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Sarah was being stubborn and Jareth was getting annoyed. Quill had returned to him with a rejection of his invitation to dinner. Quill had then been sent back and forth with various messages which he found hard to remember.

"Tell the Goblin King I'm not hungry and have no desire to dine with him."

"You tell Sarah that it was not an invitation, it was an order!"

"He thinks he can order me? Just tell him Quill that he didn't have any power over me then and he doesn't now!"

"Contrary to what she may believe I do have power over her and I am now her King."

"King or not I am no mindless Goblin to be ordered around, no offense Quill"

"It would be a lot easier if you were a Goblin, instead I have a stubborn child who seems determined to exhaust my Goblins in this way!"

"Oh Quill you're not really exhausted are you? Well if you can just tell that arrogant son of a bitch that I'm going to bed and he can dine alone!"

"Tell her I didn't realise it was past her bedtime already I thought she had grown up a little"

"I have grown up Goblin King! Are you so desperate for my company?"

"Yes. I'm so desperate to dine with you. In fact it's my deepest desire."

"Was that supposed to be sarcastic?"

"Yes. Goblins don't seem to pick up on sarcasm a lot of the time."

At this point Quill was growing a little confused. "Why doesn't Lady just dine with King, saves Quill running back and forth" he mumbled confusedly as he scuttled between the two.

"Yes and Goblin Kings don't seem to realise a rejection when they get one instead you persistently bother me when I have made it quite clear that I do not want to dine with you! Now just leave me alone"

"If you're not down here in ten minutes I'm coming to get you!"

"I'm locking my door"

"You think that can stop me?"


Jareth laughed and started timing. After ten minuteshad passed he ran a hand through his hair and sighed. Why is she so difficult? Without a sound he transported himself directly into Sarah's room.

"You're early"

"I'm punctual"

"You're...oh I can't be bothered with this anymore, Goblin King will you please just leave me alone!"

The room was dimly lit, Jareth could vaguely make out the shape of Sarah sitting on the windowsill looking up at the stars. If he wasn't mistaken, which he rarely was, there was the faintest shine of tears glimmering in her downcast eyes.

"What's the matter Sarah?" he asked gently moving towards her.

She turned to him surprised "The matter?"

"You're upset."

"I am not!"

"You most certainly are. If you aren't upset why would you give in so easily? The Sarah I know wouldn't back down in a second" He placed a gloved hand on her shoulder. To his astonishment she didn't shrug it off.

"I'm not giving in" she whispered refusing to meet his gaze and looking instead at the stars.

"So tell me" he sat down in a chair he pulled out of nowhere "Why do you have such an adverse reaction to dining with me?"

"I'm not hungry"

"Oh really?"

Sarah shuffled a little further away from the persistent fae. "Look your majesty. I'm not hungry, I'm not upset and you don't know me at all"

"Really?" He was lounging in his chair so at ease with the world. Sarah glanced at him briefly taking in his white blonde mane, sharp face and mismatched eyes. Her gaze rested on his lips for a fraction of a second before she blushed furiously and returned to the stars. Thank god it's dark if he could see how red my cheeks were...

Sarah looked unseeingly at the twists and turns of the Labyrinth far below, lost in her thoughts, oblivious to the world. I'll never understand women Jareth moaned inside his head puzzled. Only hours before she had teased and taunted him in his study and enjoyed being teased and taunted back, from the back of his mind as he gazed at Sarah he was being berated by an unnamed voice which sounded strangely like his own.

Show a little compassion Jareth she's obviously upset!

Who are you and why are you in my head?

I've always been here Jareth you just buried me long ago.

You're not that damn cricket from Pinocchio are you?

Hell yes!


No. I thought you of all people would understand sarcasm. I suppose I am your conscience in a way but I prefer the name Bob.



There is no way a voice in my head, even if it is my conscience is calling itself Bob!




Great name but no, it's taken.

What would you prefer?

How about...What's it's name...Jiminy?

Dam Disney!

Dam you. Anyway get to the point.

Ah yes...Ah hem. I'm a little bit out of practice as I'm sure you'll understand.

Hurry up or I'll drink us both to oblivion! Sarah's still sitting there if you hadn't noticed although she may be dead to the world.

Ah yes. Pretty thing isn't she, if I wasn't your conscience I'd just tell you to ravish her until she cheers up but that's hardly chivalrous is it?

Hey it's worth a try!

Quiet. Ah hem. Jareth, she's obviously upset. Be gentle, make her feel at ease, show her you're not the monster she thinks you are. Take her in your arms. Let her pour out her fears...

Yeah right!

I'm not finished!

Does she not think that I have been generous?

She wants to go home!

Really? I wouldn't have guessed...Of course she wants to go home but she CANT!

Sarcasm brings out the worst in you. Why can't she? Because you won't let her?


Then let her!


Why won't you let her go home?




Why Jareth?

I don't want to lose her again...

Sarah was staring at the Goblin King, one eyebrow raised. If she thought she had spaced out it was nothing compared to him. "Goblin King?" she tried softly leaning forward to look into his mismatched eyes which were strangely glazed over. "Hello?"

Jareth blinked and focused on her. "Sorry?"

"You spaced out"

"I apologise" Jareth stood and started pacing the room before spinning to face her once again one gloved finger tapping his chin thoughtfully. "Sarah, do you need anything?" She looked at him puzzled. Only moments before he had been badgering her to dine with him for his own selfish reasons and now he was concerned about her?

"No, I'm fine. Why?"

"Do you want for nothing?"

"I have my shoes" she gestured in the general direction of the wardrobe.

"Forget the shoes. What has upset you? Was it me?" His tone was gentle and for once his mask of indifference had melted away to reveal genuine concern.

"No it wasn't you..." he looked at her disbelievingly "...well maybe a little, I'm fine Jareth I just need to sleep" Glancing at her Jareth could see that she did look weary but it wasn't just sleepiness.

"You want to go home." He said simply. It was not a question simply a statement which he knew was a truth.

"Of course" There they are the tears again. I never thought I would see Sarah cry.

She's not crying you dolt. Can't you see how hard she is fighting against her tears? She doesn't want to show weakness Jareth, especially not in front of you.

Why not me?

She considers you to be her enemy of course.

"You consider me an enemy?"

Sarah was silent, unsure of where this was going. He kept changing. One moment he would be the terrifying Goblin King from her childhood, then a concerned friend and the next moment he would be a suave, seductive male which, she had to admit, she was more than a little attracted to. She knew the answer. How could she trust him? He was her adversary without a doubt, had been ever since she was simply a fifteen year old girl and he had burst through her parents' bedroom window.

Sarah nodded. A tiny nod that a normal person would never catch yet Jareth saw and it broke his heart.

Jareth turned from her and let his emotions come to the surface. His eyes burnt with sorrow yet when he spoke his voice was as calm as ever.

"Then you must leave"

"You can't chuck me out! I doubt I'd survive even one night in the Labyrinth!"

"No Sarah you must leave...for your own world"

Well done.

"What?" Sarah gasped standing quickly and staring at him. Jareth could feel her eyes burning the back of her neck. Closing his eyes for a second and taking a deep breath he turned, avoiding her gaze and replacing his emotionless mask.

"Forgive me Sarah" she felt something strange twitch in her chest as he said her name. He whispered it gently savouring each syllable as though it was the last time he would say it. "I should never have brought you back here, no matter what the consequences"


"I had to defeat you" he shrugged looking slightly bored yet still not meeting her eyes and speaking bluntly "the powers that be thought I had to prove my worth as a ruler once you defeated me. I had to Sarah, I would have lost my Kingdom"

"Hang on" she held up a hand to stop him. Finally his eyes rose to meet hers. "You had to beat me or what? You would lose your Kingdom?"


"What about my heart? Being your servant and all that Jazz was that just an added perk?"


His honesty shocked her. No tricks, no challenges, just the truth. "So now what?" her voice shook slightly.

He was like a statue in his stillness. Like an animal that senses danger he froze.

"I give you your heart, your freedom and you leave forever"

"Forever?" she whispered stepping closer to him.

"Yes" with a twist of his wrist he conjured a crystal which was extremely familiar to Sarah. It was the one he had supposedly pulled from her chest.

"Your heart."

The clear orb dimmed and swirled with a combination of silver and green.

"What are you doing?" questioned Sarah looking worriedly at the crystal.

So little trust... "Sarah, Sarah. Do you trust me so little?" Jareth glanced at the crystal and almost dropped it in surprise. Silver and blue? It can't be!

Sarah saw the shocked look on his face and grew panicked. "What's happening? Why is it that colour?"

"The colour of a person's heart reflects their soul. Yours was green" He spun it around in one palm and sat down, bringing it up to his eyes. Sarah stood anxiously and watched his study for several moments.

"You know I'm not exactly comfortable with you studying my heart can you just give it back, put it back in or whatever?"

"Whatever?" he chuckled softly still studying the orb "Not yet, soon but not yet. Sit down Sarah" a chair appeared from nowhere and she did as ordered. "Hold out your hand" she did so. He placed the orb gently in her palm.


"Do you recognise it?"

"Of course it's my heart, or soul...whichever it is. Of course it's familiar to me! Put it back in!"

He laughed again. "I bed your patience for just a moment Sarah!"

"Hang on, before my heart was red!"

"That's because I had just tore it from your chest"

"Dammit Jareth where is this going?"

"Patience Sarah, patience!" she growled all previous sad thoughts replaced by annoyance "Sarah" Jareth glared warningly as the growling increased in volume. Eventually she stopped and calmed down enough to actually listen.

"The colour of your soul is green. Everyone's soul is one colour, well...normally. However, yours..." he gestured towards the orb "Is two. Why is that do you think?"

"Just tell me"


"I will not. Why are you looking at me like that?" Jareth had so in his eyes. Joy and...


He blinked, smiled and conjured another crystal, this one clear. "Now watch."

He pressed the orb to his chest yet barely shuddered as he withdrew his own heart/soul. He held it out towards her and she stared into the swirling silver depths.



Sarah's eyes widened as wisps of green curled their way through the silver. "You too?"



"About four years ago" his eyes burned into hers in the silver light from the crystal. She stayed silent. "When I first fell in love with you"

Sarah was sure that her heart had stopped. In fact had it not been glowing at her from the table she would have been sure that someone ripped it out all over again. Jareth looked at her over the two identical orbs. His eyes glowed with concern.

"I'm sorry"

"Sorry? For what?" She tried to keep her voice calm, tried to deny what was staring her straight in the face. No I don't. I DON'T LOVE HIM! Her own voice and mind betrayed her. The first quivering and the second whispering to her, things she had never admitted even to herself.

You love him.

"I don't love you!"

"Sarah I'm not making you stay with me. You can have your heart back, I just thought it was pretty interesting" He looked slightly startled as she stood and backed away from him.

"I DON'T LOVE YOU! Get that thing away from me!" she pushed the orbs from the table and turned from him searching for an exit. Unseen by her Jareth quickly levitated the two crystals quickly back onto the table before standing and striding quickly across to her.

Sarah's shoulders shook with sobs and tears tracked swiftly down her cheeks "I don't love you!" she moaned before Jareth's arms enfolded her from behind and held her close as she sobbed. "It's not fair!"

"What's not fair?" he murmured.

"I don't love you!"

"Yes you've said that already" one of the orbs, the slightly more silver one dimmed and allowed a crack to appear on its surface. Jareth noticed and gave it a glare. No don't break again; I only just managed to fix you!

"It's not fair, I do NOT love you"

Still holding Sarah crushed against his chest he sighed deeply looking out of the window at the distant stars. "You say that so often" he mused ignoring the second crack on his own crystal. "Sarah did you know that you can hate and love someone at the same time?"

As if a switch had been thrown she stilled. Jareth froze too hardly daring to breathe. Had he gone too far? He always managed to push her further away when all the time he longed to pull her closer.

His arms around her were like bands of steel. Sarah didn't struggle but even so she knew it was useless to try. The feel of being in his arms was strange to her... she should have felt uncomfortable like she did when she hugged her father, Karen, a distant relative or a boyfriend but it just felt so right. She felt safe, warm, cherished and loved.

"It's not fair" she mumbled once more into his shoulder. Jareth closed his eyes and sighed. I thought this time it would be different, I thought she was ready...

"I wasn't meant to fall in love with you, the heroine isn't meant to fall for the villain" Jareth pulled backwards and stared at her.

"What?" his voice was desperate, clutching at hope.

Sarah tilted her tear stained face upwards and observed him defiantly a shy smile lighting up her still sparkling eyes "Honestly Jareth what kind of Goblin King are you? You're meant to be head over heels in love with me and yet here I am, my heart/ soul crystal thing or whatever reflecting yours. And you didn't even use any chat up lines!"

Jareth stared at her in disbelief. Sarah touched his cool cheek lightly. "Jareth, I love you"

As if he had just seconds to live Jareth grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, every inch of their bodies touching as they stood as close as was humanly possible. "Do you mean it?" he whispered into her ear "Do you promise?"

"I promise" Sarah wrapped her arms around him and felt her heart sink as he pulled away quickly staring at his gloved hand in amazement. A single tear had fallen from his eye onto his glove. Jareth, King of the Goblins had not cried since the hour he had been born. Sarah noticed the faint tear track on his cheek and instantly leaped on him knocking him to the ground.

Finding himself pinned to the floor Jareth laughed and looked up at the girl above him. "Sarah" she grinned and allowed him to sit up so their eyes were about level. Placing gloved hands on her waist he pressed his forehead against hers and gazed into her eyes. "I love you, I should just have said that all those years ago. Perhaps then you would have understood."

"Jareth I didn't understand five minutes ago" The Goblin King allowed her to pin him once again "Thank god for those crystal things"

"Will you stay with me?" Jareth asked quickly looking searchingly into her eyes "Forever?"

Although slightly stunned Sarah just about managed a nod "But my family..."

"You can visit them, we'll tell them we plan to marry. I won't keep you here Sarah, not again you're right it's not fair"

"Marriage!?" Sarah gasped

"Of course! I don't know about you Sarah but this position is extremely suggestive and while I don't want to act perverted as you like to put it I have desired you for the past four years. I'm not going to sacrifice your honour for my lusty needs"

Sarah blushed "Look at you! A changed King"

Jareth shook his head "Oh Sarah, think it through, perhaps this is moving to quickly I can be generous but I can also be cruel"

"Still stealing children?" Jareth nodded

"Being a strutting arrogant King with super tight trousers?" He nodded again

"Still slightly lecherous?" A grin and a nod this time.

"Still the Goblin King?"


"Still the keeper of my heart"


"I wouldn't have it any other way!" Leaning down she pressed her lips gently against his and felt her lips burn at the touch. With a swift movement Jareth reversed their positions and smiled down at her.

"Are you sure? You don't want me to change my wicked ways?"

"It was the Goblin King, Jareth The Goblin King, that I fell in love with. I want all of you"

The two crystals lying on the table gleamed gold and vanished back to their rightful owners.

"After all you are the King of my heart" he laughed

"darling Sarah...don't forget the Goblins"

Quill skipped away from the King's room his ears flapping at what he had heard. It seemed the Underground had a queen...



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