Holding On


Nick's stalker, Nigel Crane, comes back and puts Nick again in a precarious situation. This is my first fanfiction, so please review so I know what I should work on.


I do not own any of these characters. This is entirely fictional and does not represent the views of CSI or any of its affiliates.

Nick Stokes had just gotten into the shower when he heard the familiar ring of his cell phone. Cursing under his breath he quickly slipped out and retrieved the annoying device before its final ring.


"Nick, where are you?"

"Catherine? I'm at home. Why? What's wrong?" Catherine sounded worried and it took a lot to rattle her cage so that alone put Nick on edge.

"It's Nigel Crane, your stalker. He escaped custody about two hours ago."

Nick stood then in utter silence trying to soak up the information that she had just conveyed to him. "What do you mean he escaped custody?"

"He was being transported to a hearing when he somehow escaped custody."

"Why are you just calling me now instead of two hours ago?"

"We just found out. Apparently the sheriffs department didn't feel it prudent to inform us. They insist that he no longer has any interest in you and that you are in no danger. But I say that is a load of bull. Brass is sending someone over to your house now and you are going to be in protective custody until Crane is caught or dead." Catherine voice just seeped in anger as she conveyed not only her concern for nick but her fear as well.

"Okay, as soon as he gets here though I'm heading into the office."

"That's fine will see you in about an hour."

Nick hung up the phone and again just stood there for a minute trying to allow all of this information to seep through. After everything that had happened to him in his life he couldn't believe that this was happening now. Hadn't he been through enough, one person could only withstand so much torment.

It was then that he realized that he was standing naked in his bathroom with his gun several hundred feet away from him. He was completely vulnerable where he currently stood and he needed to get moving.

Nick rushed to his front room and removed his gun from his side table and then moved to the bedroom to quickly get dressed. As he was pulling his shirt over his head he heard the solid crunch of someone pulling into his driveway. He grabbed his gun and slowly walked towards the front door. He looked out the peephole and saw no one. He slowly began to unlock the door with his left hand firmly holding his gun in his right with the safety off and opened the door. That's when he felt it. Someone was standing behind him, and the next thing he knew everything was becoming black, and his gun was slowly falling from his hands.

I know its kind of short, but I just needed to get it started and I feel that all chapters should be a cliffhanger or else why would you want to continue reading it. The next chapter will probably be up really soon.


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