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Joe sat there, and let out a sigh. The hero closed his eyes, trying to ignore the fact he was on a plane to the one place he'd never expect to go his cousin's. Joe shuddered at the day he got the call.

It was like any other day, Joe had just finished one of his newest films, which he was quite proud of. Just as Joe got home, the phone rang making Joe raise an eyebrow, no one ever calls his home phone, everyone who knew he was famous knew to call his cell. Joe shrugged and answered the phone "Joe here." he spoke bluntly. Joe paused at the voice on the other line. Joe's hands clenched the phone tightly as thunder burst from the sky "R-Reev?!" Reeve was Joe's older cousin, and to put it simply: the two never got along. Reeve had always been the one on top, treating Joe like dirt his entire life. Joe was enraged, his whole life Reeve treated him like nothing, now all of the sudden, he just expects Joe to come all the way over to Tokyo, and so suddenly at that.

Sylvia wrapped his arm around Joe's, and she leaned her head against her shoulder "Joe don't be so glum, who knows, maybe Reeve has changed. Joe grunted "Nobody just changed Sylvia." Sylvia smiled "You did! You started as a big movie nerd, and now look at you! An amazing super hero, with a hot girlfriend like me!" Joe repeated his sigh from before. He knew that Sylvia was right, even though Sylvia became his girlfriend before he was a hero. "Well, maybe he's less of a jerk..." Sylvia gave Joe a kiss on the cheek "Trust me Joe, when we get there,
we'll have a wonderful time!"

The two walked off their plane, and walked around for a few minutes, before a limousine jetted in front of them, and screeched to a stop, almost giving Joe a heart attack. The driver stepped out, he was wearing a butler uniform, he obviously worked for someone important. The man in black walked to the back of the limousine, and opened the back door. A man about Joe's size stepped out. His hair was black, and it had spikes of hair going down his face, he had a pony tail, also covered in hairy spikes. Unlike his crazy outfit, his clothes were particualry normal. He wore a hoody, with simple blue jeans, his eyes were brown, and he had a large toothy grin on his face. "Ah my cousin Joe, it's been a while" He said with a sharp voice. Joe just stood there, and stared at Reeve, but finally said something when Sylvia jabbed Joe in the side with her elbow. Joe let out a quick ouch before putting on a fake smile, and saying "it sure has, how's my favorite cousin been?"

Reeve sat in a leather seat across from Joe, and Sylvia, while the limo drove out of the airport, and down the road. "So i've heard you've become quite the idol in the movie industry, it came to a suprise to me." Reeve commented, making Joe sih inwardly 'here we go' Joe thought to himself. Reeve glanced over to Sylvia, and gave a grin "Wow, Joe you really picked yourself out a nice one. I always saw you as the chubby type, but no this one has got curves, and everything." Joe clenched a fist, Reeve was a master, and driving his patience. The infamous cousin looked at Joe, loving the expression on Joe's face. "So i'm sure you're wondering why I asked you two to come here." Joe looked out the window "yup" he blurted out. Reeve adjusted himself in his seat, and began to explain "You see, one day I was just walking along like any other day when suddenly I ran into a little someone... I think you'd know him as... Blue?"