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AUTHOR'S NOTE OF GLORY: Sorry there hasn't been a chapter, college has been busy as heck.


Brainstorm kept looking around in all directions. He peered over students and besides bushes to see if anyone was heading to him and Big Chill but he saw no one. He then said, "I don't Big Chill…maybe we are at the right spot and this Jabberwock gal is at the wrong place."

"Teh…I'll believe it when I see it with my own two eyes, and since I'm blind then it will never happen."

"Now I'm sure that we are at the right spot, Big Chill," said Brainstorm who was trying to reassure his friend, "I asked five different people where our location was and they said that we should wait right here."

Big Chill nodded and he tried to get his bearings straight. It was quite disorienting and he still hadn't gotten used to it yet. He heard sounds from all directions and they came in as much variety as there are colors to see. He heard the distant talking and yelling of passing students. He heard the trees rustle their leaves and the wind blowing throughthem. He heard the rumbling of a nearby car and the chirping of a nearby flying creature. It was so powerful and so full of life that Big Chill felt the need to open his eyes as if they were closed in the first place. But he couldn't and that made him all the more angry and confused. Trying to keep his mind off of his disability, he said to Brainstorm, "By the way Brainstorm, I got some of those Crayfish Crunchies that you like. That way, you can eat without succumbing to your allergies."

Brainstorm smiled and said, "Thanks Big Chill. I tell you, me and my allergy problem. I'm allergic to so many things that it's no wonder that I'm fit Crustacean."

"Allergic to processed dairy products, fish, many forms of red meat, chocolate and anything else that we can think of. Just promise me you won't eat anything that you find in the forest."

"Excuse me?" said a feminine voice, "But are either of you Big Chill or Brainstorm?"

Big Chill turned to see who said that but remembered that he couldn't see. Angry at himself, he said, "Why yes we are, are you Carol Jabberwock?"

"Yes, yes I am," said Carol, "But may I ask what you are doing here? Our meeting spot is over there by the sign post."

Brainstorm stepped in and said, "We were merely confused on where we were supposed to meet. My friend said one thing while I said another."

Big Chill knew that Brainstorm was just protecting Big Chill so Carol wouldn't know that he was blind. But he knew he had to tell her one way or another.

Carol shrugged and said, "It doesn't matter, we found each other and that means we can get moving. Are you guys ready?"

Big Chill smiled and said, "Yes we are, but where is your roommate? Isn't she coming with us?"

"Oh Goop? She's not in this group, she's in another one. I kind of find that strange but oh well. Let's get going."

In unison Big Chill and Brainstorm said, "Lead the way."


Swampfire gripped his fists tightly and tried to stop the shaking, he then said, "How long have you known that I was a recovering drug addict?"

Spidermonkey gave a wide smile and said, "Spidermonkey knows much about his roommate when he has said so little. Spidermonkey can see subtle things that would make the beeeeeeest detective jealous! Do not worry, my pepper friend! Spidermonkey shall not release this secret!"

Swampfire gave a smile and said, "Thank you very much, Spidermonkey."

"Spidermonkey, however, wants to see his peppery roommate do a fire trick! Spidermonkey wants to see flames go flicker, flicker, flicker. Can you do so?"

Swampfire rubbed his shoulder in embarrassment and said, "I'm afraid I can't control my fire very well…"

"Practice makes perfect!" shouted Spidermonkey who was now standing on his forelimbs, "If you don't practice then you'll never know!"

Swampfire seemed hesistant at first but he mentally nodded to himself. He slowly raised his shaky right hand and he tried to make a small flame. He concentrated hard on it and his hand shook even more uncontrollably. After a few seconds, several sparks danced about it in his hand. Swampfire gritted his teeth but the sparks didn't become friends. He cried out in anger and he stopped his concentration. The sparks vanished into the dank air.

"It's no use!" he said, "I can't do it! I'll never learn how to do it!"

Spidermonkey ferociously grabbed Swampfire's hand and analyzed it like a scientist would to a bug. He then said, "Perhaps Swampfire isn't eating his minerals correctly? Missing a little flint in your diet? Or how about brimstone?"

Swampfire pulled his hand away from Spidermonkey and said, "Why? Why do you care about my fire making skills?"

Spidermonkey made a raspberry and said, "Spidermonkey just wants to help his roommate, that's all! Do not be mistrustful of Spidermonkey! Spidermonkey is a good monkey!"

"Excuse me?" said a voice, "did you say your name was Spidermonkey?"

Spidermonkey and Swampfire looked up to see a greenish, slime-like alien standing before them. Swampfire's eyes looked up and saw a small spaceship (which was dotted with stickers of rainbows and pink stars) above the alien. Somewhat taken aback by this…thing, he said, "Yes, and who are you?"

The thing gave a cheery wave and said, "My name's Goop! That's my name and you better not forget it! My report said that you two guys would be my teammates for this Trial! So, I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to capture that flag!"

Spidermonkey made a ridiculous laugh and danced about while clapping his hands. He then said in a singsong voice, "Goop! Goop! We got Goop! The slimy girl, who makes me hurl! Goop! Goop! Goop!"

Goop's head (if you can call it as such) tilted to the side and said, "Is that fellow alright?"

Swampfire nodded and said, "Yeah, this pretty much normal. Well, Goop, it is nice to meet you. I guess we should get going now."

Goop made a girlish giggle and said, "I can't wait!"