Author's Note: I have always wanted to do the thirty kisses livejournal challenge. A couple weeks ago, I decided to just go for it. Unfortunately, this isn't an official registered story at livejournal. I tried to register it, but I found myself getting quite confused quite rapidly. I still hope you enjoy it in any case.

Summary: Not even two minutes after Ryoma woke up, he knew it was going to be a bad day. Then Sakuno comes along. Who knew bad days could seem so good?

Prompt: #3 Jolt!

Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis is not mine. If it was, Ryoma wouldn't be so oblivious to Sakuno's feelings.

Kiss Kiss
#3 Jolt!

Not even two minutes after Ryoma woke up, he knew it was going to be a bad day. Apparently, the power had gone out sometime in the night, so his alarm clock didn't go off to wake him up on time. His cousin had noticed his absence at the breakfast table so she knocked on his door. But by then, he was already running twenty minutes behind. By the time he had gotten dressed and made it to the table, he was twenty-six minutes behind. Then his mother put a plate in front of him to eat. It was eggs.

Runny, bright yellow scrambled eggs.

Ryoma hated most western food but he had a special hated reserved for eggs. Especially the scrambled kind.

But since he didn't have time to get anything else, he had to eat them. Ryoma managed to choke down a few bites without too much gagging before racing out the door.

By some miracle, he managed to make it to school before the bell rang. Slowly his pace outside the gates, Ryoma realized that in his haste he had forgotten to grab the bento his cousin made. So not only did he have to eat American food for breakfast but he probably wouldn't get anything for lunch. He wondered how his day could get any worse.

Then the fangirls showed up.

"RYOMA-SAMA!!" came the unified shout of over twenty sparkly-eyed, heart-on-the-sleeve wearing, teenage schoolgirls.

A pair of hazel catlike eyes widen in fear. In that split-second, the pack of overeager females descended, leaving him with only one choice. He took off running.

Around ten minutes later, he had finally managed to shake off even the most devoted of his followers. It another ten seconds to realize how. The bell had already rung starting class. He was late for school.

By lunchtime, Ryoma had managed to suffer through rock-climbing in gym, a pop quiz in Japanese Literature Studies, and a lecture from his English teacher about napping in class. And the day was only half over.

Stomach grumbling, he craned his head trying to find Ryuzaki. Oblivious as he was, he had noticed that most days she had either made an extra bento or had over packed the one she brought for herself. He still couldn't figure out why she had so much trouble estimating how much food to make for herself for lunch but he couldn't complain too much since she normally would offer him whatever she had leftover.

He saw her sitting next to the loud girl and a few other people he vaguely recognized as his classmates. He scowled. He hated having to deal with the loud girl. She was just so… loud. Then his stomach grumbled. Right, some sacrifices (like his hearing) must be made.

He took a breath, narrowed his eyes piercingly, and stalked over to the smiling group. At ten feet away, a few eyes had noticed his approach. By five, most of the group had turned his way. Standing right before them, all conversation ceased and they all stared directly at him. He tugged at white cap briefly before forcing his hand into his pocket.

"Ano… R-ryoma-kun? Is there something you need?"

A hand tugged at his cap then dropped back to his side.


"I forgot my bento at home."

Sakuno's eyes widened with understanding. She started blushing and mumbled out something he couldn't understand.

"What?" he asked, the lack of food making him cranky. Well, more cranky than usual anyway.

"She said she doesn't have anything she can give you," one of the boys in the group volunteered. Ryoma focused the attention of his glare on him for a moment before directing his attention back to Sakuno.

"Why not?"

He ignored the comments of 'how rude' and 'man, Echizen's so bossy' in order to focus on Sakuno's answer.

She cleared her throat and tried to project her voice the best she could. It came out as a barely audible whisper. "Momo-sempai took it."

The scowl on his face deepened. Ryoma turned on his heel and marched away from the group. He had a sempai to hunt down. Forgotten bento or not, no one ate Ryuzaki's food but him.

He had just spotted the Dunk Smash player in time to watch him gobble down an octopus-shaped sausage. His octopus-shaped sausage.

"Ah, Ryoma!" Momo called upon seeing the young tennis prodigy. He waved at him enthusiastically, gesturing for Ryoma to join him.

Ryoma did come over but remained standing. Momo looked up at a pair of dangerously angry hazel eyes. Suddenly, the warm air seemed quite chilly. Momo tried to smile and raised his hands in a placating manner. The glare increased, causing Momo to chuckle nervously. "So how are things, Ryoma?"

"You took my food."

Momo scrambled to his feet trying to recall what Ryoma was talking about. Sure, he had swiped a few hamburgers from his plate before but that was weeks ago. He was about to deny the accusation when Ryoma spoke up again.

"You took the food Ryuzaki made."

This had him stumped. "Well, yeah but she said I-"

"That food was mine."

Momo was about to argue back but he realized that something important just happened. He just had a revelation that he needed to attend to first. "You mean," he began slowly trying to hide the glee in his voice lest Ryoma became too suspicious, "that food of Ryuzaki's was yours?"

Ryoma nodded once swiftly and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Ryuzaki makes you food?"

Ryoma nodded again slightly wary of where the conversation was headed.

Momo looked up at the sun and blinked innocently as if he was trying to solve a complicated math problem. "So… she's like your girlfriend then?" he asked, watching Ryoma carefully from the corner of his eye.

Ryoma wanted to strangle the irritating sophomore and curse his bad luck for not heading off the conversation before it went so far. But a strangled squeak behind Ryoma drew his attention elsewhere. He quickly turned around. It seems that Sakuno had shown up in time to hear Momo-sempai's "innocent" remark. Although, there had only been a light dusting of pink on Ryoma's checks before, only noticeable to the most astute observer, now there was a definite red tinge to his checks. 'Just great,' he thought tugging his cap lower to prevent Momo from noticing anything, 'what else can go wrong today?'

"Aw, look your girlfriend's here, Ryoma!" Momo shouted happily, giving him an exuberant pat on the shoulder. Caught off guard, Ryoma fell forward. Right unto Ryuzaki, or more precisely, her lips.

The soft warm sensation only last a few seconds but it had been enough. The taste of strawberries lingered on Ryoma's lips. In silence the two tennis players watched Ryu- Sakuno make a rapid retreat. Momo, shocked speechless, missed the way Ryoma's hand reached up to touch his lips. Tugging the cap down, Ryoma walked swiftly away in the other direction.

Underneath a white cap, Ryoma smirked, 'Today is definitely a good day.'