Two Years and Counting

Summary: Blair Waldorf could say her life began when she was born, September 28th, 1994, but really, it started the day she met him, him meaning the boy she was supposed to spend the rest of her life with, or at least the rest of his. AU

Author's Starting Notes: This came to me over an IM conversation and I truly have no idea how. This is kind of scatter brained - like everything else I've started recently - and it happens in an alternate universe. This chapter is shorter than it was originally going to be as I decided to test the waters before diving in. So, please review if you like it and yeah.

Chapter Time Stamp: Started on 3/26/08 at 5:14 PM; Updated 4/19/08 after 5 PM

Chapter Summary: The introduction chapter, yuck! It has a kiss though, so, that's something, right?

Chapter One:

There is a point in time in a person's life when they start to think that maybe everything they've done, all the people they've met, all the lives they've touched, was just a waste of time. At twenty-five, Blair Waldorf was at that point. Feeling like nothing good would ever come of her life again, she started writing down all her thoughts. They started off on current events but somehow ended up going back all the way to when her life began. Now, she could say it began when she was born, September 28th, 1994, but really, it started the day she met him. Him meaning the boy she was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. For future reference, note, the "his" is not a typo. So, speaking in terms, she went all the way back to that faithful Saturday that was over thirteen years before.

"Good morning, Manhattan! It is a bright and lovely day in May. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and-"

"Blair Waldorf is registering for high school," spoke the chipper brunette who flounced around the cream-colored bedroom giddily. In her merriment, the brunette was skipping, causing the short skirt she was wearing to become ridiculously inappropriate for a young lady of thirteen. Yet, she could not care less. It was the first Saturday of the fifth month of the year 2008. It was common knowledge among the population of New York that it was registration day for all up-coming and returning high school students. Every year, it would come and pass with one very upset girl waiting behind. But not that year, for it was finally Blair's turn to join the high-ranking society that was Constance Billiard, a prestigious, all girls private high school. In anticipation of that great day, Blair had gone all out and bought a skirt - that even her best friend wouldn't be caught in - a half-top, which was normally for summers on the beach, and pounds of make-up. Blair wasn't one to go for things as trivial as mascara and eyeliner usually, but she was appealing to an older crowd and she wanted to fit in. She could use all the friends she could get, not that she'd ever admit it to anyone.

Blair Waldorf was an extraordinary teenage girl. She was smarter than most people her age and was patronized for it regularly. Her best friend in the world was Serena van der Woodsen, a blonde of so much natural beauty and spontaneity that she made the sun seem duller by just being alive. Serena wasn't Blair's only friend but she was the only one Blair really trusted. People you could trust on the Upper East Side of Manhattan were hard to come by, and because of this, there was no surprise that a girl like Serena was everybody's best friend. She was associated with people Blair would die to speak to just once and people she'd die to never speak to again. Among the latter was Hazel Poochia, pronounced Pooch-e-ay. Hazel was the worst of the worst and no one could be meaner. She hated Blair with a passion and everyone could tell. Luckily for Blair, they did the registration by last name and P's were nowhere near the W's.

There was a soft knock on the door of her bedroom. It was a knock Blair knew by heart because it was three knocks with the side of the middle knuckle of her father's fist. It was his signature and she'd never met another person who knocked the same way. Harold Waldorf pushed open the door and stuck his head inside only to see that she was picking up her purse already.

"Blair, honey, we have to go," he said. He knew she already knew that. She always knew things before he had to tell her. She was special that way. She was his little girl. The term Daddy's Little Girl was thrown around often, but with Blair and Harold, it meant something. He'd always protect her from anything and anyone including her outrageously dramatic, loud mouthed, pretentious mother, Eleanor.

"Blair, do you have to wear that?" asked Eleanor for what had to be the tenth time since they had left the penthouse.

"Yes, Mother," Blair said barely containing the exasperated sigh that was so eager to come out

"I like her outfit," Harold said getting a smile from Blair

"I just don't see why she couldn't wear something more tasteful from my line," Eleanor said

"Maybe because your line is full of ugly clothes," mumbled Blair indignantly. Before Eleanor had time to comment on the insult, the car stopped and the family of three exited the vehicle. Both ladies restrained themselves from saying anything on the way to the meeting. Inside, however, only one of them was biting their lip.

"You hear that, Blair, you need to get somewhere in math, I trust, you've managed to do something in those foreign language classes you took all during junior high. Stop slouching, head up, darling, Blair, are you even listening to me?"

"May I be excused?" Blair asked turning to her father

"Of course," Harold said, Blair gave him a slight smile and left the group. Dealing with her mother was a job that took a lot of self-esteem and waterproof mascara. Sadly, Blair had neither.

Marching from the room in a huff, Blair wasn't paying any attention to where she was going, thus causing her to bump into the person who would change her life forever. She almost fell when she saw him and it wasn't because he was handsome. Not that he wasn't, the bed head was back in style those days and brunettes were almost as high up as blondes on the ladder of popularity, almost. He helped her back to her feet and she looked him over. What was he thinking when he got dressed that morning?

"Looks like he stepped out of some Target ad," muttered Blair. Her eyes went wide as she was sure he had heard her. He, Chuck, just laughed it off.

"I just got in from California, you must excuse my fashion sense," Chuck said

"Oh, California," Blair said nodding slightly, "Does that mean you're…"

You will have to excuse Blair's curiosity. It was the first time she had ever met a person truly from California who wasn't a model working with her mother. And from what she heard from those models, it was a reasonable question. Chuck didn't see the reason though.

"No! I am straight thank you very much," Chuck said defensively

"Oh, gosh, I'm so stupid. Sorry, I didn't mean to insult you when I asked. I was just wondering. It would explain your scarf a bit more. It is very Abercrombie model," Blair said, Chuck rolled his eyes

"It's a statement," Chuck said, "It says I'm too cool to listen to the likes of fashion police officers such as yourself. And what does your outfit say? I'm a slut come ravage me?"

Blair gasped and placed a hand on her heart, "That is very rude. And that is not what I meant when putting this on,"

"Well, it's what I'm seeing. And I'm sure the only attention you'd receive for that would be catcalls and gropes from older guys," Chuck said

"You say it like it's a bad thing," she said

"It is. Trust me, a girl like you, doesn't need to try so hard," he said

"What do you mean a 'girl like me'? Does that mean a girl with money?" she asked

"No, girls with looks…. Wait, you have money? Same here,"

"Yes, I can definitely see your fortune,"

He blushed ever so slightly before clearing his throat and extending his hand to her, "I'm Chuck Bass, and you are?"

"Blair Waldorf,"

"Ahh, the Waldorf girl. I see the people don't lie about you,"

"The people?"

"My old pal, Nathaniel, he told me what I was going to encounter. On the list of girls I might run into he mentioned two blondes and one brunette. I now know why he chose you,"

"Chose me?"

"Yes, a witty, inquisitive girl with the oddest sense in clothes imaginable,"

"This isn't my usual style actually,"

"Then what is your style? Let me guess, headbands, big sunglasses, and whatever you think looks good, right?"

"Did Nate tell you that too?"

"No, I made a guess, seems I was right,"

Chuck and Blair looked at each other silently each trying to think on what to say. They didn't need to think long as soon enough the very person Blair wanted to avoid walked closer to them. Hazel began speaking and Blair could just feel her entire body tense.

"Eww, Kati, Is, look who's over there? The fat cow of the UES," Hazel said snootily, the two girls behind her, Chuck assumed they were who she was addressing, gave a few forced giggles before turning silent again.

"Maybe we should-"

"Gosh, she's so fat and ugly that the best she can do is raggedy inner state newbies," continued the blonde. Blair's bottom lip twitched ever so slightly as her eyes started tearing up. It shouldn't have that much of an effect on her. After all, Hazel did insult her every day. It still stung though. They had once been the best of friends. What happened?

"Ahh, I just can't get over how good it is to see you again," Chuck said rather loudly in Blair's opinion drawing her attention back to him. She was going to say something when he winked at her.

"Um, yeah, I thought you were still out of town," Blair said, Chuck shook his head and stepped closer to her

"I was but, I just couldn't stay away. There was something California just didn't have, Blair," Chuck said looking at her so softly she couldn't help but ask the most idiotic question possible.


"You," he whispered before crashing his, as Blair described them, 'dirty, busted old lips' against hers. She was shell-shocked. What was this boy doing? Who did he think he was kissing her? They had just met a few minutes ago and already he was trying to make a move. If this was where dressing like her friends got her, she would much rather dress the way she used to.

Despite her thoughts, which so clearly trashed the idea of such an act with Charles Bass, her body had other intentions. She completely stopped resisting at one point and actually kissed him back but all too soon after, he pulled away. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him with curiosity and confusion. He was still very close to her face so when he began whispering, she heard him very clearly.

"There's a pompous bitch over there bad mouthing, don't kill me,"

He leaned back, so, he was at his full height and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. A throat being cleared behind them brought Blair back to her enemy. Blair's face flushed as she realized that Hazel had been watching them the entire time and probably had something to say.

"So, B, whoever is your new friend?" Hazel asked giving Chuck a once over and a 'I'm-better-than-you' look

"Allow me to introduce myself," Chuck said stepping forward to extend his hand for the blonde, "Charles Bass, son of Bartholomew and Marissa Bass, heir of Bass Inc., and you are?"

"Wait, Charles Bass as in the Charles Bass?" Hazel asked, Chuck nodded and Blair was even more confused. Was he really someone special?

"OMG, Kati, it's that rich kid from Gossip Girl," one of the followers said

"I know, Is, wonder why she cared so much?" asked the other

"Girls, shush!" ordered Hazel before gliding even closer to Chuck to latch onto his arm, "The name's Hazel Poochia, pronounced Pooch-e-ay, it's so nice to meet you, Charles. However, I couldn't help but notice your… predicament,"

"Predicament?" he repeated curiously

"Well, obviously, something is happening to make you hang out with a horribly ugly skank like her," Hazel said turning her nose up and throwing a glance at Blair who looked as insulted as ever. So not only was Hazel insulting her but turning new kids against her as well. She was pathetic and, apparently, Chuck thought the same thing.

"I hope by her you don't mean Blair. She's kind of special to me," Chuck said

"Why?" Hazel yelled shrilly before calming a bit, "I mean, how so?"

Chuck looked between the two girls and settled his eyes on Blair, as if asking for her forgiveness. She wasn't sure why until he opened his mouth and said, "She's my girlfriend."

"She's what!?"

"My girlfriend, we've, um, been going out for a while, I just couldn't stand to be away from her anymore and moved out here," Chuck said

"Is that true, Blair?" Kati Farkas asked stepping closer to the female brunette with the wide eyes. Blair paused. She could tell them the truth but then she'd just look so sad. She could lie to them, but did she really want them thinking this kid was her true love? Yes, yes she did. Being with a guy is better than being alone, isn't it?

"Yeah, it is," Blair said

"Charles, I'm sure you'd rather be with someone else, someone like me, maybe, right?" Hazel asked practically purring in Chuck's ear. The freshmen male simply shook his head and detached her from his body. He slipped his hand into Blair's and gave it a light kiss.

"I think I'm fine where I am. Now, if you don't mind, I have to escort a lovely lady to more presenting company," he said turning and bringing Blair with him. The two walked silently away listening as Hazel raved on about the horrid man stealer that Blair was. Once they were sure they were out of earshot and the bitch's eyesight, they stopped walking and pulled to the side.

"Um, about that, back there, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything," Chuck said using the hand that was not still interlaced with hers to brush back his lengthy hair.

"No, it's fine," Blair said weakly smiling at him, "I actually appreciate it. If you hadn't have spoken, I probably wouldn't have done anything about it. Not that I did after you spoke either,"

"Hey, you did do something. You spoke to her and showed her you have a backbone," Chuck said

"Not really, I just agreed with what you said. Speaking of which-"

"Don't worry, you pretend to be all sappy in love for a few days and then we can just say you ended the relationship because you were craving to pursue other things," he said

"Okay, but it's really only at school I'd have to do that. Hey, what school are you going to? Like for the rest of junior high?" she asked

"I'm going to Eastern Academy. It is the only reasonable school in the city," he said

"That's awesome! We'll be going to the same school then," she said

"Then you might just have to put up with me during lunch, to keep up appearances of course," he said

"Alright, but you should know, she's going to give you hell for that, Bass,"

Chuck shrugged.

"A devil like me embraces it,"

"I don't think you're a devil, you helped me and nobody that evil could do that. And while on the topic once again, I have to say thank you for saving me,"

"Oh, your kiss was enough, Waldorf. Maybe next time we meet up we can relief this experience, minus the blonde and plus some tongue," Chuck said winking suggestively

"Are you always this blunt and crude?" Blair asked

"Truthfully, yes. Do you have a problem with that?" Chuck asked considering that maybe he'd have to change his attitude, towards this girl at least.

"Not at all, actually, it's kind of refreshing," she admitted

"Good, because you'll be dealing with it a lot from now on," he said. She gave him a smile and he returned it for a moment. He then spotted from the corner of his eye that a black stretch limo had just pulled up on the curb a few feet away. It was his father most likely.

"What's wrong?" she asked

"Nothing, I gotta go. My limo's here. I think I'm needed back home," he said

"Oh… okay, well, later, Charles," she said

"Yeah later," he said bringing the hand he was still holding - they never let go - to his lips and caressing it slightly. She turned her face flushing profusely. He chuckled and backed away towards his limo. The driver came out and opened the door for him. As he was sliding in, he turned his head toward her and said, "And the name's Chuck."

The doors closed and the limo left her sight. She looked down at the hand he had held so delicately and touched her lips. Chuck Bass, what a-


Her phone went off and she opened it to find a text message from her father. She looked at the time and saw that the meetings for registration were almost over. She slipped it in her purse and rushed back into the school.

The speakers went on saying their final words before the scheduling began. They spoke about the benefits of planning ahead, and making sure to not overload on the work, yet, Blair's focus was no longer on the high school of her dreams. No, it was more on the mangy boy in the darkwash jeans and burgundy scarf who had recently stumbled into her life.

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