Sasori slowly got out of bed, happier than he usually is in the morning (wouldn't you be after hot sex with Deidara?) but surprised when Deidara wasn't there next to him.

"Dei?" He called out, when he couldn't see the blond anywhere in the room.

It suddenly donned on him what could be happening – Dei ran out on him after one time, he was off bragging, he left because he didn't like the sex, or he was bringing him breakfast. Damn, did he hope it was breakfast.

'Wait,' He thought to himself, looking at the semi-open door leading to the bathroom, 'Did I leave the light on?'

He got up to see what the disturbance was, to find Deidara hunched over the toilet.

"Dei? Are you alright?" He said, kneeling down and holding his hair back as Deidara started retching.

"I'm fine danna..." He said with a fake smile, as he vomited again.

"Well I thought I was alright." Sasori said, smirking, his little joke getting a giggle from his lover.

"Oh, you were better than alright danna, I probably just got some kind of indigestion. Last night before the, you-know-what I think I ate some bad oysters or something." He said, putting on a smile for his relieved danna.

"Good, I was starting to think you were pregnant or something." Sasori said, smiling.

"Yeah, that'd be fucked up!" Deidara said laughing.

The two walked down to go to breakfast, and announce their new relationship. Luckily, everyone was there following they're normal routine, Hidan and Kakuzu arguing, Itachi and Kisame, well best I not go into detail what they were doing, and Tobi annoying everyone with his mentally challenged ways. Kakuzu was the first to look at the two, and inform everyone with their new relationship.

"Sasori and Deidara's gay." He said, going back to his argument with Hidan.

Hidan was ready to forget the argument, and go to making fun of the blond.

"Ha! You fucked the puppet!" He laughed out, Kakuzu kind-of chuckling and nobody else (besides Tobi, who went crazy) doing nothing but nodding.

"A little less than we would of done it, Kakuzu." Deidara said, shooting a death stare at the walking pile of string.

Sasori merely looked confused, before staring at Hidan and getting the blond more agitated.

"What do you mean, 'fucked the puppet'?" He said, watching the smile on Hidan's face grow until it nearly ripped his face in half.

"You mean Sasori fucked YOU!!" Hidan said, falling on the ground laughing, causing Kakuzu to roll his eyes.

Deidara's eyes lit on fire, as he reached to get some of his clay, but suddenly feeling sick again. Pein suddenly looked very nervous, as he tried to hide himself in his book.

"What's the matter Deidara-senpai?" Tobi said, finally calming down after he saw him hurting.

"If you must know, my stomach's been hurting since this morning." He said, leaving to go to the bathroom.

"Tobi," Sasori said, staring at the nervous Pein, "Go hold Senpai's hair back."

"Yes Sasori-san!" He said, running after him.

"Pein, what is wrong with Deidara?" Sasori asked, anger in his voicing.

Sensing his hostility, most people left the dining room, all but Pein and Konan.

"Now Pein, I, uh, I mean we," He said, grabbing his blue haired partner, "Meant to tell you... eventually..."

"Tell me what?" He said, getting onto the table and walking to the other end, squatting in front of the two Ame nin.

"Well, back when we first got this place, we learned that there's some odd chakra flow in... yours and Deidara's room..." He said, scooting him and a just-as-scared Konan back from the murderous puppet.

"And what does that mean." Sasori said, an eerie calmness in his voice, bring Pein and Konan to near pee pants levels of terror.

"It has the men...pregnant." Pein said, trying to hide from the short scary puppet man.

Sasori, for some odd reason, looked relieved before he leant over to the two nin.

"Pein, you had better thank every god you can come up with I don't rip every piercing off of you and jam them up your dick." Sasori said, jumping off the table, and going in the direction of the bathroom.

"Konan?" Pein said, scared to move yet.

"Y-Yes Pein?" Konan replied, in the same frightened position.

"I pissed myself." He said.

"So did I" She replied.