"Danna, hold Shiore for a second so I can get the camera!" Deidara happily said, handing the two month old to the redhead.

"I could've gotten the camera Dei, you didn't need to bother her." Sasori replied, rocking the infant back to the sleep Deidara had taken her from.

"You barely spend any time with her danna, I mean she looks just like you."

"I spend time with her Dei, just at night when she's crying and you don't wanna wake up. By the way, she doesn't look just like me, she's got your eyes hair and hand mouths." Sasori replied as one of the said hand mouths bit onto his finger.

Deidara turned around, eyes big and shiny as he began taking a flurry of pictures.

"OMG Danna, That Is So Cute!!"

"Take your time Dei, she doesn't seem to want to stop." Sasori replied as Deidara got in closer.

"Itachi is gonna be so jealous, this is f-ing adorable!!" Deidara quietly squealed. "I gotta go print these, put her down for her nap please?"

Sasori nodded and walked over to his daughter's crib, slowly lowering her down and walking over to his blond.

"You really took all those just to mess with Itachi?" The puppet asked, wrapping his arms around Deidara's new slimmer figure and nuzzling into his neck.

"Maybe, I'm gonna keep a couple Danna." The blond replied, starting to get that old familiar feeling back, the one he got below the belt when Sasori held him around the waist.

"You know we can't do anything since the baby's in hereā€¦" Deidara said as Sasori slid his hands into Deidara's shirt and lightly traced the stretch marks he gained.

"Don't worry Dei, I wasn't gonna try anything. You know, it's amazing the c-section didn't leave a scar."

"Thanks, and I think it had something to do with Kakuzu's thread. Speaking of Kakuzu, do you know what Hidan's having yet?"

"I think he said it'll be a boy." Sasori answered, pulling his hands out of the bomber's shirt and lifting them up to his chest.

"Lovely, He'd better stay away from our daughter."

"And I hope you don't mind, but I'm letting him use the name Tsuba."

"Why not, we'll probably never have another. What about Konan, did she get a sonogram yet?"

"Yeah, it turns out that she's having a boy too."

"Danna, if their kid ends up like Zetsu I will personally hook Shiore up with Hidan's kid."

"So quick to judge Dei, love works in mysterious ways, nothing is gonna stop Shiore from loving whoever she wants, not you, not me, not anyone, it's just how love works."


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