My other fan fic didn't turn out exactly as I wanted to. I was so caught up with trying to make it exciting while developing a romantic plot (which is what you all want) that my writing skills went out the window. This is the story I actually wanted to write.

I do not own Labyrinth or David Bowie sob I just like to distort the real characters for my own, and hopefully others, amusement.

Characters thoughts are in italics D

Chapter 1

Sarah lay on her bed reading one of the many fantasy novels which littered her overcrowded bookshelf. Her eyelids were beginning to close over her normally sparkling eyes and her long ebony curls spilt over her pillows. Stifling a yawn she glanced at her clock. It was 2.00 in the morning. Sarah's back and neck was uncomfortable stiff and her eyes ached. Thank God it's Saturday tomorrow. She thought drowsily marking her place in the book and sliding under the covers. She reached out and clicked off her light falling asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Outside her window a solitary white owl was perched on the branch of a nearby tree. When it saw the light click off it gave a low hoot spread its snowy wings and swooped silently into the darkness of the night.

Sarah snuggled deeper into the warm nest of her bedclothes and tried to ignore the dazzling sunlight streaming through her window. She groaned struggling to return to unconsciousness. A light tap came from her bedroom door and was opened at her answering groan. Her step mother Karen poked her head around the door and sighed at the sight of Sarah still in bed.

"Sarah it's time to get up" she trilled entering the room and pulling the curtains all the way open.

"Five more minutes" grumbled the figure on the bed.

"No, up now. It's a beautiful morning and if you don't get up soon it will be time for lunch!"

Sarah groaned and rolled out of bed to be greeted by more sighs from Karen who stood, hands on hips and looked over the girl.

"Honestly Sarah your 19, you should be out and about having fun with some friends, instead you spend your time hanging around here buried in your books." She shook her head disapprovingly "You're such a pretty girl, it would be nice to see you have some male company once in a while. Your father and I are worried you know."

"To be honest Karen, I'm not really in the mood to discuss this right now so would you please leave so I can get dressed?" Sarah flopped down onto the chair in front of her dressing table and looked at her reflection through cloudy eyes. Hearing her bedroom door close she relaxed. The girl in the mirror looked back at her. Ebony curls tumbled past her shoulders and emphasised her pale face. Karen was right she was beautiful but she never saw that, all she saw was the same face day after day, bored and lonely. She was tall and willowy and dressed in the right clothes her looks could be truly breathtaking.

Sarah brushed out her long hair, dressed in jeans, a grey sweater and ankle boots before clasping a belt around her face and surveying herself in the full length mirror on the back of her door. Not bad. She though half heartedly 

turning back to her dressing table and expertly applying a small amount of makeup. With her glittering green eyes outlined in smoky grey eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara she exited her bedroom and went down stairs.

"Hey Sarah" her younger brother Toby greeted her crunching on a piece of toast in the kitchen. "Mummy says you're to look after me today, she's gone out with her friend Mary."

"Again?" queried Sarah. "Where's Daddy?"

"Away on business, Mummy says there's a note for you on the hall table." He stuck a finger in the jam and looked at it thoughtfully before licking it off and watching as Sarah spread herself a bagel. "Sarah"

She looked at him and raised an eyebrow.


"Yes?" she pulled the newspaper to her and started reading the headlines.


"Yes Toby?" she looked up exasperated. When Toby was sure he had got her complete attention he blinked and said slowly:

"Can we...I mean is it okay if we go to the park today? I want to feed the ducks." He looked at her hopefully with his big blue eyes. Sarah smiled. Toby was six years old, adorable and could wrap anyone around his little finger. He could, of course, be annoying at times as all six year old boys can be.

"Sure Toby, we'll go and buy some bread once I've had breakfast okay? Then we'll eat out for lunch at a nice cafe."

Toby grinned broadly and watched her eat her bagel expectantly. Sarah grew slightly uneasy under his constant observance and turned a page of the newspaper. "Toby please, stop staring at me. Go and watch TV and I'll call you when it's time to go."

He jumped down from the table and scuttled off to the living room mumbling nonsense excitedly. Sarah smiled and headed into the hall where she found a note from her stepmother.


I've gone shopping with Mary for the day and later we will be dining out with the girls. Look after Toby for the day, your father is away on business and will be away from home until tomorrow evening. I will be back late tonight so you will have to give Toby a bath and put him to bed.

Don't feed him too much rubbish and make sure, if you go to the park, that he doesn't go too close to the water. I'll call to check up on you later in the day so if you go anywhere take your mobile. Do not go back to bed and remember to lock everything up at night. Karen.

Sarah sighed. Even when speaking through a note Karen still managed to have a patronising tone. I'm nineteen for god's sake, not twelve. Grabbing her coat from a peg and digging her mobile from behind a cushion on one of the chairs she called to Toby. He came running instantly to put on his trainers and anorak. With Toby milling around her like an excitable puppy Sarah pulled the door closed behind them while patting her pocket to double check she had her keys and wallet.

Sarah thought of Merlin their old sheepdog and missed his presence by her side. He had been hit by a car a year and a half ago. Sarah thought it unlikely that they would ever be able to replace such an amazing dog but Toby had been pestering her Father for a new puppy and, knowing the adults weakness for anything Toby related, it was extremely likely that he would get one. They crossed the road, Toby clutching Sarah's hand, and headed towards the local shop. The door chimed as they entered and the shop owner looked up.

"Sarah, good to see you" he called from the counter with a wave.

"Hi Ralph, busy today?" she let Toby wander off in search of a loaf of bread and went to talk to the elderly man.

"Not too bad, just business as usual. I haven't seen you in here for a while Sarah been busy?"

"Reasonably" Toby approached them shyly holding a loaf firmly in one hand.

"Those ducks are going to get very fat aren't they?" Ralph said kindly to Toby who mumbled an answer. "So many people have come in here buying bread for those ducks I'm surprised they're not the size of houses!" This was addressed to Sarah who smiled and nodded as she paid for the bread (and two tubes of Smarties for her and Toby, not that they were going to tell Karen that)

The ducks were quaking merrily on the still water of the lake. Sarah and Toby stood on the bridge watching their reflections. Sarah got out the bread and handed a few slices to Toby.

"We can't give all of it to them at once otherwise they might sink" explained Sarah when Toby looked forlornly at the remainder of the loaf. He giggled and shoved some Smarties into his mouth.

"Glug glug go the ducks"

"Oh look Toby, look at those sweet ducklings!" Sarah exclaimed pointing to the small fluffy yellow bundles of feathers paddling frantically after the adults, desperate not to be left behind.

"Do ducklings eat bread?"

"Of course they do, but small bits at a time Toby" Sarah's hair was ruffled by a sudden breeze and she pushed the dark strands out of her face.

"Do owls eat bread?" Toby asked curiously while chucking bits of bread to the ducklings.

"Owls?" Sarah thought for a moment "I'm not sure, I think they prefer mice but you can't feed bread to Owls Toby. They wake up past your bedtime and sleep when you wake up."

"Not all Owls, I've seen Owls before, in the daytime. Mummy showed me a big white one. It was pretty."

Sarah nodded only half listening. She was watching the ducklings as they chirped and fought for the bread. When their supply was exhausted they floated away now disinterested in the two figures, one tall, one short, upon the bridge. Sarah glanced at her watch, they still had quite a while until lunch. She took Toby's hand and led him towards the children's play area and sat on a swing while she watched him charge about.

Despite Karen's beliefs Sarah did have a number of friends though she refrained from discussing them with Karen as she knew this would lead to endless questions and, inevitably, disapproval. Her best friend, Diane, was sure to displease Karen. She was loud and lively and had a wicked sense of humour. Sarah felt her phone buzz.

Hey what you up to? Wanna meet up and go shopping? D x

Sarah keyed back a reply in the negative explaining that she was on babysitting duty. Stashing her phone in her pocket she leant her head back and gazed at the sky. Toby clamoured for her attention as he showed off on the green plastic slide and Sarah nodded at him encouragingly and smiled as he slid to the bottom. She wished she could return to that age when the most important thing you had to worry about was which latest toy you were missing or making sure that your sister watched as you went down the slide. Eventually Sarah stood and managed to extract Toby from the play area. They headed towards a small, friendly cafe and sat at one of the outside tables. A waitress came over and presented them with their menus, took their orders for drinks and named the soup of the day.

"What do you want to eat Toby?"


"You can't just have chips you need to have something with them, what about a sausage?"

"Yea, sausages please and chips." He grinned and looked across at Sarah.

The waitress returned and took their orders. Leaning back in her chair Sarah let Toby gabble on to her while they waited for their food to arrive. She and Toby had not always been so close, when he was just a baby she had despised him for being her father's second child, the child of Karen. It had taken thirteen hours and some very strange circumstances for her to learn to love him completely. She knew now that she would do anything for him. Recalling those thirteen hours Sarah's mind was instantly drawn, as it always was, to the Goblin King. After so many years she had expected to forget him, for his image to fade, but it never had. She could still remember his burning eyes, his ridiculously sexy breeches and boots, his platinum blonde mane, and his flawless pale skin that shone with ethereal light. He was undoubtedly the best looking male she had ever come across but she could also recall his arrogance and pride, his games and cruelty.

Sarah shivered as a cloud passed over the sun. For months she had battled with reality trying to hold on to the fact that she had been to the Labyrinth and met with the fearsome Goblin King but the real world argued. Santa didn't exist, magicians hid cards up their sleeves and magic was impossible. Sarah had settled halfway. She knew she had experienced the trials and tribulations of the Labyrinth and it's King, but whether or not it had been a childish game that had got a little too real or a dream evaded her reasoning.

"Look Sarah look!" Toby pointed to a nearby tree. "Look an owl! I told you they came out during daytime didn't I! I bet it's the same white one Mummy showed me"

Sarah looked where Toby was pointing and sure enough on one of the high limbs of the tree perched a snowy white owl. Sarah used to be terrified of owls and eyed each one with the fear that it could be her old opponent in disguise. As time had passed and the memories of the Labyrinth grew fainter she had reasoned that not every owl could be a magic King and so simply viewed them with a detached interest. What would the Goblin King want with her anyway? She had bested his Labyrinth, taken his pride and rejected him. That was assuming he had been serious when he had offered her "Her dreams." She wouldn't be surprised if he hated her, or had even forgotten all about her.

The food arrived and the two tucked in. Toby had worked up quite an appetite while charging around the playground. Looking back to the tree he moaned through a mouthful of food.

"Awww the owl's gone!"

"Don't speak with your mouth full" Sarah smiled glancing at the tree and seeing that the owl had indeed disappeared. "I'm not surprised Toby it probably got hungry when it saw this delicious food"

"It could have had some of mine, if it had let me pet it for a bit"

"I'm not sure the owl would be that happy about being petted"

"Why not?"

"From my experience owls are not very friendly creatures." They finished their meal and Sarah paid before taking Toby by the hand and leading him home. Once they were inside Sarah turned to Toby. "So Toby what do you want to do now?"

"Can I...Watch a video?" Sarah nodded, glad that the activity he had chosen didn't require any effort on her part. "I'll be upstairs if you need me okay?"

"Yea" Toby ran into the living room humming to himself his feet making almost no noise on the soft carpet. Sarah started upstairs before stopping abruptly and dashing into the living room. Toby stopped humming and looked up from the video shelf in surprise.


"Toby can you hum that tune for me again?"

Toby hummed again looking at her worriedly, wondering if he had done anything wrong. "Where did you learn that song?" she asked him trying to act normally as she slumped down on the couch.

"I dunno it just came into my brain"

"Came into your brain?" Sarah raised an eyebrow.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I just thought I recognised the song that's all but I was wrong" she stood and ruffled his blonde curls "enjoy the video kiddo." Once in the safety of her room Sarah's mind reeled. The tune Toby had been humming it was strangely familiar...

You remind me of the babe

What babe?

The babe with the power

What power?

The power of voodoo

Who do?

You do

Do what?

Remind me of the babe.

Sarah clutched her head. There was no doubt about it, the tune Toby had been humming was the same tune she had heard faintly as she fought her way through the Labyrinth. Could he possibly remember? Was it the Goblin King who had put the tune in his head to creep her out? Was he back for her? Sarah kicked off her shoes and slumped onto her bed. There's no way he would come back she decided. He must hate me now. Unless he hates me enough to want to have revenge. She shivered as his image came unbidden into her mind the best thing to do is just forget about the Labyrinth. She had repeated this to herself over and over since she had returned that night but she couldn't control her thoughts. She would be sitting in school or talking to her friends and suddenly Hoggle's or another of her friend's faces would float into her mind.

She lay on her bed thinking for a long time, the sky darkening outside her window, before pulling herself upright and going to take care of Toby. Bed time was always an ordeal and Sarah was simply not in the mood for her brothers tantrums. With surprising ease she persuaded Toby into the bath then even into his pyjamas yet when the time came to actually put him to bed he started fussing.

"I don't want to go to bed Sarah" he moaned as he was herded into his bedroom.

"I know" she sighed and pushed her dark hair behind her ears. "But you must"

"I don't want to!"

"You have to"

"Will you read me a story?"

"Only if your good and go straight to sleep afterwards"

Toby nodded excitedly and dashed past her into Sarah's room.

"Where are you going?" she called "Toby get out of my room!"

"Just getting a story" he grumbled climbing into bed and giving her the book. "This one."

Sarah looked down at the book and felt panic rising within her throat. "Toby this one's boring how about..."

"No!" he whined "Sarah that one!"

Sarah looked down at the red covered book in her hands. "Labyrinth" Oh lovely. He had to pick this one.

Sarah opened the book and glanced at Toby who settled down to listen. As Sarah read she relived her trials in the Labyrinth in her mind, remembering the friends she had made, and the enemies. She was very careful not to actually say the words 'I wish the goblins would come and take you away, right now' if she did, who knows what would actually happen, she winced every time she had to refer to the Goblin King as if expecting him to appear any moment.. Toby's eyes feel shut eventually and he began breathing deeply. Placing a feather-light kiss on his forehead Sarah left his room taking the book with her.

Once in her own bedroom again she looked down at the book. Well that wasn't so bad I suppose. Sarah grabbed a towel and headed into the bathroom to take a bath. Immersed in the hot water her thoughts returned to more everyday occurrences and forgot about any magical mazes or Goblin Kings.

Little did she know in less than 2 hours she would be, once again, looking over the sprawling maze with The King of Goblin's whispering in her ear.