Revisions in Reality

Ripples in Reality


Karil watched as Dharok moved his Mortal Champions into place. She would soon lose this planet as well, she saw. It wasn't a great loss. It was just annoying losing anything to her brother. She had new plans only just now coming into place that would make up for everything. It would take another two million years at this point before her true team would be ready. Before she could take back not only everything that her brother had taken from her, but all the Realms her brother held as well. All the Realms (what Mortals liked to call universes) of Creation in fact. She just had to be patient. Being a Goddess wasn't always easy. Dharok was fighting her so hard for control of this one Realm, one of the Keystones their other siblings were ignorant of. Dharok knew this was a Keystone but he thought it was an insignificant one. He wasn't really fighting all out for it. Just hard enough to keep it out of her reach until he could devote more time to taking it. He didn't know that nearly everything either of them had set in place would be erased. Karil knew this all too well and was maneuvering for everything to fall under her sway as soon as the Timeline shifted.

Only a few shadows of everything she set into place would remain but nothing of Dharok's designs would survive. This Realm, the most important of all Keystones, would be hers. Not to mention a team of Mortal Champions strong enough to take the other Realms her siblings currently controlled. There were currently sixteen known Realms. Dharok and Karil each controlled three while both Guthan and Ahrim only had two each, or close enough. That left five more for the taking (not counting the one Dharok and Karil were currently fighting for which the others considered a waste at this point) and she was sure they were all moving in those as well. Once a God had won four Realms, they were theirs and they would wait for the others to do the same. Waiting for the true God Wars to begin. Setting the stage to their advantage. She didn't bother because she didn't need to. She alone knew how it would turn out just by reading the current circumstances.

After the Timeline shifted in this Keystone, she would be the first with four Realms. By time her two million years of waiting were up, each God would control four Realms. It was Destiny after all and she was the only God with the power to understand that. After they all were equal, controlling four Realms each, the God Wars would begin. It wouldn't be a war as Mortals conceived it. None of the Gods themselves would do any actual fighting. Instead they each picked their Mortal Champions to do that. The other Gods took entire species to be what they called their Champion Races. Karil didn't bother. Her designs were aimed at a single team of Mortal Champions per Realm she controlled with more power than any one race. This took longer and cost much more effort but to her it was worth it. Let them each set up their Champion Races for her teams to lay waste to.

She knew that once they all controlled their respective four Realms, all Hell would break loose. The game was simple. Each God couldn't take a Realm until all of their foe's appointed Champions were destroyed in that Realm. The other Gods saw advantages in taken an entire master race. They figured having millions or even billions of Champions would make their hold that much harder to break. They focused more on numbers than power. As long as even one of that God's Champions existed in a Realm, another God couldn't declare it theirs. She scoffed at the thought of an entire race. She saw a new potential. Raise one single team of warriors per Realm that were each more than equal to any one race in any Realm. What would it matter if she had fewer Champions when they were each too powerful to be killed? Even by an entire race. The stage would start with Dharok and Karil. The other two Gods, Guthan and Ahrim, would sit back and watch as Karil or Dharok either one took their sibling's Realms. There was some danger to this game. Once a God lost all of their Realms, they would die. The Laws of Order that governed even they stated that there could only be one God at the end of it all. Yet four currently lived.

So this was how they were going to decide who the final God would be. The Creator who wrote the Laws of Order set it up to where none of the Gods could openly fight one another. They had to find a different way to settle who the final God would be. The Creator, their father, himself died by causes unknown to even the Gods. But his Laws remained binding to even the Gods. To especially the Gods, his children. So this was how it was to be. They each agreed, signing the Pact of Ascension thus making it binding as well, that the said God/Goddess would die after he/she loses all of his/her Realms. They would simply vanish, their power going to the one who beat them. The first up would be Karil and Dharok. Karil fully planned to defeat her brother. After she did, her power would grow.

Then it would be her against Ahrim, leaving Guthan to watch. She would not be allowed to use anything she had gained from Dharok's death against the other Gods. Only what she had before he died though she was allowed to use what she gained from the defeated God to repair any damage her team or teams had taken during their war. She was to attack each of their Realms in turn until either defeated or she Ascended, defeating the God. She would be allowed to use any set of Mortal Champions from any of her Realms to attack any of the other Gods' Realms. Only one set of Champions could enter any one Realm at a time however. If she attacked the Realm of an opposing God and lost, the Realm she brought that set of Champions from would be lost to her, going to her opponent.

When/if she defeated Ahrim, she would then face Guthan. She would only be able to use the power of her original four Realms to face him though she was allowed to use what existed in the Realms she had won to repair any damage to her teams. She could not use anything she won to take her teams' powers beyond the level they had been before she won any other Realms from any other God. This was stated in the Pact so that each God would face the next on equal ground. Right now they were each taking the Realms they saw the most potential in assuring them victory. Karil already had three of the ones she wanted and would have her last once the Timeline shifted within it nearly two million years into the future. Not long after and possibly before (not even a Goddess could tell though Karil was mostly sure she'd be the first) every God/Goddess will have their four Realms, setting the stage for the God Wars.

It was possible that Ahrim and Guthan might beat her to it while Dharok and she warred for this one Keystone. Neither of them cared much because they each already had their wanted three already, putting them ahead of their siblings. Dharok was concerned about the fact that if he lost this Keystone, he'd be left with the weakest Realm to become his fourth, the Realm both Ahrim and Guthan will discard after they each got their maximum four. However it happened, they would all have four Realms to make the best out of that they could. Then the God Wars would begin who the victor would become the one true God/Goddess of all of Creation.

None of them wanted to die of course so they would each be going at maximum to win. Guthan and Ahrim both hated the fact they couldn't just war it out amongst themselves instead of Mortals doing the fighting. They figured: What was the point of power if you can't use it? Karil and Dharok both preferred it this way (using Mortals) because as things stood now, they were both slightly weaker in power than their siblings who were considerably older even by Divine standards. Their maximum power hasn't come to the surface yet and wouldn't until long after the Laws of Order said there had to be one lone God or Goddess. Karil knew such an existence would be lonely and already saw a way around that. After she won the God Wars, she would be the greatest power that was. She would have the power their father had before he died which was now currently cut in four, a piece each belonging to a God/Goddess. She would have the power to write her own Laws of Order. She would take a mate, it would obviously have to be a Mortal, and rule with him for all time

She even knew who that mate would be though he wouldn't be born for another two million and more years. She sighed. She was already deeply in love with this Mortal who didn't exist yet. She wanted him now and it hurt to wait for him. But wait she must. This Mortal would be the strongest being to ever live who wasn't among the Divine, a perfect consort for the only reigning Goddess. The only reason she knew of this Mortal was because she had "created" him. Not directly. Neither she nor her siblings would gain that power until one of them finally won the God Wars. She made him through her actions, setting everything up in the precise way that would cause him to be born. There were other possible mates among her future Champions, each would come relatively close to his power or surpass it should she want them to, but no. No! She wanted him and she would have him. She knew she would have to share him as well. This future consort of hers was going to take at least one Mortal mate during his life and possibly as many as four or five. She couldn't simply break the Bond he would have with any mate or mates he was to take or it was hurt him beyond even her power to repair. She didn't want him to hurt.

She wanted him happy, content. If that meant sharing him among as many as four or five other woman then so be it. She didn't mind. She knew that she would have to grant this Mortal immortality obviously. She would never age and die and it would do no good at all if her mate did. She knew she would have to do the same for any mates he would take before her as well. She didn't mind any of it. She hated the fact that her influence, even in Realms she controlled, was limited. If it were not, she would simply make it to where he took no mates at all save her. But her power was limited and she would simply have to accept them. She felt the ache in her heart yet again upon thinking about him. It hurt. Hurt to be lonely and hurt to be in love with someone who she couldn't be with for another two million years and more. Nothing but this could hurt her. Her siblings didn't feel such things, being male. They satisfied their urgings by clothing themselves in Mortal flesh and taking Mortal mates for a lifetime here or a lifetime there. She couldn't do that. Anyone she took would be permanent. She would never be able to mate another or bear any children for them. The others scoffed at her desire to have children some day. She was female and that was a woman's basic function regardless of her station or power.

Males saw having children as their means of immortality. Especially through their sons. Her siblings needed no heirs, they would live forever or at least until she defeated them. So they didn't have that drive to have young like she did. It was a curse her father had given her. But she had to accept it along with everything else. But it still hurt! It even made her, a Goddess!, cry at times it was so intense. But her father had given her other strengths. Patience was one she would need to make it through this. Will power was another. Unbridled pride was another. Not to mention the fact she was knowingly the most stubborn thing in all of Creation when it came to gaining something she truly wanted. She already had immense power. She would have nearly limitless power once she won the God Wars. That was most likely was drove her siblings so hard to achieve victory. Power.

Males were obsessed over power. Not her. She wouldn't mind giving up all her power, her immortality, all that she had that most creatures longed for and could never obtain for one thing. Love. She wanted her mate and nothing else. It was what drove her and it drove her hard. Hard enough to nearly break even her. She was the first to take a Realm. In fact she had three before any of her siblings took even one. They considered her a very real threat, thinking her obsession for power exceeded even theirs. No. It was love that drove her not power. She couldn't help but believe that this was what made her deserve it over them. She would have her mate. She would make him happy. He would be a God of Gods, a king of kings, a sovereign with no equal (even if it meant placing him over herself) if that's what it took to make him so. She didn't care about any of the power. She only cared for him.

The most beautiful thing about this specific Mortal is that none of that would be needed. He didn't want power or wealth or even immortality. He was the most unique male to ever exist. He exceeded even her brethren in some ways. In most ways. All the ways that mattered. She loved that about him. She was even considering setting things up at the end of it all to make it where no God or Goddess would be needed to sustain the Divine Design or the Devine Divide so she could take a Mortal life. So she could live and die with her beloved. None of it meant anything to her at all. Only he did. She couldn't wait until the day came when she could finally have him. But until then she would push with all her strength to make that day come. To allow what ever kind of life she could have with him to be possible. Until then she would wait…