It had been fifteen years since Voldemort's fall. Fifteen years of mourning for little Harry Potter who at the age of one defeated the dark old at the price of his life. Fifteen years since James and Lily Potter had come out of hiding. Never having closer because their son's body was never found, only his empty crib and the burnt remains of his favorite blanket that he always carried around were left. They had never known that, that night and for many nights after that a little boy with a lighting bolt shaped scar on his forehead cried non stop never sleeping or eating, much to the despair of the woman who had taken him in. For fifteen years they never knew.

Chapter one: Street Rats

"Eric, get up you've got to go to work!" A woman's voice floated up through the floor and into the ears of a sleeping sixteen year old. Who just rolled over and threw the ratty covers over his head.

"Oh come on Mum, don't make him go to work so early its not like there's a clocking in time for picking pockets." A boys voice replied loudly. The sleeping boy opened his eyes which were dull with sleep but his features sharp with annoyance.

"Your brother does not steal...he gets paid for his music because he plays so well and people enjoy his performances!" The woman yelled back anger laced her voice. Laughing could be heard throughout the rundown two story house.

"Of course they do...Oy Eric get your ass up before mum has fricking kittens!" The boy yelled through the door that shut off Eric's room from the rest of the house. Eric had already gotten up and dressed walking stealthily over to his door he opened it quickly.

"Oy Devon, I'm already up!" He screamed in his ear and than quickly dodged the hand that had been aimed for his head. Running down the stairs and into the kitchen that was also their living room. Angel the woman he considered to be his mother though biologically she wasn't stood near the no longer working stove with a piece of toast in her hand waiting for him with a warm smile. Lines of age and stress of street life had made themselves apparent on her face. Her clothes were nothing but rags but so were Eric's and Devon's. Grabbing the piece of toast he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek before grabbing his guitar case and walking out the door with a final; goodbye to both her and his brother.

As he walked through the back alleyways of the worst part of London he couldn't help but watch the world as is changed. The change was abrupt and it made him wonder as he had before what really kept his world from being their world.. In his neighborhood houses were rundown and looked about ready to collapse at the slightest wind gust. If you were smart you carried a switchblade or a gun and you knew how to fight with your fists and feet, you knew how to steal, lie, and cheat...but most importantly you knew how to survive. But as he walked the eerie stillness of his neighborhood turned into the chaos of the main city. Where fighting was frowned upon, where murder was not an act that that was shrugged off by everyone that wasn't involved , where the houses for the lower income people were still fancy, and carrying weapons was left for those who were trained to use them, where starving was never even a thought.

Sighing he walked down the sidewalk to his usual corner between a clothing store and a video rental shop. Stopping he bent down and opened his guitar case where his most prized possession sat. A shiny brand new looking guitar that he had saved up every penny he found to pay for it. Getting it out he sat down and tuned it to how he wanted it. Leaving his case open for tips. Than he started strumming and soon after that singing.

"I was coming to the end of a long long walk

when a man crawled out of a cardboard box

under the E. Street Bridge followed me onto it

I went out half way a cross with that homeless

shadow tagging along So I dug for some change

wouldn't need it anyway

He took it lookin just a bit ashamed

he said, You know, I haven't always been this way.

I've had my moments, days in the sun

Moments I was second to none

Moments when I knew what I thought I couldn't do

Like that plane ride coming home from the war

That summer my son was born.

And memories like a coat so warm

A cold wind can't break through

Lookin at me now you might not know it

But I've had my moments.

I stood there tryin to find my nerve

wondering if a single soul on earth

would care at all Miss me when I'm gone.

That old man just kept hanging around

Lookin at me, lookin down

I think he recognized that look in my eyes.

Standing there with him I felt ashamed

I said, You know, I haven't always felt this way.

I've had my moments, days in the sun

Moments I was second to none

Moments when I knew I did what I thought

I couldn't do

Like the day I walked away from the wine

For a woman who became my wife

And a love that, when it was right, Could

Always see me through.

Lookin at me now you might not know it

but I've had my moments.

I know somewhere round a trashcan

fire tonight that old man tells his story

one more time. He says

I've had my moments, days in the sun

Moments I was second to none

Moments when I did what I thought I couldn't do

Like that cool night on the E. Street Bridge

when a young man almost ended it

I was right there, wasn't scared a bit

And I helped to pull him through

Lookin at me now you might not know it...

Oh, lookin at me now you might not know

it but I've had my moments.

As the song came to an end he looked around at the streets and saw a small red headed girl watching him in seeming awe. Smiling slightly and trying not to blush at her unwavering gaze he waved slightly. She grinned back at him and waved hard like any excited child would. Eric noticed an older version of the little girl walk up behind her and whisper something in her ear, the likeness between the two was chilling but he noticed that the one difference between the two were their eyes, the older woman had green eyes and the girl had hazel. Suddenly the girl began to speak loud enough that he could hear what she was saying.

"Mommy doesn't that boy over there look like daddy and did you hear him play and sing he was really good like a professional." The little girl pointed at him but her mother only spared a fleeting glance at him.

"I guess Hun but come along now you never know how those homeless people will act their nothing but street rats." Eric saw that the woman only said what she said in an attempt to hurry her daughter along and yet in her tone he heard truth and that she at least somewhat believed in what she had said. The little girl sighed sadly before running quickly out of her mothers grasp and over to him. Unhooking the clasp of her necklace she placed it in his guitar case with a small knowing smile a twinkle in her eye. She then danced back to her very angry mother whom she just smiled at and continued to dance away in the direction they had been heading in.

Eric shook himself for a moment pushing the whole thing from his mind. He glanced down into his case and barely recognized the 10 dollars (sorry I don't know how much money that would be in London...I'm American...obviously.) all he saw was the silver locket reflecting the morning sun merrily back at him. Sighing he looked back down at his guitar and thought for a moment about what song to sing, it only took a moment to figure it out and once he had he began playing.

"after every day after Thanksgiving sale

The mall's just ain't complete Without a

bunch of decorations And a paper Angel tree

There's artificial smiles On artificial tree limbs

Saying what she'd love to have And what to buy

for him Well I hope Maggie likes her new winter

clothes And her buggy with a baby doll Maybe

Thomas'll smile with his new Nike shoes When he shoots that basketball

I can't help but wishin That I could do more

But not just when shoppin In the department store Paper

Angels, you're in my thoughts and prayers No matter

where you are Remember God's right there He's askin all of us,

to help take care Of His paper Angels everywhere Goin' through

the mail on a scary afternoon I see a mom and dad's worst dream

They're on the back of a money-saving ad To get my carpet

cleaned Height, weight, hair, eyes Date missin' and DOB The child's name,

a picture And the words "Have you seen me?" Paper Angels,

you're in my thoughts and prayers No matter where you are Remember

God's right there He's askin all of us, to help take care Of His paper

Angels everywhere His documented bruises Fill a folder in a file

She's a second grade self portrait Drawn without a smile And every

town is littered With this kind of debris We've got to stop this madness

It's up to you and me Paper Angels, you're in my thoughts and prayers

No matter where you are Remember God's right there He's askin all of us,

to help take care Of His paper Angels everywhere Paper Angels everywhere"

The day wore on and as the afternoon rolled around he packed up his stuff and headed home. Back to the dingy streets where fear was a common stench and hatred for all was a common emotion. Eric knew he didn't really fit with the people back in his neighborhood they were to mean to hard and cold. Not that he couldn't be that but while most stole, killed, and cheated for not only food another necessities but also for fun, bets, and arguments he worked as hard as he could singing and playing and than if he didn't make enough money he stole to make the ends meet, he killed only when he was about to be killed, and cheated to stop from being cheated. He had to steal often more often than he liked to admit even to himself, same with cheating but killing he'd only done once and he'd made the vow to never do it again no matter the circumstances.

He couldn't remember his parents or if they were even alive but he did remember a cold laughter and a blinding green light with a high pitched scream. He'd never told anyone what he remembered and he didn't plan to though it haunted his sleep he would keep those memories with him until the day he died. As so it seemed would the secret of how he got the scar like a lighting bolt on his one was sure of that one.

Once he reached his house he counted out his money with his brother and his mom watching on hoping to have enough money to get them through a few days. There was twenty dollars there which wasn't that bad for a half a day and it would get them though a couple of days, barely but it would nonetheless. His family never saw the locket for he had put it in his pocket before he had gotten home. After counting the money and giving it to Angel he went up to his room and laid down.

Thoughts swirled around his head and they seemed to all lead back to one little red headed girl and her damn locket. She had looked at him as if she knew who he was but she couldn't have he'd never seen her before. Sighing he pulled out the locket. It was very beautiful with intricate designs that flowed around it as if it were coated in a web its circular frame gave off the impression of being simple when looked at first glance. Looking more closely he saw that around the edges were words Always remember who you are. The words seemed ominous and made the hair on the back of his neck stand up but as he whispered those words over and over again and held the locket tightly in his hand he found that he could almost see the little girl smiling at him. Eyes sparkling with an innocence he never had and would never envy her of having. Thinking for a moment he tried to open the lock but found that it would not budge staring at it slightly annoyed but more disappointed he laid there continuing to whisper those words that were engraved in writing he felt himself relax and fall into a sleep where for once he was not haunted by a past he didn't even fully remember.

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