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Warrick stared at the moniter which showed Nick lying on the floor unmoving

Warrick stared at the monitor which showed Nick lying on the floor unmoving. A million thoughts rushed through his head. Was he okay? Was he alive? He was going to kill Crane when he found him. He couldn't believe that he would do something like this to him. Nick had already been through so much in his life and now he had even more to deal with.

As Warrick stared at the screen he suddenly heard a creak from behind. He immediately turned around to face the noise bringing up his gun as he did, but he wasn't quick enough. He turned in time to see Crane standing about 10 feet behind him in a doorway holding a gun. He watched as Crane pulled the trigger of the gun without any hesitation, and felt the bullet when it hit him in the chest. Warrick fell immediately to the ground, the air rushing out of his lungs.

Warrick lay on the ground unmoving, not breathing, for several seconds before he finally inhaled deeply. "Thank god for vests" he thought, as he began to try and breathe normally. Even though he had been wearing a vest the gun had been fired at a fairly close range, and the bullet had hit him at full speed which ended up knocking the wind out of him and probably bruising a few ribs.

Warrick tried to remain as still as possible as he slowly opened his eyes. Crane might not have realized that he was wearing a vest since he had been wearing his CSI vest over it. His gun was out of reached he realized regrettably. "Must have fallen out of my hand when I went down," he thought. He slowly began to turn his head and noticed Crane standing only about a foot away from him, gun pointed at Warrick's head.

"Now it is pointless to play dead Warrick." Crane said through a tight grin. "I can obviously see that you are just fine. Wearing a vest were ya? Well no matter this one that is about to go through your skull won't miss."

Warrick stared in horror as he watched Crane's finger slowly begin to pull the trigger. He knew that he had to do something, but what? Crane was to close and it only took a half second to pull the trigger. He was going to die here, after finally finding Nick he was going to let him down by being murdered by this crazy man. Warrick just stared at the barrel of the gun, just waiting for the impending bang, and then he heard it, two successive gunshots.

He wasn't dead though. He had definitely heard a gunshot but he was still alive and kicking. He watched as the gun that Crane was holding slowly fell from his grip and Crane began to sag towards the ground. Warrick rolled out of the way of the falling body, and stood up to see Catherine with her gun out aimed at Crane's now dead body.

"Thanks Cath, nice timing." Warrick said as he watched Catherine. She hadn't moved once since she had shot Crane. "Hey Catherine, are you okay?" Warrick slowly walked over to her and placed his hand over hers, removing her gun from her grip with ease.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I've just never killed anyone before."

"Well he was about to kill me, and he has kept Nick here for over 3 months. There is nothing to feel bad about."

"Yeah, I know, it's just that I still killed a man."

"Well I appreciate it. I'm glad that he is the one dead and not me. Now come on lets go find Nick."

Catherine nodded in agreement and both Warrick and her began moving towards the door that Crane had come from. It led to a set of stairs that led downward towards a basement of some sorts. Warrick moved quickly down the steps with Catherine close behind they soon reached a door. The door was thick with an electronic lock. A keypad was located on the right side of the large door. Warrick figured they needed a code to get the door down.

Warrick began to furiously pound on the door. "Nicky? Nicky can you hear me?" There was no answer. "We need to get someone down here who can get this door open."

"I'll call Archie and get him down here. I'll also call the rest of the team and tell them that we think we found Nick, you stay here and see if you can get a response." Catherine began to walk up the stairs to get better reception to make the calls leaving Warrick to pound on the door trying to raise Nick from unconsciousness she hoped.

Nick slowly woke to hear a pounding on the outer door, and his name being yelled.

"Nicky? Nicky? Come on man wake up. Let me know that you're okay in there."

Was that Warrick? He must be going crazy, suffering from hallucinations after his last beating from Crane. How had they found him? It had been almost three months, and they hadn't found him, how did they suddenly know where he was.

"Nicky, answer me man. I know you're in there. Come on give me a sign that you're alive."

Warrick sounded frantic on the other side of the door.

"Warrick?" Nick questioned as he began to slowly lift himself up from the ground into a sitting position.

"Nick? Did I just hear you man? Speak louder."

"Yeah Warrick it's me. Is that really you out there man."

"Yeah man, it's really me. Were trying to get in there to you but we can't get through this lock. Catherine just went to call someone to get the door open for us."

Nick was relieved to realize that this might not be a hallucination after all, but that it might be really Warrick outside the door. "Catherine is here too?"

"Yeah man she is just upstairs making a call."

"Why don't you just enter the code?" Nick asked.

"We don't know the code and Crane is dead so we can't get it from him."

The news of Crane's death hit Nick like a truckload of bricks. Crane was dead? Could it be true? "Crane is dead?" Nick asked his voice slightly shaking.

"Yeah Nick he's dead. He is going to get anywhere near you ever again."

Nick absorbed all this information slowly, looking at the room that Crane had kept him in for so long. He stared down at the bracelet encasing his ankle thinking of the pain that Crane had caused him. So much pain and now it was over. Nick was going to be able to go home, to be with his friends again, his family. "Hit a few of the keys for me, and I can tell you what the code is."

"How?" Warrick questioned through the door.

"Each key makes a distinctive sound. I have heard it enough times I can tell you which ones make up the code."

"Okay, I am going to hit them 0-9 sequentially."

Nick listened as he heard each key beep. "The code is 77862."

He watched the door as he heard Warrick enter the melodic tune into the keypad and the lock changed from red to green. He slowly stood as the door opened to reveal Warrick. Warrick broke out in a huge grin as he came rushing over to Nick hugging him gently.

"Oh my god Nick it is great to see you man." Warrick slowly stepped back to survey Nick assessing his injuries. "You don't look to good man, come on lets get you out of here." Warrick started to usher Nick out of the room, but as they approached the threshold Nick turned away and moved back toward the bed.

"No, I can't"

Warrick was shocked by this sudden outburst from Nick. "What's wrong Nick? Crane is dead he can't do anything to you now. Let's go and get you checked out and then you can come home."

"I can't leave the room." Nick stated flatly.

"Yes you can Nick, now come on lets go upstairs and you can see everybody." Warrick watched as Nick sat on the bed and slowly lifted up his pant leg revealing an electronic bracelet strapped to his ankle.

"No Warrick, I mean I literally can't leave. If I try to cross the threshold with this thing still active I will receive severe electric shocks until I come back in the room."

Warrick stared in horror and the bracelet noticing the inflamed skin around the area. "How do you know that Crane wasn't lying to you Nick so that you wouldn't try to cross?"

"Because, I tried to escape once and as soon as I crossed the threshold I was hit with electrical current."

Warrick watched Nick's face as he remembered the pain of his failed attempt at escape. "Okay man. Will figure out how to turn it off and then will get you out of here."

"Warrick?" They heard Catherine yell from the top of the stairs.

"Down here Cath, I've got Nick."

Slowly Catherine emerged in the doorway. "Nick!" She exclaimed as she rushed to the bed pulling Nick into a tight embrace.

"Hey Cath," Nick said through the tight embrace. He couldn't believe it. They had really come. After all this time being stuck with Crane he had began to give up hope, but now here they were. He was actually touching them, holding them.

Catherine finally released him. "Why are you two still down here instead of upstairs?" Catherine asked suspiciously.

"Crane but some time of bracelet on Nick's ankle, we can't leave until we get it off, or turn it off."

"Oh my god, that is horrible." Catherine looked at Nick whose head was down staring at the thing that kept him in this room. "Archie is coming, will figure it out." She said hopefully.

Grissom arrived to the very active house. Police cars and crime tape was everywhere. Media who had covered the story greatly at the beginning were now surrounding the house, eager for new news in the case.

Grissom pushed himself through the onslaught of reporters fending off questions with answers of no comment. He finally reached the house and was immediately pointed in the direction of where Nick and the rest of his team were located.

Grissom walked into the back room as he watched David moving the dead body of Nigel Crane onto a stretcher to be removed from the scene. Nick didn't need to see that when they finally got him out of the room. He saw Greg and Archie working diligently on a piece of equipment next to a monitor. "That must be the device that won't allow Nick to leave the room," he thought.

"How is it going guys?" He asked as he approached the duo.

"I think we have almost got it Grissom." Archie replied never looking up from his work. "We should have it off in about 5 minutes."

"Okay, get it done as soon as possible."

Archie nodded and continued his work while Greg watched closely by making the occasional comment.

Grissom began the descent into the basement and was surprised by what he found. Nick was sitting on a stretcher with his shirt off while a paramedic attended to him. Catherine and Warrick stood on either side of him, Catherine had her arm on one of Nick's shoulder and Warrick was making idle conversation with Nick.

Nick looked like a mess. He had bruises ranging all over his body, and one of his shoulders had a massive scar on it. As Grissom approached him, he realized that it was a gunshot wound. What had Crane done to him?

"Hey Nick." Grissom said as he walked into Nick's eye line.

"Hey Grissom," Nick responded softly.

"How are you doing?"

"Okay, I guess. I just wish I could get out of here."

"I know. Were trying to get you out of here as fast as possible, are you in any pain?" Grissom said motioning towards the bruises covering Nick's body.

"No, not really, I'm pretty use to it by know."

Grissom did not like the sound of that. How many times had Nick been beaten? What had he gone through?

"Oh Nick." Catherine exclaimed putting her hands over her mouth.

"Anytime Nigel got angry, or thought I was lying to him, or try to appease him he would electrocute me with this," he said raising his leg and pointing to his ankle, "and beat me if he was especially mad."

"Man, I am so sorry. I wish we had gotten here sooner, I wish we could have found you so much sooner. I can't imagine what you have been through." Warrick said grabbing Nick's hand and looking him in the eye.

"Its okay man, I know you guys did your best, it's not your fault." Nick responded.

Grissom didn't like this. The entire time he had been down here Nick had responded to everything they said in the same voice. It was the voice he used when he knew that he had done something wrong and should be punished.

"Hey Cath, Warrick can you leave me and Nick alone for a minute?"

Warrick began to protest but then looked into his bosses eyes and realized that it would be pointless.

"Sure Gris"

Slowly Catherine and Warrick left the room.

"You too please," he said to the paramedic who had just finished bandaging Nick's bruised ribs. The paramedic nodded and quietly left the room. Now only Nick and Grissom were in the room.

"Nick, look at me will ya?"

Nick slowly rose his head to look at his boss. Grissom stared into his eyes, seeing all the pain and torment that this man had gone through.

"Nick, I'm sorry we didn't get here sooner, but I want you to know that we never gave up. We never stopped looking for you, and look we found you. I can't even imagine what you have gone through these past three months, but I want you to realize that we all love you and nothing could change that. Crane was psychotic, and whatever he has said to you during this whole time was a lie. We are you're friends, we are you're family and none of us would ever give that up. Do you understand that?"

Nick slowly nodded and then he heard a beep and looked down at his ankle to see that the light had changed from green to red signaling that it was now turned off. His eyes began to well up with tears, as he realized that he was finally going to be able to leave this room, to leave this nightmare. He couldn't believe how dependent he had been on Crane. Crane had been his only source of human contact, and now that he was finally able to leave it became too much. Nick started to sob hysterically and Grissom pulled him into a hug, holding Nick as he cried on his shoulder.

"Let's get out of here" Grissom said as he placed his arm around Nick's waist and they slowly crossed the threshold of the room, and headed home.

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