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Save Us

Their mission was clear, at least it seemed that way. Requirtment of potential shinobi for Konoha's military force. However, for Gitsu Kojiro and her partner Masume Miyamoto, that mission was headed for failure. So far, they had found no one. Well they had found possible candidates, but it seemed that other shinobi villages got to those ones before they had a chance to approach them.

Out of all the possibles, three had been requirted to Kiri, two for Suna, one for Iwa, and two for Oto. Things were not looking good, even if Konoha was one of the stronger villages they still needed shinobi like everyone else.

Masume let out a sigh and turned slowly to his friend, "Gitsu, I know this mission is A-rank straight from Hokage-sama himself, but we've been out for two weeks and have no one. Can we go back now?" he asked, wanting to see his village again.

"No, we can't. I want to go back too, but we will NOT go back without at least a few," Gitsu replied agitated, "Besides, we just got to this little town. We have to keep trying, at least for Hokage-sama's sake."

Masume muttered something under his breath about women always wanting the last say, but Gitsu never heard it. Almost immediately she saw a redheaded girl, no more than eight years old, being harassed by a few drunk men.

The redhead clutched her flute to her chest trying to protect herself from the men attacking her, but it wasn't doing the best job, "Leave me alone...I haven't done anything!" she yelled before playing a few notes on her little flute.

Gitsu knew the girl was activating a genjutsu, she could sense the chakra. But it was clear the girl didn't know what she was doing, as her chakra control was not very good. Nonetheless, she dispelled the genjutsu from affecting her and Masume did the same. They allowed the men to suffer for a minute before dispelling it from them as well. "Get out of here you thugs! If I ever see you around this girl again I'll kill you." Gitsu yelled, spinning a kunai on her finger for emphasis.

The harassers, clearly not wanting to upset a shinobi, all ran as fast as they could to whatever hole they came from. "You're safe now, you..." Masume started before he was cut off.

"T-thank you...those bastards...they said they were gonna rape me and all kinds of s-s-stuff and...WAH!" the redhead cried out, hugging Gitsu's leg tightly, letting tears flow freely.

Gitsu stroked the girls dirty hair with a smile, "There there, they won't come back. We're shinobi from Konohagakure, and we saw that you used a genjutsu on them. Do you want to come with us, where you'll have a home and people won't be mean to you?" she asked.

The redhead looked up, and slowly nodded her head. Masume was thrilled, not only was he one step closer to being home, but this girl was obviously talented and most likely had no formal training. She could be a powerful kounoichi, and no longer be an orphan. "What's your name?" he asked with a smile.

The redhead rubbed her eyes until they were dry and weakly replied, "Tayuya..." before they left however, she pointed towards her little hat that was knocked off during the scuffle. Masume picked it up and dusted it off, before handing it to the smiling redhead.

Having finally found someone, the two Jonin decided to head east, back in the direction of Konoha. They weren't going back quite yet, just stopping at a few villages on the way there, then they would head for Kiri and Kumo. The sun was setting fast as they saw a village just ahead of them. It wasn't in the nicest shape, but it would do.

Masume found a hotel and got their room, him sleeping on one bed, and the girls sleeping on the other. "Ok, we'll stay here tonight. Tomorrow we'll search the village for potential shinobi, then head out again." he said falling to the bed, tired as hell.

Gitsu rolled her eyes, "Well, for a certain little girl it's time for a bath." she said looking at Tayuya. The redhead smiled brightly, having the chance to clean herself. It was clear that she did not get proper hygiene while being an orphan. Before Gitsu knew it, Tayuya was hugging her.

"Thanks onee-chan, now let's get to the damn bath!" she said excitedly.

The morning went ok for the three. Getting to eat a real breakfast made Tayuya feel good, having a full stomach made things easier on her. It was only an hour after leaving the hotel that they found him.

"Hey Gitsu, come here." Masume said, pointing at something in an alley.

A chubby boy was holding a loaf of bread in his hand and trying to run from a baker. "But I haven't eaten anything in days. I'll die if I don't eat!" the boy yelled. Not paying attention to what was in front of him, he ran right into Gitsu, knocking her on her butt.

"You thief! If I ever see you near my store again you'll never walk again!" the baker screamed, snatching the loaf of bread and turning back from where they'd come.

The boy, upset to have nothing to eat, began crying. Before Masume or Gitsu could offer him something, he thrust his palms to the ground. The baker fell through the ground until he was buried to his neck. The boy was about to run away, but Gitsu grabbed his arm and held tight. "NO PLEASE! Don't hurt me...please!" the boy cried out, closing his eyes and preparing for the worst.

Gitsu simply held onto the boy's arm and smiled at him, "We won't hurt you, I promise. We're shinobi from Konoha and if you want you can come with us. You just did an Earth Style Jutsu, very good for someone your age." crouching down to look him in the eyes.

A sheepish grin appeared on the boy's face, though it was wary, "If I come, can I be a ninja too?" he asked. Both Gitsu and Masume nodded, "Ok. My name's Jirobo."

After a few days with Tayuya and Jirobo, Masume thanked Kami they had reached Kiri. Only they never made it to the village, for in the surrounding forest is where he was.

The four walked along the path that was to lead them to Kirigakure and a potential shinobi, but sleeping against a tree was a young boy with pale skin and two red dots on his forehead. His outfit covered in blood, as if he'd just been through some major battle.

Masume checked for a pulse, which he found luckily, "Well, what do we do with this one?" he asked.

"Well, see if he's injured. Then we offer to take him with us since he has a large chakra reserve. And if I didn't know any better I'd say he was a Kaguya from the look of those dots." she replied.

The boy's eyes fluttered for a second, then shot open. He looked anxious, ready to fight, "Are you from Kiri?" He dropped into a basic defensive stance, prepared to defend himself if need be.

Masume put his face in his palm and sighed, "No, we're from Konoha. What are you doing out here?"

The boy relaxed, but kept his eyes on the group. "I'm the only one left from my clan. They fought against Kiri's forces for the sake of battle, but they lost. I've been trying to get away from Kiri, but I don't know where anything is." He looked down at his feet, as if accepting some large defeat.

Masume walked crouched down to meet the boy at eye-level. "Hey, why don't you come with us to Konoha? We can give you a home, and make you a strong shinobi. What do you say?" he smiled softly, hoping that the boy wouldn't reject the offer.

The pale boy looked at Masume, then quietly replied, "If I go, you won't lock me up will you?"

Masume shook his head, "Never. We don't do that sort of thing in Konoha. Why ever would we do that to you anyway?"

The boy slowly pulled his shirt off his shoulder, and pulled out a bone sword. Once it was fully removed from his body, he handed it to Masume. "My clan feared my abilities, they said I was stronger than the normal members of our clan." Next thing, a soft hand was on his head.

"We aren't like that. Besides, you're kekkei genkei is quite interesting. Our village doesn't judge based on something like that. Promise." Masume handed the bone sword back to the boy.

The boy nodded, and a small smile appeared on his face. "My name's Kimimaro Kaguya. I...want to get strong...and not let anyone else be locked up."

Masume gave Kimimaro a soldier pill just in case he had any unseen injuries, then they continued on their journey. "On to Kumo?" he asked.

Gitsu nodded, "Yeah, we might stop at a few villages in between. But after we stop at Kumo, we're going back to Konoha." Masume was on cloud nine after hearing that.

Later, in a forest two days from Kumo, they encountered another unique child.

The group had set up camp to eat, and all but the Jonin were unaware of the presence in the trees. "I don't think it's enemy shinobi. What do you think?" Masume asked, talking low to not alert the unknown entity or the children.

"Not totally sure, but if I had to geuss..." she didn't get to finish, as a six-armed person jumped onto her, and tried to smash her skull with a large rock. The assailant didn't anticipate that Masume was already there when he'd dropped, and quickly put him on the ground.

"Let me go! Let me go now!" the six-armed kid yelled. Masume didn't let up however.

"Why did you attack us?" he asked, not letting the kid get any of his arms into an offensive position.

The child struggled again, but soon stopped, realizing he couldn't get free from the veteran ninja, "I was hungry! And everyone I've encountered freaked out cause of my arms and tried to kill me." the boy unexpectedly started to cry. But soon felt the pressure on his arms and back disappear.

Masume shook his head slowly, "You could've been seriously hurt by attacking us. But we won't hold it against you. Here, eat this." he said handing the child some bread.

The child eyed the bread suspiciously, thinking it could've been poisoned. His thoughts however, were interupted by a rude redhead. "Kami! Look spidee, it's ok to eat it. If we wanted to kill your ass we wouldn't give you our fucking food!" she yelled.

Jirobo shook his head disappointedly, "Ladies shouldn't talk like that Tayuya." that only earned him an angry glare.

Gitsu sighed in annoyance at their bickering, "She has a point though. Listen, we won't hurt you. I promise on my honor as a Konoha-nin." she said.

The six-armed child lifted the bread to his mouth and tore a piece off. After chewing and swallowing the bread, he grinned with embarassment. "Thanks, and sorry I tried to hurt you. I've been out here for three days, so I got pretty desperate." he explained, putting his hand on the back of his head.

Masume waved it off, "It's fine. What's your name, and how come you're out here by yourself?" he asked. He then noticed the boy's face falter a bit.

"My name's Kidomaru, and I was kicked out of my village. They said I was a freak and they were tired of me." He replied, taking another bite of bread.

"Well, why don't you come with us? We're from Konoha, and if you want we can take you there. You would have a home, and you could also train to be a ninja." Masume said, offering a smile of reassurance.

Kidomaru's face lit up and he nearly dropped what remained of the bread, "R-really? I...yeah I'll go. I'll definately go."

Gitsu was pretty confident with Kidomaru, knowing that with training he could most likely reach ANBU level in his career. "Alright guys, on to Kumo then to your new home." That elected smiles from everyone, including Masume. He'll never change...

After traveling for a day and a half with only one stop to rest, they reached a village about five miles from Kumo. It was average size for a village, but that didn't bother Gitsu or Masume. As long as they got a chance to search for more potential shinobi. Something in the center of the village caught her attention while Masume was dealing with the kids. A group of people seemed to be beating on something, or someone, she couldn't tell.

"Hey, I think we should check that out." she whispered, to which Masume agreed. As they approached, the mob seemed to realize that they were ninja, and quickly dispersed, revealing what they were assaulting. It was a boy, or two? They looked like twins, and at the waist their bodies were fused together.

"Whoa, never seen something like that. Kekkei Genkei most likely." Masume commented, checking the boys. The one with red beads slowly openned his eyes, and merged his body with the other boy.

"Holy fuck!" Tayuya shouted, which earned a glare from not only Jirobo, but Gitsu as well.

"Tayuya, that's rude. Don't do that understand?" she asked sternly. The redhead nodded apolagetically, but didn't take her eyes off the boys.

"Stop yelling, I don't feel good." the silver haired boy said groggily. He clutched his head and grimaced in pain. He looked up to notice a soft hand holding a soldier pill, and the concern filled face of the female ninja connected to the hand.

"Here, this will make you feel better. What's your name?" she said.

The boy snatched up the pill and instantly swallowed it, "Thanks. My name is Sakon. And this..." he pointed to the other boy, who was a head now.

The other head stirred, and moved to face the others, "I'm Ukon, his brother." The two heads examined the group around them, hoping not to be attacked by them.

Gitsu sat down in front of Sakon and Ukon, handing them some bread, "How would the two of you like to come with us to Konoha? You'll have a home, and people won't attack you. You can even train to be ninja like us. Sound good?" she asked, as the brothers each took bites of bread.

Sakon was the first to speak, "Well, since you've helped me and my brother I'll go. Ukon?" he glanced at his brother, "Yeah, I'll come too. Got to protect Sakon here." Ukon said with a smile.

"It's settled then. Masume, I think we can go back now." Gitsu suggested.

Masume nodded quickly, "This is a pretty promising group. Diverse, and each with their own strengths. Hokage-sama will be pleased that we found strong kids." looking over the motley crew, he smiled to himself. It wasn't a waste of time in the end, it really mattered.

Gitsu chuckled to herself, for once amused with Masume's laziness, before regarding the six kids, "So, are you all ready to go home?" she asked.

"YEAH!" they chimed in unison.

Gitsu and Masume broke out in laughter, the trip back would be interesting to say the least.