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Title: A Love to Far Gone

Rating: Mature to NC-17

Warnings: Graphic sex, Incest, Yaoi, Slash, AU, Homosexuality, Lack of caring for flamers

Summary: One night changed Darry's and Ponyboy's lives forever. Soda has been keeping a secert from the gang, one that's tearing him apart. And what are the Socs planning to do to Johnny? No one has the answers, only time will tell if the gang can survive. SLASH

Disclaimer: All original Outsiders characters belong to the amazing S.. I only wish I could write as well as her.

"So everything's set?" Two-bit asked after making sure that only the two people sitting in front of him could hear their conversation.

"Yeah Two-bit it's set." Dallas said taking a long drag on his cigarette even though everyone knew they weren't supposed to smoke indoors.

"And you got the pills right Steve?" Two-bit asked.

"Sure did you should've seen the look the cashier gave me I swear that old bag was gonna kick me out!" He nearly shouted and laughed a bit.

"Okay we get it now shut it or Pony or Soda's gonna hear us." Dallas snapped.

"Dally's right just act natural."

It was eight at night and three members of the Curtis gang were plotting in the kitchen. Two-bit had decided to play a prank on Darry that after-noon and had convinced Steve and Dallas to join in. They each had their own job for the prank Steve was to pick up some heavy aphrodisiac from the store, Two-bit was to crush up one of the pills (although he switched it to several), and Dally was to mix the powdered tablets into a beer saying the drink was a thanks for letting him crash on the couch the night before. Darry never drank that much but he wouldn't turn down one drink from the gang. They voted Dally for the job because he seemed the least likely to pull a prank out of the three of them.

Everything was going smoothly they had the pills Two-bit was crushing them up and placing them in a plastic bag to store until Darry got home and Steve kept an eye out for either of the Curtis brothers. It's not so much they worried about Soda stopping them, he'd been acting real quite for some time, but Ponyboy was a different. Ponyboy had been trying to be honest with Darry ever since Johnny's close call and hadn't gotten in trouble since. He thought it might get Darry to worry less.

Two-bit gave the bag to Dallas who shoved it in his pocket and they all watched television until Darry got home


Darry swore as he dropped his keys on the drive way. It seemed that everything was going wrong that day. First the truck didn't start so he had to get a very disgruntled neighbor to jump start the truck, then his boss called him at the job site telling him he had to inspect three more houses and no one, not even his family had wished him a happy birthday. Darrel got over the last part pretty easily considering he had left at six in the morning but he could tell by the shadows in the front window nothing special was going on.

He sighed and picked up his keys before walking in the door. Darry started to blame karma for the whole ordeal. After all having certain dreams about certain baby brothers was a big sin right there. He licked his lips thinking of images his sub conscious had produced the night before. Only in his dreams was he allowed to feel all the sensations of having his little brother under him.

Darry mentally shook his head trying to rid his mind of those thoughts, it would be difficult to make an excuse as to why he had a hard on while taking off his work boots.

After hanging his coat on its hook Darry started to make a sandwich in the kitchen for a quick supper knowing the rest had already eaten. He jumped slightly when someone tapped him on the shoulder. Darry turned around and smiled a bit at Ponyboy.

"Hey Pony you caught me off guard there."


"Don't be it's fine now what did ya want?"

Ponyboy pulled a small package from behind his back and sheepishly handed it to Darry.

"Happy Birthday Darry!"

"Aw thanks Pony."

Darry checked the tag reading 'Happy Birthday' in the fancy writing Pony used for the lettering and ripped open the packaging. Inside were a bunch of assorted expensive looking chocolate bars.

"Wow Pony thanks this is great."

"I know it's not much but you never really said what you wanted so I thought you'd like 'em."

"I'm sure they'll be great Pony."

Darry wrapped his arms around Ponyboy in a tight embrace, about the closest contact he could get with out the cops locking him up for years, Pony still being fifteen and him being twenty one as of today. He let Ponyboy go reluctantly and ruffled his little brothers' hair before sitting in the old recliner that everyone had dubbed as 'his chair' in the living room.

Two-bit nudged Dally with his foot for a signal and he left for the kitchen. Sodapop yawned, stretched and said good night before heading off to bed. He hadn't forgotten Darrys birthday but he had to save cash to get Darry a present and his paycheck hadn't come in yet.

"Yeah work starts early at the DX on Saturdays so I'll see you later." Steve said.

Steve left right after Dally handed Darry his beer and Dally soon left with Two-bit to visit some bars leaving Pony and Darry to watch TV.

'Just don't let the fact that you're the only ones up get to ya' Darry thought while staring at the television screen. It was nine now and an old black and white scary movie came on. Pony grabbed Darry's arm lightly when one of the monsters jumped from the bushes.

"S-sorry these kinds of movies always make me a bit jumpy." He said timidly

"It's alright here have sip it'll help you relax." Darry said handing Pony the bottle.

Pony took the bottle gratefully from Darry and took two gulps of the drink, the taste of alcohol unfamiliar to him. It only took a minute for the prank to take affect. Darrel started to fidget a bit in his seat trying to keep any perverted thoughts from entering his head or from pouncing on Ponyboy right there on the couch. He glanced over at Ponyboy who had pressed himself into the couch cushion. A commercial came on and Pony glanced back at Darry and gave him a short smile. The Movie came back on and Pony groaned giving Darrys mind a playground of thought. Darry left casually to bathroom and instantly started splashing freezing cold water one his face.

'Damn it Darrel calm down! You would only freak him out, you can usually contain yourself what makes this so different? All you had was a drink, wait the drink, DALLAS that bastard! I'll just have to tough it out until whatever this is wears off.,' Darry thought bitterly.

He walked out of the bathroom quietly making sure not to make any sound but froze at what he saw. Ponyboy was leaned over the couch arm grabbing himself through his jeans and moaning softly. Darry couldn't help himself he walked right in front of Ponyboy (who had froze in both shock and fear) and lightly lifted Pony's chin so he could stare into his silvery green eyes.

"I-I'm sorry Darry but it just started to hurt and I didn't know what to do but th-that." Ponyboy stuttered, embarrassed beyond belief

"It's okay Pony but I know how to make it better."

Darry leaned down slowly and pressed his lips to Pony's. Pony stared wide eyed at his brother before closing his eyes and shyly leaning towards the kiss wanting the ache in his groin to disappear. Darry licked Ponys bottom lip begging for entrance that was granted immediately. The kiss was needy for Pony and passionate for Darry and both were left breathless when it ended. Darrel picked Ponyboy up bridal style and carried him to the bedroom where he locked the door. He dropped Pony on the bed and began to rub Ponys sides while kissing and nipping at his neck. Ponyboy moaned loudly and Darry continued to assault his neck and gasped sharply as he felt Darry bite down on his soft skin, barely breaking skin. Darry lifted Pony's shirt over his head followed by his other clothing leaving Ponyboy completely at mercy to Darrys ministrations. Darry started to kiss lower nibbling a little bit on each of Ponys nipples while holding Ponys hands down so he couldn't pleasure himself.

"Darry please I need it, I-I need it down there" Pony begged between gasps.

Darry grinned and licked down to Ponys navel, which he circled twice with his tongue before dipping it inside. He traveled lower lightly gliding his tongue up Ponyboys length receiving a excited moan before he sucked the tip in his mouth and teased it with his tongue. Darry tasted the bit of precum that had leaked out of Pony and groaned. Ponyboy let out another moan as the vibrations ran through is cock, nearly coming right there.

Ponyboy dug his finger nails into the bed sheets and bit his lip remembering that Soda was just a few doors away. Pony felt himself coming closer to the edge before he climaxed groaning loudly and spilling his seed inside Darrys mouth. Darry swallowed every drop loving Ponyboy's taste.

Darry let Pony's softened length slip from his mouth while he stripped himself of his clothes. He kissed Pony lightly before searching under the pillowcase for the bottle of lube he swore he had. He checked every where and Pony started to get restless.

'Damn, where is it!' Darry thought angrily while he searched through his bed side table. He looked over his shoulder at Ponyboy who had crawled over to him and was now licking his ear. Darry turned and kissed Pony letting him taste himself on Darrys tongue. Darry stood and gently caressed Ponys cheek before lying him down on the bed and straddling his hips, barely letting their members brush.

"Pony this could hurt if we continue." Darry warned.

"It's alright Darry I've felt pain before."

Darry smiled down at Pony before sucking on his middle and index finger and lightly prodding Ponys entrance. Darry gently slid one finger inside him, letting Ponyboy adjust before slowing moving the finger in and out of Pony's entrance. Ponyboy squirmed a bit. At first he felt really uncomfortable but as Darry thrusted the finger in and out of him he began to like it. Ponys discomfort soon turned into pleasure and he moaned softly before Darry added a second finger and he whimpered. Darry kissed Ponyboy gently, offering some comfort has he stretched Ponyboy further. He added a third finger to make sure that Ponyboy could handle his size. Darry removed his fingers from Ponyboy and kissed him with a little more pressure before pulling away. Darry spread Ponys legs, his member aching in anticipation as he positioned himself at Ponys entrance. He slowly slid himself inside Pony until he was completely sheathed to the hilt.

Pony whimpered; the pain was unbearable. It felt like his insides were on fire and his muscles twitched in pain. Darry stopped and kissed Ponyboy tasting blood from when Pony bit his lip to hard. He glided his tongue into Ponys mouth distracting him from the pain and massaged Pony's tongue with his own before pulling away for air. Ponyboy sighed his muscles stopped contracting and the pain started to fade replacing itself with a pleasurable feeling. He swallowed waiting for Darry continue. He didn't know how everything was supposed to work but he had a pretty good idea that it didn't involve staying still. The warm tightening he was feeling in his gut was building and he couldn't let it stop.

"Darry start going please." He pleaded.

"Are you sure?" Darry asked concerned

"Yes damn it move!" Pony nearly yelled back

Darry nodded and started thrusting slowly into Pony who moaned softly.

"F-faster." Pony begged

Feeling Darry move inside him gave him the most incredible feeling. Pony couldn't describe it but he wanted more. Darry eagerly obeyed and soon both were moaning in ecstasy. Ponyboy grabbed at Darrys back trying to control his vocal cords as waves of pleasure surged through him to his hardened length which was pinned between him and Darry. Darry gripped Pony's erection and started to pump him until Pony came on to his hand and their stomachs while moaning his name loudly. Darry groaned as Pony's muscles grew tighter and tighter around his cock until he climaxed spilling his seed deep inside Pony's passage.

Darry looked down at Pony who was panting from his orgasm and couldn't help grinning. He kissed Pony lightly feeling exhaustion taking over. Darry pulled out of Pony who gave a little moan at the friction and lied on his back staring at the ceiling with his head propped upwards on the pillows. Pony laid his head on Darry's chest listening to the constant rhythm of Darry's heart beat and tracing patterns on Darry's toned stomach. Darry took Pony's hand in his own kissing each knuckle and holding it. A blush stained Pony's already flushed face before leaned up and kissed Darry on the lips. Darry opened his mouth letting Pony explore with his tongue. Pony moaned before pulling away, needing to breathe and stroked Darry's cheek. Darry smiled up at him and gave Pony a kiss on the cheek before wrapping his arms around him. Ponyboy smiled back and returned to laying his head back on Darry's chest and falling asleep. Darry combed his fingers through Pony's soft locks of hair loving how silky the strands felt in his hands. He stopped and pulled the blanket that had slipped to the floor beside him before draping it over him and Ponyboy. He then fell into a deep, relaxed slumber that he hadn't experienced in a very long time.

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