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Dante watched his beloved creator, fiddle with the joint of yet another puppet. He sat in a large armchair running his human-like fingers through his life-like black hair.

He often hated the numerous toys Hugo made for fun, a hobby. He was probably jealousy but he was scared nevertheless. Scared that they would take his place in Hugo's heart.

So Dante made it his pastime of trying to outdo them in every way possible. He was cuter, more practical and not to mention he was Hugo's best friend.

He wanted Hugo to remember he was his previously best friend, that he was more then just a creation.

He wondered over to the occupied puppet maker and leaned over the table.

"Hugo?" He asked sounding worried.

"Yes Dante? I'm working for once, what is it?" The man looked up peering through his glasses.

"I...I love you..." he whispered looking directly into his eyes.

The man straightened a little. He frowned slightly before smiling gently and patting Dante on the head.

"I love you too, Dante." his forest green eyes had searched the icy blue but he already knew the child sized puppet was serious. He usually was with life.

He moved over to workshop. He was trying to once again work, until He felt a small tap on the crown of his head.

He tilted his head up to see Dante fully engrossed in the action of patting his wheat coloured hair.

'How did you reach, Dante?' he thought as he pressed his lips lightly to the name printed on his doll's cheek.

Dante gently wrapped his small arms around Hugo's neck.

Dante waited till Hugo had returned the hug before smiling and whispering softly in his blonde's ear.

"You should have more stools around."

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