it was hard to even compare on to another. That's a good thing, by the way. It's good to take different approaches to a photo-shoot. That way, your buyer will have more of a variety to choose from so if they don't like one picture you just throw out two pictures instead of the whole batch. However, I heard from my sources that you two actually hit it off quite well...in fact some interpreted your actions as...flirtatious." Tsunade finished, eyeing them both and smiling bemusedly at their shocked expressions. Ino's jaw had dropped while Hinata was trying, and failing, to hide her laughter at the thought of the Neji that she knew doing something such as flirting.

"W-we weren't flirting, Tsunade-sama! Really, I mean we were just talking about all our extra-curricular activities and such!" Tenten insisted, still shocked at Tsunade's assumption.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama. We were simply discussing each-others' daily lives and that is what you wanted us to do, is it not?" Neji asked calmly.

"Well yes but, getting too acquainted wasn't exactly the er-purpose of this whole academy." Tsunade continued, having trouble wording her response.

"So, anyways, my advice to you guys is to stick to talking of extra-curricular activities and to keep up the good work." Tsunade finished, giving a wicked smile as she pulled a bottle of sake from her desk.

"You're dismissed, dinner's in half an hour!" she called as they began to file outside of her office.

"So, you two were flirting?" Ino asked airily as soon as Neji and Tenten were out of Tsunade's office.

"We were simply talking about e-" Tenten repeated, as insistent as before.

"Uh-huh right Tenten." she replied mischievously, smirking as Tenten grumbled and made some excuse to go outside to "practice" something-or-other. As soon as Tenten left, Ino averted her attention to Neji, who was already heading for the kitchen to avoid her questioning.

"I'm willing to bet that they didn't just talk during their photo-shoot." Ino said to Sakura as she sat down on the couch.

"I don't know, I mean they don't seem like the kind of people to just start making-out after nearly just meeting each-other." she replied, looking pointedly at Ino.

"Okay so that was just once and it was at a party and we were drunk-" she insisted, turning to Shikamaru. He winced at what he knew was the inevitable.

"I mean, tell them Shikamaru!" she insisted. At that moment several things happened, Shikamaru groaned and banged his head against his hand repetitively, Tenten and Neji chose that exact moment to return, and the rest of the room was left speechless.

"What happened? You all look like Shikamaru grew another head." Tenten said, wishing she could take a picture of their shocked expressions.

"Don't you guys act so surprised that I kissed Shikamaru." Ino said flippantly, causing Tenten to nearly drop her jaw.

"You dated him?" Temari asked incredulously.

"Somebody sounds jealous." Sakura said faux-sweetly.

"No! I mean-why would I like such a-" Temari replied quickly.

"You know I'm still here, right?" Shikamaru interjected, cross at where the conversation was headed.

"Dinner!" Shizune called from the kitchen.

"I'm willing to bet that they'll be at each-others' throats by the end of dinner." Sakura predicted to Tenten, watching as Temari rolled her eyes and stalk to the table.

"It's definitely going to be an er-interesting dinner." Tenten said as they made their way to the dinner table.

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