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Johnny's p.o.v

It was the night of the rumble. I wanted to say something to the gang, something encouraging, but I knew my voice would start shaking too much. I'm not going to lie; I was more scared than I've ever been in my life.

The clock ticked its way to ten and we all got up and Dally and me got into Darry's truck with the Curtis's while Two-bit and Steve got into Two-bits car. We weren't going to the usual rumble area, the only way the Soc's would agree to having a no weapons rumble was if the rumble was held on their turf. None of us liked the situation. A slow rain started to fall onto the wind shield but we barely noticed. We rolled up to an old abandoned park on the outskirts of town. The park equipment there was either rusted or broken. The swings creaked in the cold breeze that made me shiver. The Shepard gang was already there with a few other gangs who lingered around. It was fewer guys than we had hoped for and a feeling of dread washed over us. Our chances did not look good.

"Darrel." Tim said as he walked over to us, a cigarette hanging from his lips.

"Tim." Darry acknowledge, neither of 'em looked to be in a good mood.

"This isn't looking good Darrel; some of my guys wanna leave, I got a back up plan but it might not work. I ain't ditching ya guys here but ya owe me one alright?"

"Thanks Tim and yeah I owe ya big time alright?" Tim nodded before going back to his gang and Dallas started to pace again.

"Curly ain't here, Tim knows it's gonna get ugly so he made him stay home." He said and we pretended not to hear Dally rambling, it only made us more anxious.

We heard the distinct rumble of engines and turned to see six mustangs stop on the other side of the park and the Socs file out of their cars. I gulped at the number of 'em. The two that Dally had fought with at the theater were at the front, both smirking at our few numbers.

"Is this all you Grease monkeys could come up with? Wow I didn't think it would be this pathetic." The tall one said before laughing.

"It only takes one of us to take down three of yours!" Tim boasted and I wished he was right because the odds were three to one.

I don't know who started it but we all rushed forward at once, meeting at the middle of the park in flurry of kicks and punches.

Darry's p.o.v.

Someone's fist connected with my jaw and I almost fell over backwards. I recovered and sent my fist into the first Soc I saw. The fight was going bad and I had lost sight of Ponyboy and Sodapop. I saw Tim go down more than once before getting back up again to make sure the Soc as bruised and bloodied as he was. A Soc caught me in the ribs and I grabbed the collar of his Madras jacket punched him several times in the gut before letting him fall to the ground. Another one tried to charge at me but I caught him in the chest with my shoulder, winding him so that he fell on top of the other one on the ground. The whole time I was fighting I was keeping an eye out for my brothers. Soda had his injuries and Pony was still little, they could really get hurt if they weren't careful. I saw Two-bit and Steve take on three Socs together before they were gone from my line of site. I ducked under another Socs swing before punching him in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious

Then I heard a noise that made my pulse skip. It was a pained scream that belonged to one of my brothers. I took off running towards the noise and spotted Ponyboy on the ground his arm wrapped around his middle, a pained look on his face. Then I saw Soda facing two large Socs, the side of his face red with a bruise forming around his eye. I kneeled beside Ponyboy quickly checking to see if he was okay.

"D-Darry." Ponyboy said with a hoarse voice, gasping while holding his wrist. "Those are the Socs that cracked Sodas ribs."

Rage instantly boiled up in me and I charged past Soda and threw both Socs on the ground before getting on my knees and punching them repeatedly. They cussed and kicked at me but I didn't let them go, not until I was sure they would be just as hurt as they had left Soda. Before long they just lied there and I left them alone to groan in pain.

"Don't ever touch either of my brothers again you god damn brats!" They limped back to the cars like two scolded mutts.

I turned my back on them to see Soda holding Ponyboy upright, both looking worse for wear.

"I don't think we're going to win this." Pony said and both Soda and I were in silent agreement with him.

We all heard the rumble of engines and saw six cars pull up on our side of the park with Greasers jumping out before the cars stopped, Curly Shepard leading the way. The Socs looked up and some of them turned and ran back to there mustangs. I grinned; we might actually win the fight. Then we heard a scream that chilled our blood.

Dally's p.o.v.

Five Socs surrounded me and Johnny. The biggest one flicked a switch open showing a long sharp blade. I hid Johnny behind me even though I knew it wouldn't do much good. They all jumped on us at once. I was knocked over with three on top of me; the other two were dragging Johnny away. I kicked and punched my hardest, trying to throw the bastards off me but they wouldn't budge. Then I froze. Johnny screamed a meter away from me and I knew I had to reach him quick before it was too late. I fought with a new strength then. Only think that I couldn't lose; if I lose so does Johnny; and I could not lose Johnny. One of the Socs was lifted off me and was able to kick the other off and roll out of the way of the final one. Someone lifted me to my feet and I looked up to see a very worried Darrel. I pointed my thumb behind me and we all ran towards where the Socs had Johnny.

The first thing I saw was the blood on the Socs knife. The two Socs were kneeling on Johnny's hands and legs. Johnny wasn't moving. Pony and Soda both jumped the bigger Socs, taking his knife and knocking him out. Darry kicked the other one in the side of the head leaving him out cold. I damn near collapsed at the sight of Johnny. They had cut him up bad carving words into his skin. I fell to my knees beside him, cradling him in my arms. Johnny had always seemed fragile too me, like one of those delicate dolls in a china shop. Now he looked beaten and broken and I could feel the tears starting to leak from my eyes. Darry put an arm over my shoulder, offering his support. I couldn't speak, none of us could, all we could do was stare down at the broken Johnny in my arms. Steve and Two-bit soon ran towards us, both bleeding from their head wounds, but they both stopped short when they saw Johnny.

"The rumble is… over you guys." Two-bit said weakly

"Dallas, I'm going to check for a pulse okay?" I nodded at Darry's question, though it looked impossible that anyone would have a pulse after losing so much blood.

He lightly pressed his finger tips against Johnny's jugular before pulling back quickly and yelling.

"We need to get him to a hospital now!"

We ran back to the vehicles, ignoring the looks from the other greasers. Our only focus was to get Johnny back in time. There was just one problem; we couldn't fit everyone in the truck or in Two-bit's car. I felt someone tap my shoulder and turned to see Tim Shepard holding up a pair of keys.

"You guys can borrow my car; it's got enough seats for everyone." I grabbed the keys from his hands.

"Thanks Tim I owe ya big time."

"Bottle of hard liquor and a pack of cancer sticks will do." He replied with a smirk on his face.

The Curtis gang and I piled into Tim's car; Darry took the wheel while I sat in the back seat with Pony and Soda. Darrel tore through the streets of Tulsa until we reached the hospital. I was climbing out the door before the car had fully stopped, the rest of the gang following right behind me. A lot of people stared at us on the way to the emergency room but I didn't give them much mind, I was too focused on getting help for Johnny. Darrel rung up a nurse at the counter and they took Johnny away on a stretcher. All of us stood in the waiting room for an hour, nurses checked our wounds but we had nothing serious so they soon left us alone. A doctor came in with a clip board and pen while pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose.

"Are you all here for Johnny Cade?" He asked all nodded grimly. "Well the good news is that he's expected to recover fully. He has a concussion and twenty stitches so we will keep him here for a few days. He is still unconscious; we don't expect him to wake up until morning. You can all head home now and relax." The doctor handed the clip board to Darrel for him to sign and I looked over his shoulder reading over the paper before he handed it back to the doctor.

"Well," Soda said as the doctor was leaving. "Where are we all going now?"

"First we're going back to the park to return Tim's car." Said Darry.

"Well Steve and I are gonna crash at our place." Added Two-bit., Steve raising an eyebrow at Two-bit for saying 'our place'.

"We three Curtis's are gonna spend the night at home." Soda chimed in with a grin.

"I got my own plans." I said with a shrug.

We said some short goodbyes as they headed out the door. I took a look around to make sure no doctors or nurses were around before heading up to Johnny's room. It took me a little while to find it but it was worth it. I slipped inside the door, closing it behind me. The room was quiet; the only noises came from the heart rate monitor and Johnny's breathing into the machine mask they had him hooked up to. I walked over and sat in the stool beside his bed. I reached out to run my fingers through his hair but stopped, thinking of his concussion and brushed a finger against his cheek instead. He had almost died today; it seemed like a miracle that he was lying in the bed in front of me. Johnny stirred in his sleep before his eyes fluttered open. He looked confused for a moment before his eyes landed on me and I couldn't but smile at him as he pulled off his mask.

"W-what happened Dally where's the gang?"

"You gave us a real scare Johnny; we thought you had died there, we brought you to the hospital and the doctor said you'd be okay so the others had to go home."

"Why didn't you go with them?" I felt my smile grow bigger at Johnny's confusion.

"Because," I said while leaning close to him. "I wanted to spend some quality time with you." And I sealed his lips with a kiss.

Soda's p.o.v.

I yawned and stretched, it felt good to finally be home. We had driven home in the truck after giving Tim back his car, Two-bit and Steve went else where in Two-bit's car, leaving Darry, Pony and I at home.

"Well, I'm gonna go to sleep now, some guy punched me in the ribs again so it's hurting like hell." I said while getting off the couch, truth is I was just tired.

"Wait Soda, if your ribs are hurting I need to check to see if anything's out of place."

I nodded then took off my shirt for Darry, looking off to the side. I heard Ponyboy snicker somewhere off to my right and I sent him a half hearted glare. Darry placed his hands on my skin and I blushed slightly as he started to feel for anything wrong. I heard Ponyboy snicker again and looked down at Darry to see him mouthing something to Pony. He caught my gaze and grinned at me before continuing to feel for something. I let out a little whine, feeling impatient and annoyed at the two of them. That is, until I felt one of Darry's arms wrap around my waist, the other wrapping around my back so his hand could hold my shoulder while his mouth landed on my left nipple.

"Ah; D-Darry!" I yelled grabbing at his hair in surprise as I felt his tongue swirl around my flesh. "Ngh; w-what are you, ah, doing?" I gasped when he gave me a little nip.

"Isn't it obvious Soda?" Pony said while giving me a hug from behind as Darry continued to assault my chest. "We don't want you to go to sleep right now, we want you to stay awake and have a little fun with us."

I moaned as he started sucking at the base of my neck. Ponyboy brought my wrists together behind my back and tied them there but I barely noticed as Darry started to suckle me. My knees gave out and I would have fallen backwards if Darry hadn't picked me up and carried me over his shoulder to the bedroom. He laid me down on the bed and I gulped as he and Pony looked down at me. I squirmed a bit and whimpered as Darry unzipped my jeans, brushing with a teasing amount of pressure down my length before stripping off pants, leaving on my increasingly constricting boxers. I looked at Ponyboy who had his eyes scanning my now naked legs before focusing on the obvious erection. I bit my lip, realizing how vulnerable I was with my hands tied behind my back.

"P-Pony, you're gonna be nice to me right?" I asked my voice shaking a bit.

"Aw Soda its okay," he teased walking towards me and cupping between my legs, making me gasp. "We'll be nice if you be a good boy." He gave my erection a gentle squeeze before rubbing my length through the thin fabric of my boxers.

I knew I was moaning loudly but I couldn't help it, especially when Pony took over where Darry left off and startled suckling on my right nipple. I saw Darry take off his shirt and I couldn't help but admire his lean muscle. He saw me looking and smirked, I felt my face getting even hotter than it already was. Pony gave me another squeeze and I had had enough. I growled and wrap my legs around his waist pulling him in and grinding him hard against my cock, pushing against the growing erection in his jeans. He gasped and moaned setting his hands on the bed near my sides to keep his balance as I took over, grinding our hips together.

"Nuh-uh you two, that's enough for now, or you're going to end the night early." Darry taunted, pulling Ponyboy away from me even as I whimpered.

Darry leaned down and kissed me while pulling off my boxers. I gasped as the cold air hit my weeping cock. Darry broke the kiss and grinned down at me. He motioned for Ponyboy to come over and had him half lay on the bed so that his feet were still on the floor. Darry grabbed a small bottle off the nightstand and poured some of the liquid onto his fingers. He pressed his index finger against Ponyboys entrance before pushing inside slowly. Ponyboy grimaced but didn't make any protest. I licked my lips as he started to push a second finger in, and Ponyboy opened his legs a little wider to let Darry have more access. Darry started to pump his fingers in and out picking up the pace as Ponyboy started to moan and pant. He removed his fingers and Ponyboy groaned with disappointment making my cock twitch.

"Come here Soda, it's your turn." I quickly obeyed Darry crawling in front of him.

Ponyboy climbed on the bed, lying down on his back in the middle with his knees bent and his legs opened wide. Darry untied my wrists, finally freeing my hands. He pushed me down so that I was lying down in front of him. I was about to complain, until I felt him lick the tip of my dick and then run his tongue down the underside. I let out a long moan as he wrapped his lips around me, sucking gently before moving down more and swallowing around me. He swallowed me three times before letting my now slick member slip out from those lips. I watched his he slowly licked his lips before glancing pointedly at Ponyboy then back at me. I nodded in understanding and crawled over to Pony and kissing him lightly on the lips. He moaned lightly, giving me entrance into his mouth where our tongues slid together, tasting each other while we mingled breaths. Pony wrapped his arms around my neck pulling me closer so that my cock pressed against his entrance. We both moaned and I grasped his hips, ready to slide in. Ponyboy broke the kiss to take my earlobe between his teeth and sucked on it gently. I gave a small moan rocking against him gently. I glanced over at Darry, who was now slowly unzipping his jeans. He slid them off his hips along with his boxers and I couldn't help gaping at his impressive size. The bed dipped down slightly as he crawled over behind me before leaning back on his knees and admired the sight in front of him.

"You two sure are beautiful." He said leaning over me to pepper the back of my neck and shoulders with small kisses.

I hummed in appreciation then gasped as I felt him slide a slicked finger inside me. It was an uncomfortable burning sensation, nothing like the smooth pleasure I imagined it to be. I whimpered lightly as he added the second finger. Ponyboy kissed my lips and Darry nipped lightly around my neck. Darry started to thrust the finger in and out and I groaned at the bit of friction it caused. The burning ache was still there but it started to feel good, real good. I moaned loudly, Pony started to nip my neck and felt him scissor his fingers in me before adding a third finger and scissoring those, making sure I was fully stretched. I grunted when he pulled his fingers away, it felt weird to be so stretched but he soon pressed the tip of his cock to his entrance and I bit my lip trying to prepare for him thrusting in. Darry slowly pushed back the ring of muscle and he was a good four inches before a whimper slipped from my lips. He stopped and I noticed my eyes were watering pretty badly when Ponyboy kissed away some of the tears.

"Shhh its okay Soda, we can stop if you want." Cooed Darry as he rubbed my sides; trying to relax me a bit.

"Are- are you sure ya gonna fit Darry?" I asked not feeling sure to what to do, I wanted to continue but I just couldn't get used to the pain.

"Well I fit into Ponyboy, but you need to relax Soda, you tense up and it hurts." I nodded relaxing my muscles.

As soon as I loosened up some of the pain disappeared and I sighed in relief. Ponyboy started to kiss my face and neck until I captured his lips in a deep his, our tongues meet again and I moaned at the feeling. I felt Darry's hand grasped my cock again, bringing it to full hardness by rubbing my up and down before slicking it with some of the stuff from that bottle. He guided my dick to Ponys entrance and I moaned when Pony wrapped his legs around my waist and thrust his self on me giving a little grunt while I panted. I gave him a quick kiss before moving down to his neck; licking, nipping, and sucking at his sensitive skin. Darry started to slide further into me but this time it didn't hurt as bad. I groaned as he pressed flush against me, his entire length filling me. I wrapped my arms tightly around Ponyboy pushing myself in him deep so he would feel what I was feeling from Darry. He gasped before moaning loudly. Darry waited a moment before he started to move inside me making a chain reaction that caused me to move inside Ponyboy. I shivered at the pleasure it gave me, feeling his warm cock slide inside me, going deeper with each thrust, pushing me deeper into Ponyboys passage that squeezed my cock tightly.

"Mmph D-Darry pl-please," I begged pausing to swallow and pant with pleasure. "Please f-faster!"

He complied instantly, throwing Pony and I into even more pleasure. My mind went blank, all I felt was the pleasure of Darry inside me and of Pony squeezing me tight. A moan tumbled from my lips as I felt Darry brush against something inside me that sent even more pleasure running up my spine. I angled my hips until Ponyboy threw his head back while moaning. I grinned knowing that I had found his spot before I wrapped my hand around his cock making him gasp as I pumped his length. He shuttered with each thrust his breath coming in breaths and moans; he wasn't going to last much longer. With one last moan and shutter Pony spilled his seed onto my hand and our stomachs. I felt him tighten around me almost painfully. Darry thrusted into me hitting my spot dead on and I lost it, spilling myself deep inside Ponyboy, Darry came shortly afterwards, filling my passage with his warmth. He kissed my shoulder before slowly pulling out of me, wrapping his arm around my waist and lifting me out of Ponyboy. We all lied on our sides breathing heavily while we tried to regain our breath. Darry held me close to his chest, keeping me warm. Ponyboy rolled over to nuzzle his face in my chest and I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him closer so that he was snug against me. He sighed in content and gave me a kick peck on the lips before resting his head on my shoulder, ready to fall asleep. I turned to Darry giving touching my lips to his, his tongue gently prodding my mouth open so that he could explore. I shivered at the feeling of his tongue sliding against my own. He pulled away for air and kissed me quickly on the cheek, before laying his head on the pillow and letting his eyes fall shut.

I finally relaxed while thinking of all that had happened. The gang had a couple close calls lately but things were finally looking up. Darry, Pony, and I, well I had a feeling we were going to be pretty happy for a very long time.

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