AN: Things are now moving along now that I got the ball rolling

AN: Things are now moving along now that I got the ball rolling. Will everyone's training be enough? Find out! :P

Power Levels – After Time Chamber

Goku – (Normal) – 875,000

Goku – (Super Saiyan) – 8,750,000

Gohan – (Normal) – 1,575,000

Gohan – (Super Saiyan) – 15,750,000

Gohan – (Oozaru) – 18,900,000

Gohan – (Super Saiyan Oozaru) – 189,000,000

Falipa – (Normal) – 725,000

Falipa – (Oozaru) – 8,700,000

Sunshar – (Normal) – 675,000

Videl – (Normal) – 800,000

Vegeta – (Normal) – 790.000

Vegeta – (Oozaru) – 9,480,000

Piccolo – (Normal) – 210,000

Piccolo – (Fused with Nail's Power) – 2,100,000

Krillin – (Normal) – 700,000

Salipa – (Normal) – 575,000

Salipa – (Oozaru) – 6,900,000

Zarbon – (Normal) – 400,000

Zarbon – (Transformed) – 2,000,000

Starsha – (Normal) – 650,000

Starsha – (Oozaru) – 7,800,000

Future Trunks – (Normal) – 1,575,000

Future Trunks – (Super Saiyan) – 15,750,000

Future Trunks – (Oozaru) – 18,900,000

Future Trunks – (Super Saiyan Oozaru) – 189,000,000

Tien – (Normal) – 425,000

Yamcha – (Normal) – 400,000

Barsa – (Normal) – 480,000

Barsa – (Oozaru) – 5,760,000

Valdar – (Normal) – 425,000

Chapter Thirteen – Emergence

Goku? Can you hear me? Kami spoke telepathically.

Kami? Yeah, I can hear you. How are things up there? Goku asked a bit sleepily. The Guardian did just wake him up and no one told the Guardian of Earth "go away until I finish sleeping" when they talked to you in your head. Usually that just earned you a few years in a padded cell.

It is nearly time for your son to emerge from the Chamber. He'll have been in there for six long years, as you know. I thought you would like to meet him as he emerged, Kami said before his voice faded away. Goku got up and got dressed, telling a startled Chi Chi the situation.

"What? Then get your ass up there and get him!" Chi Chi ordered. Goku nodded and left their room. He knocked on Gohan's door a few times before entering. Both Sunshar and Falipa had fallen asleep holding each other crying by the looks of it. Goku gently shook both girls awake.

"Morning already?" Sunshar pouted.

"Gohan's about to come out of the room on Kami's Lookout. I thought you both might like to fly up there with me to meet him," Goku smiled.

"Let's go!" they both shouted, snapping fully awake. It wasn't long before they tore through the skies at maximum speed.

They both have it for Gohan bad. Poor kid was away from them far longer. I bet he's in pieces, Goku thought sadly. It wasn't even a five minute flight at their speed before they landed on the Sanctuary. Both girls were awed by a massive structure hovering high over Mortal Earth without the aid of any apparent technology.

"Good to see you again, Goku," Mr. Popo said as he stood out from behind a tree in the gardens. He glanced curiously at the two very nude girls standing beside the Saiyan and decided it was probably best not to ask any questions. Kami had told him some of it and he didn't care to know more all things considered.

"Yes it is. Come this way, Goku. They are about to come out," Kami said, leading them group away.

"They?" Goku asked.

"Yes. Just before I was about to show Gohan the Chamber, Korin showed up with a new pupil. I believe he said her name was Videl. He insisted on allowing her to train with Gohan for however long he decided to stay within the Chamber. You know how Korin can be when he makes up his mind," Kami laughed. It wasn't long at all before they all stood before two huge doors seemingly made of wood but impossibly thick, appearing too heavy for any kind of hinges to possibly be able to sustain their weight. The doors clicked suddenly before opening gradually. The two people who walked out looked nearly nothing like they had before. Gohan now stood only a foot tops shorter than his father. He was thicker now, more muscular though still lean at the same time. His hair was long, nearly to his waste as it spiked down his back. Many thick tendrils of hair hung down over his face as well.

He now appeared to be as old as Falipa or close to it. Goku could sense the sizable leap in his son's power. Gohan was now stronger than his father once again. The girl standing beside Gohan was new to everyone. She stood a few inches shorter than Gohan, about as tall as Falipa, and had very long black hair of her own though it hung straight instead of in spikes to her waste. She had it tied back in three different bands of braided leather. She was already showing the curves of womanhood herself as she sauntered out of the door with Gohan holding her arm. The two stood away from one another as Gohan was suddenly attacked by two girls, causing him to fall straight on his back.

"You got older," Sunshar gasped, pulling her fingers through Gohan extremely long hair. "And your hair is finally of proper length"

"I didn't think you could get any better looking… Do you have any idea what you put us through?!" Falipa shouted. She stopped as soon as Gohan took both of them in his arms.

"Nothing I wasn't going through, girls. I was trapped in there for six years while it's only been a couple days for you," Gohan nearly whimpered. That melted both girls' ire a bit.

"We've missed you so much! Don't you ever leave us like that again!" Sunshar shouted. Videl watched the entire thing in surprise. She knew this day would come but she honestly couldn't tell how she would react. Falipa had the same tail as Gohan, four feet long and covered in thick brown fur. She was around the same height and size as Videl and possessed a similar figure. Videl couldn't help but notice she had the better ass of the two though Falipa had larger breasts. It was also very obvious neither she or the other girl cared much for clothing. Gohan had tried to explain this but didn't do a very good job at it. Sunshar was the age that Gohan claimed. She was only a few inches taller than Videl had been before entering the Chamber. But there were major differences. The girl already had a woman's figure for the most part except she wasn't fully breasted yet, having the same chest Videl did at around ten or eleven. She really was developed beyond her years no matter how you looked at it. Everything else belonged to a girl Videl's age or maybe more. Sunshar also had a tail but it was covered in the same golden hair that flowed from her head and also had a very wicked curved blade at the end of it.

"I see he's taken another interest-mate?" Falipa stated, studying Videl.

"That's right," Videl said, not bothering to hide her attitude.

"Well we'll obviously have to get to know you. If Gohan picked you and you picked him, you can't be so bad. I'm Falipa and this is Sunshar. Glad to meet you," Falipa said, warming up instantly. Videl was shocked. Most people considered her a cold person until they got to know her but this girl liked her attitude obviously. Gohan did explain a bit about Saiyans and their warrior nature so maybe that was why. Sunshar studied Videl up and down as well.

"She's stronger than either of us, if you notice, Falipa. She's obviously a warrior. She obviously has good taste since she chose Gohan, too," the little girl said with a grin. Videl decided she could get to like both of them already which was odd under the circumstances. "You're probably still getting used to the fact you have to share him like I am." Videl nodded.

"You have three now, Gohan? Wow. You're mother might flip when she hears that. Hi there, my name's Goku. I'm Gohan's father," Goku said introducing himself to Videl.

"You're the Saiyan parent, right?" Videl asked.

"That's right. You'll have a lot to get used to if you chose Gohan. Saiyans aren't like humans in most ways," Goku replied.

"Trust me I'm only just getting started," she laughed, looking at Gohan again with an expression that had "LOVE" stamped all over it in huge bold letters.

"Well I guess it's about time I get you all home. My mate will be worried sick already. You coming, Videl?" Goku said as he already began hovering upward. Gohan, Falipa, and Sunshar followed suit.

"I'm going where ever Gohan goes," she stated, following them. They left the Lookout after saying their goodbyes to Popo and Kami, flying toward the mountains.

"You did a good job, training her, Gohan. She's even stronger than Falipa now," Goku praised his son.

"I only had to teach her things she didn't already know. Mostly energy use and a few techniques. We created a few of our own as well. Most of the work she did herself," Gohan said with pride, beaming a look at Videl. Videl returned the loving look before returning to whatever it was she was saying to Falipa and Sunshar who hung a decent distance back. All three girls suddenly giggled and looked at Gohan again mischievously.

"Uh oh. That's always trouble when any woman does that," Goku laughed, patting his son on the back. They landed at their home not long after that to see Piccolo awaiting their arrival. He studied Gohan long and hard before taking up a look of pride.

"You're strength is incredible. You obviously didn't waste those six years. It's odd seeing you grown up so quickly but we'll get used to it. Not much to do about it now," Piccolo laughed, patting the half-Saiyan on the shoulder before passing him by to talk to Goku.

"Videl, this way. I better show you off to my mom and get it over with," Gohan sighed. Videl nodded. She had been expecting this, too. She followed Gohan along with Sunshar and Falipa inside. Chi Chi was in the kitchen as always, preparing the biggest meal to date.

"GOHAN?!" she gasped, dropping a pot of some stew. She ran to her son and pulled at his hair, studying him from every angle. "It is you! How?"

"I got older, Mom. The Chamber I trained in for the last three days has special properties. Kami can make two years pass by to anyone in the room while only a day goes by out here. I'm six years older," Gohan tried to explain while Chi Chi continued to study her son.

"I never thought even you'd get that handsome. Do you plan on keep your hair that long?" his mother asked, tugging his thick mane again.

"I think he should," Sunshar said regally. "It's of proper length for a Maljian noble and that's exactly what he is as long as he's my mate."

"I like it, too. But it's up to you, Gohan," Falipa chuckled.

"It doesn't matter to me. I'll take you any way I can get you," Videl winked.

"Who's this?" Chi Chi asked, noticing Videl for the first time. Gohan explained everything to her in half the time he thought it would take and with much less screaming and cursing than he somewhat expected considering his mother's first reaction to his taking mates. "Well she has good taste, what can I say? You are going to stop at three aren't you?" Gohan shrugged.

"He won't be able to help it if he ends up with ten, Mom. It's the females that decide most of that. If he simply has the interest and finds them compatible, they're his," Falipa said. Both she and Sunshar were already referring to the older woman as their mother. Chi Chi was shocked by this at first but it quickly grew on her like everything else seemed to these days.

"I know," she sighed. "The family is growing so fast I don't know how we're going to pay for everything we're going to need. And with grandchildren likely on the way from three different girls? We'll make due some how. We always do."

"I could give you my allowance every week if that helps," Videl suggested.

"That's quite all right dear. A few zeni here and there won't be of much help, I'm afraid. I thank you for the offer but you keep your money, dear," Chi Chi replied politely.

"Ten thousand zeni a week won't help?" Videl asked in shock.

"Ten thousand?!" Chi Chi choked. "Are you wealthy?" Videl nodded with a shrug.

"My dad won the last World Tournament. They upped the prize money to a hundred million zeni and plus my dad does all kinds of advertising to constantly bring more money in. We're pretty well off. I don't mind. Especially since I'll be living here for now on," Videl said. Chi Chi raised both her eyebrows at that but nodded. She and Gohan had obviously talked that much over.

"Of course you're more than welcome to, dear. There are only two bedrooms at the moment so you'll obviously be sleeping with Gohan and the other two. I'm sure you won't mind," Chi Chi chuckled.

"Of course not. I already know Gohan's the one for me. It's written in stone," Videl laughed.

"The first meal of the day is nearly done, you guys. Hope you're ready for a large meal," Chi Chi told them. They all nodded appreciatively. It wasn't long before Videl got her first look at Saiyan hunger. Even Sunshar was shocked. Falipa, Gohan, and Goku were simply downing dish after dish.

"How do you keep that perfect figure and eat so much?" Videl asked Falipa.

"Saiyans can't get fat usually. Some can but only due to genetic disorders," she replied before engulfing another dish of sweet rice. Videl had been full after her second dish and Sunshar after her fourth. Chi Chi ate about the same as Videl and the rest went to the Saiyans.

"Gohan did you sleep at all before coming out of that room?" Chi Chi asked her son. Gohan thought about this a moment before answering.

"Probably not for a few days, Mom. I was missing Falipa and Sunshar way too much to find much sleep at all the past six years," Gohan said.

"And poor Videl was probably up with you the entire time. Bed! Both of you. I won't be having both of you falling on your faces. Don't look at me like that, Gohan, you can catch up in your studies and training tomorrow," Chi Chi ordered. Gohan finally agreed and stood up. Videl had nothing to say to that and she was tired. "Do you need to call your father, Videl?"

"No. He probably still thinks I'm at the beach house. I could leave for two weeks and he'd probably never notice with all the advertising and posing he does these days," Videl shrugged.

"Very well. Falipa? Sunshar? You both just got up! You're about to go back to bed already?" Chi Chi asked the other two.

"If you could call that sleep," Falipa grumbled, eyeing Gohan. Sunshar nodded firmly in agreement.

"Very well. Goku and I have some catching up to do ourselves. Good night you four," Chi Chi finally said. She was taking this all in as best as she could be it was still odd seeing Gohan with three girls. Two in which never wore clothing.

"My room is the biggest," Gohan said.

"So is the bed," Sunshar laughed.

"It'll have to be to support all four of us. I'm still getting used to all of this," Videl laughed weakly.

"Me too. But ask yourself this: Would you rather walk away and leave him be?" Sunshar asked. The answer to that was obvious to all of them. Videl wasn't going anywhere. Gohan stripped down to his boxers and climbed into the middle of his large bed, relaxing. Falipa immediately took his right side and Sunshar his left.

"Gohan already knows I sleep nude and judging by the fact that neither of you seem to wear any clothing at all, you won't mind," Videl said as she stripped off her clothing. She climbed into bed next to Falipa and began relaxing herself.

"You really are even more handsome now, Gohan. I like it," Falipa purred, cuddling close to her interest-mate. Her tail wrapped itself around his leg while the last several inches slipped inside the Saiyan's boxers. Gohan let out a sudden throaty growl, opening his eyes in shock. Falipa continued caressing him until he was fully aroused. Videl was shocked at the size of him. She was pretty sure most guys didn't get that large. Gohan's boxers soon tore before he reached his full erection. Falipa growled herself in that seductive way before she began running kisses down Gohan's neck. "I thought we'd have to wait years for this."

"So did I. Maybe it was a worth it a little bit for being gone so long," Sunshar said. Her own tail now began caressing Gohan's erection and the poor boy was panting as the pleasure was building and building. Sunshar was especially careful with her tail-blade. She didn't want to hurt her mate in any way. Gohan soon flipped Falipa over and climbed on top of her. The Saiyan girl squeaked in delight as Gohan ran soft kisses down her chest, over her perfect breasts, and softly up one side of neck and down the other. The Saiyan girl was now panting as much as Gohan, needing this.

"I have been needing this for too damn long, love! Please don't make me wait any more!" Falipa pleaded before letting out another throaty growl. This fascinated Videl. Both she and Gohan were emitting these strange animalistic growls as they got further and further caught up in their mating. It was obviously a Saiyan thing and Videl realized she better get used to it. She couldn't help but wonder what she couldn't get used to since there currently seemed to be no tangible limit. Gohan thrust into Falipa fast and hard, putting all of himself in the tight Saiyan's womanhood. Falipa gasped and growled, her tail whip-lashing back and forth as Gohan continued. Videl noticed a steady stream of blood was trickling down the girl's legs and onto the bed. Videl knew this could be from a few different things. The most obvious being Gohan's erection was huge by any standards and shoving that into such a small entrance… Falipa didn't seem to be in any pain at all.

"Gohan… Gohan…" she panted, arms wrapped around her mate's neck as he began thrusting faster and faster. Soon Gohan burst hard within her and the telltale bite came down hard on the left side of his neck. Gohan leaned her back and bit the right side of hers, taking her forever as his mate. Falipa beamed up at Gohan with pure love and contentment. Nothing but this could have possible made her any happier. It wasn't long before she drifted off to sleep after Gohan withdrew from her, still panting.

"She's lucky," Sunshar pouted. Videl didn't know what to think. Was she really ready for any of this? Gohan wouldn't mind if she asked him to wait another few months but that wasn't the problem. Videl simply wasn't sure she could wait another few months. She watched as Gohan pulled Sunshar beneath him and ran kisses up and down the sides of her neck as well. Saiyans seemed to love doing that and Sunshar obviously didn't mind. Gohan studied Sunshar's womanhood for a moment and Videl could see why. She small Maljian was indeed more developed for any human girl her age but she was still small. "Yeah, Maljian males don't get anywhere near that big, Gohan," Sunshar panted.

"I don't want to hurt you," Gohan whispered to her between kisses.

"It'll hurt more if you don't. Please? I'll be fine," Sunshar insisted. Sunshar had an even smaller, tighter entrance than Falipa. It seemed human girls had greater capacity there. Gohan entered Sunshar who winced at first. The look she gave Gohan told him he better not stop. Gohan entered her all the way and Sunshar winced a little less as her body was adjusting. Gohan began a slow and steady rhythm, already growling and panting. He couldn't stop now if he wanted to. Streams of blood were flowing down the small girl's legs but she didn't seem to be in any serious pain. Sunshar was feeling pain but the pleasure far exceeded it. Both Maljian and Saiyan females evolved with tighter entrances for the simple fact of pleasing their mates. The pain was natural and turned either female on all the more, as far as Videl could see. Gohan was now up to the same speed as he had been with Falipa, bringing more panting from the small girl beneath him.

"Baby…" Sunshar gasped before Gohan covered her mouth with his. Sunshar was now letting out throaty growls of her own though they differed from the ones Gohan and Falipa did. Gohan's right hand couldn't help but caress his mate's small breasts while the other seemed to want to memorize every last curve of her body. Soon the Saiyan was thrusting into her faster than ever and gasped hard after he released. Sunshar bit down hard on his neck just above where Falipa had, Gohan doing the same to her. "My mate… All mine…" Sunshar gasped before collapsing back unto the bed. Mating this way obviously seemed to take a lot out of either female, Videl noticed. Gohan kissed Sunshar many more times before he withdrew from her slowly.

"What?" he asked his young mate after seeing Sunshar's look of concern.

"I…" she began uneasily.

"Go ahead and say it, Sunshar," he said gently.

"We just mated… Maljian females… I'll need you inside me when I sleep. My body will need to finish the mating. It's different but I am Maljian," she said at last.

"Not a problem," Gohan told her lovingly, kissing her again.

"It'll likely have to be that way every night," Sunshar finished.

"Still not a problem," Gohan said, kissing her again. She looked up at him very contently and Gohan couldn't describe the happiness he felt at that. He wanted all of his mates happy and very content. He knew he'd go any distance to make sure they were, too.

"Gohan…" Videl began, nearly pouting. "Are you up for another round?" Gohan looked a bit more tired than he had before this all started but he nodded, pulling her beneath him

"I don't think I can handle this like they can, Gohan. Not right away. You understand?" Videl said, worried. He was large and this was likely going to hurt.

"I'll be gentle," he promised and she knew he meant it. Videl winced as he entered her slowly. It did hurt but the pleasure was so much more. How could it be so great? She didn't know that Saiyan mating was at a far greater intensity. Both Bulma and Chi Chi had to get used to that and still were in many ways. Gohan thrust inside her slowly but all the way. She took all of him in easier than either Falipa or Sunshar but it was still a tight fit. Videl began gasping as blood ran down her legs now. The pain would have been unbearable were it not of far greater pleasure nearly washing it away. Gohan couldn't help but speed up and she didn't mind. Soon the Saiyan was up to maximum speed and she was panting hard. Gohan was run kisses down her neck as well and she could see why. Even this caused her to explode with pure pleasure and she found herself mimicking the Saiyan's growls.

"I love you so much," Videl whispered softly before Gohan pulled her into a full kiss, tongue entering her mouth fully. Videl kissed him back through growls of her own while Gohan began pushing inside of her even faster. Videl felt something warm inside of her and realized Gohan had released, hard. Gohan bit down on her neck as softly as he could while still marking her for a mate. Videl, not only compelled to do so herself and also seeing it with both Sunshar and Falipa, did the same to Gohan. She slumped back, exhausted and soaked in sweat. Gohan thrust into her a few more times before he released again. Videl gasped again before Gohan finally withdrew.

"I love you, too," he promised her, kissing her again.

"So tired," Videl whispered.

"Then rest. Come here Sunshar," Gohan said. He laid back and Sunshar climbed on top of him. She eased her way down slowly, taking all of him inside her once again. Then she eased her way forward until she was quite literally laying on her life-mate. Videl took Gohan's now empty side and cuddled as close to her life-mate as she possible could. Gohan pulled Falipa just as close to his other side, holding both Videl and the Saiyan girl in each arm. The night came went quickly to the sleeping lovers. Gohan woke the next morning, waking Sunshar with him. She sat up and stretched then realized Gohan was still inside her. Gohan smiled up at her and she smiled back, leaning forward to kiss her mate lovingly.

"Hey, love," she said very fondly. Her voice woke both Videl and Falipa of course who also began stretching.

"I'm a bit sore," Videl admitted, rubbing a hand over her entrance.

"So am I. Anyone would be after having that shoved in them," Falipa purred, entwining her tail with Gohan's, causing a different but just as great amount of pleasure to shoot through the Saiyan. At the same time, Sunshar began coming up and down on him quickly. Gohan began panting all over again and busted hard inside the young girt several times before she finally stopped.

"I take it you're going to need this before going to bed and right after waking up every day," Gohan said. Sunshar nodded with a very satisfied grin on her beautiful face.

"Don't think it'll stop there, Gohan. Saiyans mate several times a day. Usually between three and six times on average. You and I will be busy," Falipa purred, tightening her tail's grip on Gohan's affectionately.

"Humans don't need sex every day but this could become addictive," Videl admitted.

"You're his mate. Trust me, you'll need him just as many times a day as we do even if for no other reason but to remind your body it does have a mate," Falipa told her. Sunshar finally got off of Gohan who was now covered in a decent bit of her blood.

"Maljians heal very quickly and thoroughly. I'll likely bleed every time," Sunshar said. Gohan only shook his head, not minding something she couldn't help. Gohan wiped himself off as all three of his mates did the same in the bathroom that connected to his bedroom. Gohan got dressed and stretched out a bit further still.

"Are you going back to wearing clothes now you're mated to a Saiyan?" Falipa asked her. Videl hadn't thought of that.

"Well I'm not a Saiyan and who could tell what people might think if I decided to suddenly stop," Videl laughed.

"The reason Saiyan girls seldom wear clothing except armor into battle is due to our mates. He will want to see us, trust me, like we are now a lot. We didn't evolve with clothes on our backs, you know. We learned to do that as an adaptation to colder climates. We wear little clothing to help attract our life-mate and then little afterward to please him. He pleases me so I want to please him in return," Falipa stated as though that were the most natural thing in the world.

"Well maybe when it's just us or around here since Gohan's parents don't care. But in public in the cities, I'll have to. I'd drop dead from embarrassment," Videl said.

"GOHAN, BREAKFAST!" Goku yelled obviously through a mouthful of food. Gohan rushed from the room with all three of his mates in tow. They each got seated at the table. Chi Chi only raised an eyebrow after noticing Videl, too, had started up the habit of being indecent. She said nothing of course until she noticed each of the girls' neck and then Gohan's. That brought her a wide smile.

"You're all now mated?" Chi Chi asked though it was already obvious. Sunshar, Falipa, and Videl each nodded though Videl barely so. This was all still new to her and she couldn't help but think it all might come to an end. "I'm amazed you all aren't walking crooked." That caused Gohan to straight fall out of his chair and onto the floor. All the women and even Goku were laughing. "Anyone who mates with a Saiyan will know what I mean."

"Thanks for the input, Mom, but…" Gohan tried to change the subject and failed.

"You're right. We're all sore as hell. Especially Sunshar," Falipa said as though the topic was perfectly normal in present company. Sunshar seemed to agree with her. Only Videl and Gohan seemed to think this was beyond weird.

"Any bleeding?" Chi Chi went on.

"All three of us," Sunshar informed her. "More so for me. Maljian woman are tighter in certain areas if you know what I mean." Gohan couldn't tell if he were about to faint or die from sheer embarrassment.

"You will every time. It takes some getting used to but it won't kill you," Chi Chi explained.

"Is this really the best subject to be talking on at the moment?" Videl asked.

"Well there are some things I can tell you that might help you out along the way, Videl. You're family so it hardly matters. Can I expect grandchildren soon?"

"No way to say. Saiyans don't get with child every time we mate nor even most of the time. We usually don't have our first until we have been mated for seven to ten years," Falipa stated.

"Maljians are similar in a way. We also don't get with child any single time we mate. We are not fertile in any given cycle like most races are. It just happens. It could be once every day or once every ten years either one. I'll know though as soon as it happens," Sunshar replied.

"How does that work with me though? I know how humans work but Gohan's half-Saiyan, right?" Videl asked. Chi Chi nodded.

"You're the one that's going to benefit from what advice I can give. It's completely up to the Saiyan male in our case. It'll happen seemingly at random. It took Goku and I quite some time to conceive Gohan. I wouldn't expect any for a few years unless your extremely fertile," Chi Chi told the younger woman. Videl nodded. It was good to know this stuff.

"Time for training!" Goku announced. He lead them all outside and stretched with the younger fighters. Gohan was obviously distracted as he watched all three of his mates' breasts bounce as they warmed up. Goku couldn't help but laugh.

"What is that?" Gohan asked, pointing to what might have been a structure at one time.

"That was the gravity chamber. Sunshar and I kind of broke it while being pissed off at you for leaving," Falipa admitted.

"Yeah, no more gravity training," Goku nearly pouted.

"Gohan and I came up with a way to make gravity higher in a certain area, haven't we Gohan? As long as someone feels like sustaining it while the rest train, it works just as well if not better," Videl informed Goku.

"Is that so? What limits can you take it to?" Goku asked them both.

"We got it up to a thousand time Earth's gravity, Dad. I don't think it has a limit as long as you have the energy to feed the technique. It was my idea but Videl did most of the work in creating it with only a bit of help from me. Want to see?" Gohan asked.

"You bet! If you don't mind, I'm going to start training the girls," Goku told his son. Gohan nodded and lifted one hand above his head, palm aiming upward.

"Haaaahhh…" Gohan hummed as he began channeling his energy. A vortex of whirling golden energy surrounded Gohan as he channeled most of his power while not being a Super Saiyan. The vortex widened until it was over seventy feet around and grew to nearly fifty feet high. Goku noticed the vortex was spinning clockwise and that a new one was forming just outside it. This one was slightly darker and rotated the other direction as the inner one and much faster. The air within the Gravity Field technique suddenly slammed down on all of them within it.

"It takes a lot of energy to sustain," Videl explained. "So just sustaining it under the harsh gravity is training all in and of itself. Gravity is close to five hundred times normal right now" Goku could see how that was true. It wasn't long before Goku ascended to Super Saiyan and dared all three girls to attack him which they did. Gohan watched as his father began to expertly blocked every single attack as they attacked him head-on. Gohan, though stronger than his father now, was sure he'd miss most of those strikes and get hammered due to the simple fact he'd be distracted by his mates' bouncing breasts as well as the rest of their bodies.

Goku blocked Falipa's roundhouse and flipped over Sunshar's version of the kick. Videl brought both hands down hard on the back of Goku's head just to find herself passing through his Afterimage. Videl smirked, glad Gohan had taught her that move as well. Goku appeared before her and Videl struggled to block each attack. She got hit suddenly in the face, flying backward before she could stop herself.

"You hit pretty hard," she noticed, wiping a bit of blood from her lip. "I got a technique for that, too." Her power level began to rise as her aura flared to life. The cold blue-white flames suddenly pulled themselves close to every part of her body before becoming a solid two-inch thick barrier with lightning crackling around it. Goku lunged forward and tried a punch that ended up striking Videl right between her breasts. There was a thunderous flash as Goku's hand was deflected and singed at the same time. Videl didn't feel a thing.

"Nice trick!" Sunshar said in shock.

"This one was Gohan's idea. He needed a way to drive me hard in our training without breaking me half," Videl laughed.

"It's a good move. It forces your opponent to throw their maximum at you. If their best isn't over five times your total strength, they won't be able to cause any damage. It only works on physical blows though," Gohan explained.

"What do you call it?" Goku wondered, storing the technique away now that he learned it after seeing it done one time.

"It's the Aura Armor technique," Videl said. "I named it myself."

"Awesome. Want to test it?" Goku asked her. Videl nodded, letting her guard down. Goku struck again and again, each blow stronger than the previous one. There was a thunderous crashing sound after each impact but Videl felt nothing. Goku did notice that each blow the Aura Armor deflected did have a cost.

Each blow drained a portion of her energy. In a regular battle though, she was have the advantage against any foe with easily five times her power. Goku happened to be more than ten. His greatest punch shattered the shield and struck Videl hard in the face. Her head simply whipped to the side a bit, the barrier having stopped the greatest brunt of the strike. Goku was impressed. And so they trained like this for days on end, and they weren't the only ones. Everyone was going to have to take their training beyond everything they knew possible to survive what was coming.