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Things were not supposed to be this way.

We were supposed to go, get the scroll and head right back home.

It was an easy scroll retrieval B-ranked mission that was thought to last no longer than a week.

However, that was not the case.

In a flash of an eye the once peaceful mission turned into an all right battle for our lives; everything turned upside down.

"Hinata, I am so happy for you." I half heartedly stated; deep down inside I truly wasn't happy.

I know I should be happy for her...for them, but how could I?

She was carrying his child.

She was carrying the child of the man that I loved.

The heiress giggled and wiped the tears from her eyes. Both of us had our regular attire on and were sitting on the hotel bed. It was the middle of the day and the sun glared at us through the window.

"I can't wait for this mission to be over with, so I can tell him." Hinata stated as she zoned out into her own little world.

My smile slightly faltered. He would soon know. He'd marry her and they'd become one big happy family.

The family that I wanted to have with him.

But now it'll never be.

I shook those notions out of my head and thought about the current situation we were in. We were miles away from home on a mission with now a pregnant teammate. Knowing that there was danger lurking everywhere we went, this did not help our situtation one bit.

"Yeah...but it's not good that we just found out about this in the middle of the mission." I declared seriously, more to myself than her.

However, I saw Hinata's eyes widen with worry and it wasn't until then that I realized that I had spoken out my thoughts.

"I don't mean to scare you Hinata, but the truth is we are on a mission and you'll need to be extra careful until we get back safely in Konoha's gates."

She nodded her head in understanding, but that still didn't bring her spirit back up. I slowly reached out and placed my hands on hers. Watered lavender eyes met with my emerald orbs.

"Don't worry…I'll make sure that nothing happens to you or the baby, ok." I affirmed with a smile.

Once again her eyes lit with unshed tears and once again I was on the receiving end of a bone crushing hug.

"Thank you, Sakura."

I smiled on the outside but my heart did the opposite.

"No problem, anytime. We'll need to tell Kiba as well so that-"

"Please don't!" She almost shouted out.

My eyebrow rose in confusion.

"I want Naruto to be the first to know."

I knew why she wanted him to be the first to know.

He was the father after all.

"Understandable, but Kiba needs to know he's part of our team right now and we both would need to keep an eye on you and make sure we get you home safely."

"I know…but can I tell him on our way back home?" She questioned.

I thought for a while before finally giving in.

"Ok Hinata, just make sure to tell him soon ok."

She nodded in agreement. I stood up and started to make my way towards the door.

"Oh yeah, Hinata no matter what Naruto will never be first to know since I am." I stated as I walked out.

It was barely above a whisper, but still meant to hear.

"That's only because you found me passed out on the bathroom floor and was forced to check me." She replied.

It was our secret.

She never had a real chance to tell Kiba because the moment we were on our way home we got ambushed; attacked by a group of rouge-nins ranging from chunin to jounin skills. They wanted the scroll that I was carrying.

Kiba, Akamaru, Hinata and I had multiple cuts, open wounds, and injuries. Our chakra was almost nonexistent. The once green grass was covered with all of our blood and the blood of our enemies. The bandits surrounded us live a pack of hungry wolves tearing out on our flash.

Kiba had a few broken ribs, sprained arm, and deep gash on his left side. He has fought off majority of the force and was barely staying conscious. His partner Akamaru had a punctured lung and a sprained leg. Despite both of their condition they refused to give up.

Hinata was in the best condition. As per my promise, I made sure nothing happened to her. She did have a few cuts, from a few missed kunais', and a broken foot but nothing major.

In between being defensive, healing my teammates and myself, protecting Hinata and the scroll I was in the worst condition. I had a dislocated shoulder, broken ribs and my chakra was almost depleted.

The more we fought off the more seemed to come at us. It has been at least four hours since the battle began. Their forces seemed to get greater with each passing second, while ours needed every lasting hope in this world.

Somehow we had managed to escape from the battle. We ran as fast as our broken bodies would allow us. We were so close to the fire border an hour or two away, but were forced to stop when Kiba suddenly collapsed. Hinata laid him against a tree as I analyzed his body. One of his ribs had punctured his lung and he would die in minutes if I didn't fix it. While I healed him Hinata kept watch for any approaching danger. In the back of our mind we knew that we weren't out of danger and had to keep moving until we got some help, but we needed the break.

I was just about finish when I noticed, from the side of my eye a kunai was heading straight to the unsuspecting Hyuuga heiress. Its aim was specifically at her weak spot. With all the strength I had left I ran and pushed her out of the way.

In result I was struck instead. I heard Hinata scream out my name as my body fell to the ground. Exhausted breath and pain filled groans escaped my mouth.

Hinata rushed to my side and tried to assist me. I heard the running footsteps nearing. There wasn't enough time and the longer we all stayed here the more chances that no of us would make it back. I instructed her to take scroll, Akamaru and Kiba and get the hell out of here. She was about to retort but one look from me told her that I was in no mood of an argument.

They eventually, although hesitantly, left.

I shakenly stood up and got into a defensive mode. I would make sure that they make it back alive, even if it meant ending my life. The kunai in my back was long gone, with Hinata's previous assistance, and my body was already trying to heal itself. My heart pounded against my chest with each passing second. My life was hanging on a short thread and in mere seconds I was in battle again.

I fought them off with every beam I had. And just like before, the more I fought off the more came. I glanced at the sky and knew by the sun's position that it has been a while since I've been fighting.

'They should be ok now.' I thought as I dodged another fist.

After delivering a bone crushing punch through the offender's face I once again collapsed. Soon a loud battle cry erupted from out of no where and the once clear sky was soon filled with sorts of weapons heading my way. I tried to get up and move but my body wouldn't let me. Throughout this whole entire time I've been fighting off these bastards and trying to stay awake at the same time. I was at my limit. There was nothing left for me to do.

This was it.

My life seemed to flash in front of my eyes as I the projectiled weapons came my way. I should've been crying but instead I smiled.

I had accomplished everything that I wanted to in my life. I became one of the strongest kunoichi in the shinobi world, got Sasuke back home, received my first kiss, re-established my friendship with Ino, and protected everyone I loved.

I did everything I wanted to do in my life.

Well…all except for one thing…

'I never did tell him how I truly felt.' I sadly thought.

Now he would never know that I truly loved him.

He never know that I desired to be with him and that it hurt seeing him in the arms of another.

I would take my secret with me to the grave.

'Atleast he'll be happy now with his new family.' I stated with a smile.

The weapons that were aimed at me were a few inches away. I looked up in the sky and wished for everyone's happiness…for his happiness. And finally I closed my eyes and accepted my end.

I waited.

And waited, but nothing happened.

I should've been dead by now.

I wondered why I wasn't feeling any pain.

It wasn't until I felt the warm liquid dripping on me that I decided to open my eyes.

"Noo..." I whispered out as my eyes bulged out in pure horror.

There in front of me stood was Hinata with her arms spread out like wings, protecting me.

All the weapons that were for me was now scattered in a circular formation around me. At the last second Hinata had come to my aid and deflected them. However, rather it was due to her low chakra or whatever cruel joke fate had in store she couldn't hold the technique all the way through. In result one of the spears struck straight through her before she was unable to escape.

She collapsed in front of me and I caught her body before it hit the ground. I laid her gently on the ground.

"Oh kami…why Hinata? Why?! I told you to run. Why did you have to come back?" I asked her as I ripped her shirt, removed the spear and started cleaning off her wound to heal her. The spear had cut one of the main arteries that supplied blood to main organs. Blood was pouring everywhere.


I looked at her through tear filled eyes.

"…you've always protected me now it was my turn." She spoke out.

She smiled through her pain and I was about to scold her when I noticed that the wound was getting worse. I started healing her.

I was in the middle of the healing process when the last few bastards came our way. I knew I wouldn't be able to heal her properly if I was going to be engaged in battle. I had to get rid of them…fast.

I laid her down and faced them. There was only about five left. They were smiling at the damage that they've caused.

'They're smiling?'

For some reason that thought drove me mad and soon the once sleeping demonic part of me, Inner Sakura, came out and let hell break loose. Within minutes those men no longer existed in this world.

After coming back to reality I ran to Hinata's side. She was in worse condition than before. I started pumping chakra into her trying to finish what I started.

"Sakura..san…stop there's…no use. " She stated as her eyes fluttered, trying to close.

"No Hinata you are not going to die! Don't do this please!" I yelled as I pumped more chakra into her.

We both knew it was futile, but there was no harm in trying.

"Sa-sakura stop. You and I both know I won't make it."

Anger filled me as soon as she said that.

"Don't say that! Don't you dare fucking say that! You are going to make it. You have to! What about Naruto?! What about the baby?!" I screamed.

Blood was seeping out of my hands now as raw chakra power came out; without realizing it I pushing out my life source. I was trying to use every once of my chakra in my body to save her. I collapsed and the chakra died down. Tears were falling out of her eyes and she gently forced my hand off of her. I broke down by her side.

There was nothing that I could do at this point.

The wound was too big.

My chakra was too little.

And there wasn't enough time.

If only I had been stronger.

If only I had more chakra.

If only-

"Sakura…" She weakly stated as blood seeped out of her pale lips.

I looked down at her.

"…could you grant me one last wish?"

Was all this really happening? I had hoped to wake-up any moment from this cruel nightmare. As time passed I knew it wasn't a dream, but a fucked up reality. I cried for some time before answering her.

"Anything Hinata…anything."

I waited for her to tell what she wanted. My heart was clenching tightly against my chest, it was painful watching one of my close friends die in front of me.

I truly hurt.

She started choking on her blood and I was about to stop her from speaking but she stopped me. After what seemed like forever she finally made her request.

"I want...you to please...to please...have my child."

"What?" I whispered out as I looked at her disbelievingly.

She slowly took my hand and placed it over her womb. It took a few seconds to register what she just asked of me. My eyes widened. She wanted me to carry the child of the man that I throughout the years have grown to love with all my heart. How could I possibly?

"Hinata I…I can't…that…" I stuttered out as I sobbed harder.

This was more than one person could swallow.

"Please Sa…kura I know it's a lot to ask…but it's the only thing I wish for. I want to forever be con…nected with Naruto. And this is the result of…our 'love'. Naruto would be devastated if he knew that he lost his child. So please…gra…ant me this wish…fo…for me…for him…for…our unborn child."

'Although neither of you would admit you love one another. You'd make him...happy.' Hinata thought as tears fell from her eyes.

She looked up in the sky.

'Kami-sama, I know I shouldn't be doing this. I know it's selfish, but I love him as well. This is the only thing that is proof that we were once one...even though...'

"Ple...ase Sakura...make him happy."

'Make him happy.'

By the time she managed to say all that she was at her final last breaths.

She was dying.

She knew it.

I knew it.

Even the heavens knew, because they were now crying down on us.

I failed her once already and was unable to protect her like I wished. Time was running out. I looked into her eyes and gave her the best reassuring smile that I can.

I would grant her her final wish. It was the least that I could to make it up to her. After taking in a few deep breaths to calm myself down and finally gave in.

Despite the pain she smiled back and muttered a low and strained 'thank you'.

I started the procedure shortly after that she died. I officially had no more chakra left and as darkness claimed me I heard familiar voices off in the distance calling out our names.

My life changed from that moment. I was no longer the childfree single bachelorette. I was now a nineteen year old Konoha Jounin kunoichi who was carrying my best friends and love's baby.

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