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Author's Note: I wrote this for class, but don't think I liked the book...

Johnny Tremain Oneshots/ Drabbles


Johnny looked around the shop haughtily, as if he was too good for it. He was not the meek, hopeful apprentice that defined all the poor boy start ups these days. That much was certain. Johnny folded him arms, waiting impatiently for Mr. Lapham to finish up in the back, and come and accept him already. The boy was small for the age of twelve, with skinny legs clad in patched breeches, and ribs which you could practically see poking through the white shirt.

He flinched as a figure came running into the shop from a door he couldn't see, followed by another one, slightly bigger. The door slammed behind them and the little blonde creature stopped, and stared up at him with giant eyes. Johnny stepped back, annoyed by the interruption in his solitude.

"Are you Johnnyyyy Tremaiiiiin?" The blond little animal asked. It—She was a small child with a running nose, a grimy face, and an aura of blond hair.

"Isannah, that's not nice!" The other girl scolded. She straightened, took a look at Johnny's clothes, and thought again. Johnny did not think her attractive. She was thin, and her clothes were too patchy (not that his were any better), and she had the griminess that the young poor always had about them on Long Wharf, no matter how hard they scrubbed.

She pursed her lips, and put her hands on her hips. "You are Johnny, aren't you?"

Johnny did not like the way she looked at him. "Yea'," He glowered back at her.

"Well, you're too skinny to look like anything," The girl returned rudely, and then introduced herself. "I'm Cilla. This here's Isannah." Cilla introduced her sniveling little sister with a glowing pride that made Johnny want to throw up.

Johnny said nothing, just stared insolently, and then turned around, ignoring them. He stared harder at the back of the shop where Mr. Lapham was taking his sweet time. Johnny hoped that Cilla and Isannah were not part of Mr. Lapham's household. Unfortunately, the sensible part of his brain knew they were his nieces or some close relation. Four years with them.

Isannah ducked back into his vision. "It's very rude not to reply, y'know," She whined at him. Johnny rolled his eyes and turned away another degree. Cilla now reprimanded him.

"You won't get much around here if you're all stuck-up. Grandfather is very worshipful about the Lord and being humble." She sounded annoyed.

Good, Johnny thought, be annoyed. His ears flamed red with anger and frustration. If the stupid girls would just go away and stop annoying him, like Isannah was doing now, skipping and reciting catechism.

"Johnny's mad, Johnny's mad," Cilla sweetly sang. Johnny turned around and glared at her as Isannah started up the chant again. She smiled back at him mockingly.

It would be lying if someone said this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.